Bachelor's Grove Investigations throughout the years

For all intents and purposes, the area known as Bachelor’s Grove was a large wooded area that included a forest preserve north of 151st Street .  It was occupied by a group of single men while perfecting their titles to tracts of land they purchased at $1.25 per acre.  Each man possessed a five-acre woodlot that dated back to the early 1830's.  The area became a source of outdoor entertainment while many others visited the site of the cemetery itself, which today has been a constant target for vandals.  The earliest tombstone dates back to 1823 and the last burial was in 1965 even though other tombstones indicate a later date.

One of the largest landholders was John and Jane Fulton who emigrated from their native Ireland .  They arrived in the United States in 1839 and traveled to Bremen Township in 1844 by way of covered wagon.  They purchased about 80 acres of land for the unheard of cost of $200 and devoted the rest of their lives to agricultural pursuits.  John died in 1883 and his widow in 1897.  They were the parents of fourteen children and a few descendants still survive today.

In the fall of 1976 a high-school teacher from nearby Bremen High School began a Bicentennial project dedicated to the study and research of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery .  During that time a direct descendant, Clarence Fulton, still survived and spoke of their Sunday visits to the cemetery, which was more like a park than a cemetery.  The small lagoon served both as fishing and swimming hole for youngsters. 

The site for the existing cemetery was said to have been set-aside in 1864, however the first evidence of private ownership of the land was in 1835.  In 1864 Edward Everden sold this land to Frederick Schmidt but set aside one acre of land to be used as a graveyard.  It is uncertain how many people are actually buried in the cemetery because many of the tombstones are missing and historical records are considered sketchy at best.  Some local historians have been suggesting that the cemetery is actually called Batchelor Grove Cemetery because of the Batchelor family who settled here.  However this author could not find any evidence in over twenty years of research indicating any validity in that story.  But I suppose it could be possible.

Whatever the real origin, the cemetery is surely antique and quite spooky.  Located on what was then known as, Bachelor’s Grove Road , it sets back about a quarter-mile off the Midlothian Turnpike.  The old road used to go right past the cemetery while continuing all the way to around 150th and Harlem Avenue where a log school, Bachelor’s Grove School , once stood.  When the new turnpike was built, the older road was closed down and dead-ended near the main gates of the cemetery.  Today, the road is completely chained off and the only access is by walking the quarter-mile route through a darkened forest preserve.  Some have asked the question of why Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was located so far off the beaten path but the answer is obvious; it wasn’t.  Modern progress just passed it by.

In the 1960's and 1970's the cemetery was the target of horrible grave desecration.  Some graves were dug up to the wooden coffins while others had the remains of the deceased disturbed!  There has been occasional desecration in modern times with vandals digging around gravestones, toppling over markers and spray-painting monuments.  Every Halloween, police have their hands full trying to keep Halloween pranksters and vandals from further destroying this pioneer graveyard.

In the middle 1960's there was evidence of cult activity and animal remains found in the cemetery.  Many believe that a group involved in satanic worship may have been the culprit in these apparent animal sacrifices.  This author had a chance to interview a few people who had nearly walked right into a satanic ritual in progress.  They described several individuals in black robes carrying candles who were in the process of killing a small animal in the cemetery during a well-known witch’s Sabbath.

Many ask why the cemetery’s so haunted.  Most believe it to be a combination of the grave desecration, satanic worship and the bodies that have been unceremoniously dumped out here throughout the years.  Add that to the fact that those early pioneers have faded largely out of existence and are now almost forgotten.


Located at:  143rd Street just east of Ridgeland Avenue, Midlothian, Illinois across from Rubio Woods Forest Preserve


Hauntings: The first ghost stories that began circulating amongst the tombstones were the glowing blue balls of light that seemed to display some form of intelligence.  They eluded pursuit even though a Joliet man named Jack Hermanski in the early 1970’s chased them on a number of occasions.  The light was the size of a baseball and floated through the cemetery just out of his reach.  He reported that the ghost light blinked at fifteen to twenty-second intervals and just when he thought he had overtaken it; the light disappeared then reappeared behind him.  And so the chase began again throughout the nights he observed it.

In December of 1971, Denise Travers claimed that she was able to pass her hand through the light on a very close encounter.  She felt no heat or sensation at all.  It was like putting your hand into a void.  Skeptics say that the blue lights were actually the methane gas given off by decomposing bodies.  However, most of those bodies had crumbled to ashes long ago.  The blue lights have not been seen since the latter 1970's however a new light has been reported with increasing frequency zooming up and down the main trail leading to the cemetery’s entrance.   This light has been likened to a red skyrocket and is never stationary but constantly moving.

The most fascinating story is the old house seen on either side of the main trail leading back into the woods.  Witnesses have also reported the house as appearing the same; a white farm-style house with white wooden columns, a porch swing and even a lantern burning dimly in one window.  However, there isn’t a house there nor has there ever been one.  The house is a true phantom house.  As witnesses walk towards it, the house appears to shrink, getting smaller and smaller before disappearing into the dark woods.

The house is never reported in the same place twice.  It’s been seen near the turnpike, along the dirt trail and even within the cemetery itself!  Arlene McComb saw the house with a group of friends in 1975 and watched as the house began to shrink in size until it was entirely gone from view.  Grace Nortman saw the phantom house in the winter of 1966 and 1967 while another witness, Marianne Kerbs, experienced the ghostly abode in 1966.

Along the Midlothian Turnpike there have been numerous tales of disappearing cars which one moment are there, the next they’re gone.  The first occasion was in June of 1977 when a passing motorist saw a car parked on the side of the road near the creek that flows past the cemetery.  That same individual saw it again in September of 1978.  He was driving past the cemetery when he saw a car backing across the road into the Rubio Woods area.  He assumed it was a police car setting up a speed trap but within a few seconds after he arrived at the forest preserve entrance, it was nowhere to be seen.  The chain was still up over the entrance to the picnic area but the vehicle was gone.  Others have passed by cars parked on the shoulder across from the cemetery.  After they pass the automobiles and look in their rearview mirror, the cars have vanished.  Some have made a U-turn only to find no car there.

In 1975 a south-side man went to visit the site in the afternoon.  Suddenly as he approached the cemetery, his SX-70 camera began taking pictures by itself.  Several pictures begin spilling out of the instamatic camera without the shutter being depressed.  On each of the photographs was evidence of a strange white mist.  Some of the mists had an almost human-like form to them.  After sending the film and camera back to Kodak for warranty work, he was told by the technicians that the camera was in perfect operating condition and the film was new and unflawed.  Since that experience he has returned one other time and had some similar images show up on the film.

In the late 1970's two Cook County Forest Rangers on late night patrol came across a most unusual image that they could not explain.   As they began to approach the lagoon, they saw what appeared to be a farmer and his horse pulling a old-fashioned plow suddenly materialize in the middle of the road and quickly disappear into nearby Rubio Woods.  They both looked at one another in utter shock and disbelief but continued their nightly patrol.  While they both had seen the same thing, neither one made an official report of the incident apparently fearing ridicule from their superiors and peers.

Later research indicated that in the 1870's a farmer and his horse did in fact drown in the lagoon while clearing some land for crops.  For no apparent reason, the horse suddenly reared up and galloped headlong into the lagoon.  The farmer not having time to let go of the reins was quickly pulled into the waters and both drowned by being yanked down by the weight of the plow.

A local legend has been circulating since the 1960's of a two-headed monster that supposedly crawls out of the lagoon and across the Midlothian Turnpike before also disappearing into Rubio Woods Forest Preserve.  Perhaps this apparition was actually the ghost of the farmer and his horse in a state of partial materialization?  Surely no one believes in a two-headed monster?

Within the cemetery itself an apparition of a lady dressed in white and holding an infant in her arms allegedly appears on moonlit nights.  She has been dubbed “The Madonna” of Bachelor’s Grove.  No one knows whom she is however there is a small tombstone with no name or date but simply “Infant Daughter” etched into the granite.

Electronic devices such as cameras, tape recorders and camcorders react strangely while in or near the cemetery.  Battery drains are common even though the batteries were fully charged before entering.  Cars would mysteriously stall while near the cemetery entrance but after being pushed for a short distance, they would suddenly spring to life.

Tape recordings of strange sounds and sometimes voices have been recorded in the cemetery over the years.  One recording simply says, “Hello, blackman”, while another sounds like a forlorn voice calling, “Minna. Minna”; just wailing in the wind.  Within the cemetery is a tombstone with that name Minna.

During a weekend in August 1984, Carol Williams and her girlfriend experienced sweaty hands, someone following them, strange voices stemming from nearby bushes and a weird white form near a grave marked Hamilton .   Besides that the girls remembered the cemetery as being quite cold for an otherwise warm August night and that the interior of the cemetery seemed to have been illuminated by an unknown light source.

Of course there are many folk legends also “told as truth” about Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery including the famous story of the “Hooked Spirit”.  It is said that a man who lived in the area lost his arm in an accident and now sports a hook for a hand.  He is said to chase trespassers away with a double-barrel shotgun.  Some claim he even attempts to enter your car to pull you out. 

Couples who have visited the area at night to make out have sometimes complained of a sound of metal on metal near their front door handle.  Finally after the female is totally spooked, she asks to be taken home whereby they find a hook swinging on the door handle.  Allegedly he was about to open the door when the couple drove away, pulling the hook from his arm!

Another favorite tale spun at Bachelor’s Grove is the story of another couple parked out there kissing and listening to soft music.  Suddenly a news bulletin tells of an escaped convict that has been seen in the area.  The girl again becomes frightened and begs her boyfriend to take her home.  He tries to start the car but discovers he is out of gas.  Telling his girlfriend to wait while he takes a gas can to fill up; he departs but warns her not to leave the car.  The girl now totally scared at being left alone begins to hear a weird scratching on the roof of the car.  Finally after quite a long wait, a patrol car arrives at the scene.  They tell the girl to get out of the car and approach the police car but not to look back.  Of course her curiosity gets the best of her and she does look back and sees her boyfriend hanging from a tree above the car.  His throat has been slit and his fingernails scraping on the roof of the car, is what the girl had heard all evening.

While these last two stories aren’t true, actual witnesses related the others just as they remembered them.

The GRS first investigated Bachelor's Grove Cemetery on May 1, 1982 and the team included: Pat Shenberg and Dale and Wayne Kaczmarek.








Equipment used: Two Canon AE-1s 35mm SLR cameras, video camera and portable cassette tape recorder.

Film used: One camera was equipped with 400 ASA color slide film and the other was color Ektachrome infrared film which was pushed to 400 ASA.

Observations: Pat picked up a number of ghosts roaming the cemetery on that particular day even though she had never before visited the site and lived in Morris, Illinois. These included: a group of about thirty people all milling around the area between Newman’s grave and the lagoon which included a baker dressed in baker’s attire, a man that when first observed was dressed in monks robes with an animal-type face who was always sneering and growling, a small girl near the Infant Daughter grave, a woman and a strange light near Newman’s grave, and possibly the ghost of Hamilton near the outer fence.

The following is the never before released entire psychic transcript between Pat Shenberg and I and exactly what she saw and where within the cemetery.

(Near the Fulton tombstone)

Pat: This thing keeps switching between this hideous looking thing to a man dressed in strange looking clothes that looks like what I would think a saloon keeper would look like. Has a lot of money. He won’t say what he did. Something very wrong. The little girl is his daughter who is now a young woman.

Dale: What style of clothing does he have? What era can you pick up?

Pat: He looks to me like a cross between a saloon keeper and an Irish dancer. He’s got loud, classy looking checkered vest on. Strange looking derby and a gold watch. He feels very guilty about something and cannot even leave this area. He complains that he’s fenced in because of his deeds. I have to assume from what I have seen that there was a black iron grill fence here and he feels that because of what he did, he has to stay within this perimeter. I told him that he doesn’t have to.

Dale: Can you pick up any names?

Pat: When you said that, the name John comes to mind. (John Fulton?) Whether that’s accurate or not. John might have been the man that he committed the terrible offense against. I believe that it might have been someone in his family. His daughter is not an infant anymore. She looks like she’s about seven years old now. They call her an infant but she may have died younger and she died of some kind of disease. She is aging and she won’t leave this place because he won’t leave. She could leave, he feels he can’t.

Dale: He’s sort of dominating?

Pat: Yeah, but she was standing over here (indicating an area between a small tree and the Fulton tombstone) and trying to hide from someone. He was very bold and standing right out in the open. I don’t get the impression of murder but he did something that was terribly wrong. It had to do with money. I don’t know why he takes on the form of an animal, snarling and growling.

Dale: Any idea why only half the tombstone was finished?

Pat: No. You may find out later as we continue to work together that sometimes these things follow me around. (Laughs)

Dale: Is she still here?

Pat: She was still here when…she’s trying to hide but it’s very obvious that she’s still here.

Dale: Is she a shy person?

Pat: Yeah. She may be shy because she’s had no real contact with a lot of people, but she’s had contact with this snarling man. I get the name Ann for her. (Emma Fulton?) I’m sure that’s correct.

Dale: Ann?

Pat: Yeah. Anna. (While many today agree that the Infant Daughter is that of Emma Fulton. I found it interesting that Anna and Emma sound so much alike.)  That little tree is where she is. I saw a group of about thirty people. I don’t know how many stones you’ve got here but they were over here (indicating an area west of Fulton’s tombstone and near the lagoon). I looked up to see why they would be over here. There’s nothing over there.

Dale: Did something happen in that section?

Pat: There’s a group of about, might even be more than thirty…

Dale: How are they dressed? Same era?

Pat: I don’t know, I was just aware that they were there. I’ll have to go into trance to see exactly what they look like. This other one though is – she – now the person that I feel is there isn’t there but there is somebody there. Ok. I think the person that is there is…seems to be some sort of a guard over a body. It’s a young woman. But you want to know about these people over here? I can go into a trance and find out about them.

Dale: Do you feel that they’re on this side of the fence? Or on the other side?

Pat: This may be a wagon and a horse, fell into the water somehow. I don’t know if I’m getting this from you or not (telepathy). Is that correct?

Dale: Yes. I wasn’t thinking about that just now.

Pat: I didn’t get it just now. (The area Pat was describing is often associated with the farmer and horse drowning in the lagoon. She absolutely had no prior knowledge of this story.)

Dale: Ok.

Pat: But that’s alright, I can still use that. These people, I think, don’t have anything to do with that action.

Dale: How are they dressed?

Pat: These people aren’t dressed in any one time period and really they would not be seen in their dated clothes. They are more inclined to be wearing robes. The main complaint amongst them is that they must stay here. Wait a minute; I want to find out why. (Trance)

The reason that they must stay here is that no one has taken them away. Now I don’t know why that is, why no one has taken them away. Some of these clothes could be dated I don’t think any earlier than the 1890s.  But they are really later than that, I would say between the 1920s and the 1940s is the time frame when most of these people died.

Dale: Do you feel that the people that you are seeing were buried in the cemetery?

Pat: Yes, Definitely! But I don’t know…they’re not Germans though. They’re not all Germans.

Dale: Do you feel that they know each other?

Pat: Oh yes, definitely, by this time.

Dale: Do you feel that there are more men or women?

Pat: It’s about evenly distributed and there’s children there too. When looking at this, it almost make we wonder about the idea that I had that a certain aspect of man cannot ever leave the earth and these are really bonded here for some reason until a certain time has passed. Then they are taken away.

Dale: Do you pick up any names at all?

Pat: Strange name like Dorma or Dora; Dora Myers. (This is interesting as she was looking from across the cemetery at the Newman grave and the woman buried there is Dora. We know her maiden name was Flassig.)

Dale: Where do you pick up the most of them, by the trees there?

Pat: Do you see this tree right in the middle? They’re more grouped in front of it. They’re sort of wandering around aimlessly. I can sort of hold them in a suspended state, I think. There is a baker here saying, “You shouldn’t be doing this.”

Dale: Is he dressed in a bakers outfit?

Pat: Yes. In fact, he even has a rolling pin in his hand.

Dale: Did you pick these people up as you first walked in?

Pat:  I just knew that they were there. I wasn’t trying to pick up anything at that point. I have never just sat down and done this in a cemetery before. I did this at a funeral in a cemetery where I saw the person who had died. I never expected to go to a cemetery and find people hanging out in one specific area. The peculiar thing is that man doesn’t leave that area.

(Near Newman’s tombstone)

Pat: There’s a woman over there that won’t leave that area as well though I don’t think she’s the occupant of the grave.

Dale: Possibly the wife of the…

Pat: She might be. She looks sort of angelic; she might not even be a woman. She might be something that doesn’t….she looks like a guardian type.

Dale: Like a guardian angel, almost?

Pat: Well, you know…I think I’ve seen angels but I’ve also seen angels that again have characteristics of animals. They don’t have wings. I can’t tell if that feeling is just from the fact that she is guarding that area. She wants to talk about something. I don’t know what. There’s a nice white glow around that area also.

Dale: Right near the tombstone itself?

Pat: Over the tombstone and in back of it a little bit. I don’t know which is the front.

Dale: Well, that white smaller section is actually the tombstone with the name engraved and belongs on that pedestal.

Pat: No, it’s behind both of those pieces.

Dale: Ok.

Pat: And it’s…I mean I haven’t looked at it. This is visually. Clairvoyantly, it extends about four feet high and three feet wide. Now what it really is – it looks like – a lot like that cloud over my sons. It’s an energy. The apparition that I see is not a part of it. She’s sort of standing to the side and I have to see her in my third eye.

Dale: Feel any emotions about the woman?

Pat: I wouldn’t know until I went into some kind of trance. I don’t feel the emotion yet, that I felt over there (indicating towards Fulton’s grave). There was an immense amount of that child’s crying on and off but I feel that the crying was due basically to the fact that she’s staying there because her father is there. She doesn’t know what to do about the situation. Where this sort of has negative vibes, that has more positive ones (Newman). This area here where they are (the group of people) is sort of neutral which is interesting.

(Walking over to the Newman grave)

Pat: Her name is Dora.

Dale: Do you think that this might have been the Dora that you picked up before?

Pat: I’ll find out when I go into trance. She had been calling me over here, actually. She wanted to talk to more than him. He couldn’t have cared less. He just (she snarls). He is not very friendly. This one was, but there’s no man here. That is very strange. I don’t have the sensation that there’s a man here.

(A group of boy scouts begin to walk through the area of  the Fulton grave)

Dale: Is she still there as well?

Pat: She tried to get away, fade away. He (scoutmaster) walked right on his feet.

Dale: I bet that he appreciated that.

Pat: It’s fascinating!

Dale: That particular tombstone always seems to draw people to it. It’s always the first one that people go to. Even though there’s so many, just as you walk into the main trail, that huge one always seems to draw people to it like flies.

Pat: It’s a very negative thing too. When they’re walking by they’re all looking over there. There goes another one (indicating a small boy scout), he’s about the size of the little girl.

Dale: But you pick up more of a negative vibration there than you do…

Pat: But the man causes it. I don’t know if it’ an action of reality. I think in order to see a lot of things; you have to be able to not be stirred up by anything you see. Now he’s snarling at me and looks kind of beastly but, in other words, you have to be sort of accepting. If someone saw this character, a lot of people would just go screaming away.

Dale: Is it actually a human form that you are seeing?

Pat: It changes. It’s pretty sad. No, what I saw originally was a monk with a dog-like face. Pretty sad. But then when I asked him to reveal himself as he was, what I saw was this man. It could be that his interactions with money with many people was that he was a crook.

Dale: Do you feel that he revealed his true self to you or that he was maybe concealing something?

Pat: No, he seemed very conceited really. I suspect that’s he really looked like. He was sort of a chubby main, somewhat rotund, small, about five-three. When he’s standing next to the tombstone, he’s about three to four inches taller than the tombstone. He may have been a banker. Whatever he did, he did something that was crooked and I believe that it had something to do with a brother.

Dale: A swindle or something?

Pat: Yeah, I mean the big crime may have been against someone of his family. I think he was crooked all the way around. I feel that he committed what he feels was a really terrible thing. I try not to make any judgments.

Dale: Think it might have been some kind of swindle or something?

Pat; I think he constantly did things like that and I think he did something worse to his brother. I don’t know what. Could have been…

Dale: Are they aware that the other people are here, though?

Pat: I think that they’re aware but there seems to be this sort of contented motion to most of them. This one here, she seems very interesting though.

Dale: When the young kid was walking around, was the little girl just sort of shying away too?

Pat: Yeah. I don’t know if she wouldn’t have done that with me. I had the tendency to try to hold her where she was. I feel somewhat bad about that.

Dale: Can’t be any worse than her father holding her there. I think he’s more dominate.

Pat: I don’t think he’s holding her. She just doesn’t know what to do. Too bad. I told him I’d come back and see him tonight. (Laughs) He didn’t seem to be happy or sad about that either.

Dale: Sort of indifferent, huh?

Pat: He seems almost sarcastic about anything you’d say about him but I think that may have been a life-long attitude about him.

Dale: One interesting question…I don’t know if you can answer it or not…the same time that you were picking up the people by the tombstones, the people over here, were they – were both of them aware of each other?

Pat: I don’t know.

Dale: Or are they on sort of a different plane from the others?

Pat: I think that he has set himself apart. I think that he’s aware that there are others here, but he has no interest. In fact, the iron fence that is there may have been something that he contrived also to keep others away from him. To set himself apart. I’m sure there’s an awareness between the two groups. I know there’s an awareness between this one here (Newman), that she knows what’s going on.

Dale: Do you want to try this one?

Pat: Yeah

Dale: And if you can, try to find out why she doesn’t want to join the other group. Might be interesting why she, if she’s aware of the other people, then why is she all by herself?

Pat: I never thought about…but now that you said it, I do not know why she is alone. This is the grave that we are talking about, that nobody (referring to the fact that this grave is in a section of the cemetery all by itself). This light that I see, I’m not sure that it has anything to do with her. There are two different kinds of phenomena here. (Trance)

She knows they’re there. She can go back and forth and she’s waiting for her children to die. Her husband is gone. This is another interesting statement. She says that her husband is no longer here, so she’s here alone waiting. I told her she’s waiting for nothing.

Dale: Maybe her husband moved on?

Pat: Yeah. That’s what she said. Now that’s the first one that I’ve heard say that. That sort of discounts my theory that they have to stay here. It he’s not here, she looks very happy, very content. (Picture with Pat touching my camera) There’s no problem with her at all. You don’t even have to hold her at all. She just stays there.

Dale: You said you, at first, saw a light?

Pat: The light is still there.

Dale: Is it surrounding her?

Pat: No, the light is really more of a high…right over…she’s bright too but this is more of a diffused light. (Feels the ground) This is warm. To me to touch, this is warm. (Another area) This is cold, very cold. She’s happy though. Strange.

Dale: Did she give you any clue why she was by herself, here?

Pat: I’ll have to ask her, she’s still right there. (Trance)

This is fascinating. (Feeling the ground) This is the head and this is the chest. She doesn’t want to associate with them because they’re…you see, she knows that you don’t have to stay here. She doesn’t have to stay here. To stay here is a form of self-punishment. In other words, they are staying here because they want to stay here. It’s a sickness to a certain extent. To want to stay in a cemetery. She doesn’t have to. So, she feels better by herself. I think there’s a lot of interaction between her and those children there. She would be somewhat upset by the fact that those children are there and really shouldn’t be there at all. But again, they have clung to a situation that…where their families are there and they don’t want to leave. She doesn’t seem angry about it but she just knows better. They don’t seem to know better. They’re more like zombies except for the few that are animate. They sort of mill around.

Dale: Do you feel she knows some of those people?

Pat: Oh yeah, now she does. Yeah. She has flowers in her hand; an Easter lily. It’s better than the baker.

Dale: With his rolling pin?

Pat; She’s not an angel. She’s just a person but she’s waiting for her children. She’s satisfied just to wait in spite of the fact that I tell her that they won’t be coming.

Dale: How do account for the glow? Is that associated with her? Or it that another phenomena?

Pat: I believe that’s another person. That looks like an older stone and obviously it’s been desecrated. I believe that may be a father. There is definitely a person in that grave. They’re very highly evolved. Now why the energy would stay there perhaps the energy was so great from that person there, per se. There’s a body there and there’s an energy field around it. But there’s no soul there.

Dale: Does the mist always stay in that one spot?

Pat: I believe it does. That it wouldn’t change. Looking at all of these people, I would say that the most highly evolved person here was the woman.

Dale: Now that you were in trance, do you feel that she was the same Dora that you picked up before?

Pat: Yeah, In other words, she was over here (indicating Fulton’s area), and when we went over here, she followed us.

Dale: So she can sort of roam free?

Pat: Yeah and I believe that she has more of the tendency to do that than the others.

(Area near Foskett’s tombstone which was partially dug up)

This is fascinating! This ground here feels somewhat cold, yet whenever you get near a body, heat is much stronger. I’m sure these people have been dead…how many years? Fifty years? That’s amazing!

Dale: What do you actually pick up when you go into trance?

Pat: When touching things, I can pick up images, vibrations which usually starts telepathic pictures going. First of all, I look for heat to tell me that something’s there. The tombstone is less helpful than the ground.

Dale: Do you ever get a numbing sensation?

Pat: Yes. It’s like my hands are tingling.

Dale: Does the man react when people come in?

Pat: Yeah, he was snarling at that guy who was walking on his feet.

Dale: Does he seem to be just limited to snarling? Or do you think that he’s capable or more than that?

Pat: He talked to me but he didn’t want to tell me what he had done. He seemed ashamed of it. I don’t know why he would feel like that, particularly most souls usually realize that I don’t make any judgments but maybe he did something that I would have made a judgment on.

Dale: Does he realize that he is dead?

Pat: Yes! (Emphatically) In fact, he’s quite resentful of the fact that he is the way he is.

(Area near Hamilton’s grave)

Dale: Do you pick up any date at all?

Pat: When you said that I get a 1907. Again I see an energy field here but it’s not that strong. It was stronger, very strangely, when those kids (boy scouts) were there. Something’s standing right by your camera.

Dale: On which side?

Pat: Right behind the camera. When I first looked at it.

Dale: Did it seem to notice the camera?

Pat: Yes.

Dale: Is that what you picked up before, when the cub scouts were here?

Pat: Yeah.

Dale: Let me try something. Let me move the camera back and see if it follows it. Is it still there?

Pat: Yeah. It’s right behind the camera on the right side.

Dale: See if it follows the cameras. (Moves the cameras) Strange feeling!

Pat: Definitely interested in the cameras. I’ll go into trance so I can communicate with him. He wants us to take his picture. He wanted to have his picture taken. He’s straightening his hair. He looks like a farmer. He looks older. That says that he’s around 38 but he looks about sixty. He doesn’t like the sound of that because he thinks he’s very handsome. He says he died of a heart attack.

Dale: Did he live around here?

Pat: He was a farmer around her, small farmer. I don’t know what that means, small farmer.

Dale: Maybe he had a small acreage. What kind of emotions does he have?

Pat: Very sharp. He seems very much alive as compared to those others. Very interested in your cameras and how they work.

Dale: Is it much more of a positive type?

Pat: Much more. He’s a very vibrant individual. He says he wouldn’t have anything to do with those other people over there.

Dale: So, he is aware of them?

Pat: Oh yeah. He’d like you to come back and show him your pictures.

Dale: Does he always stay in this area or does he move around a little bit too?

Pat: No, he says he can leave here.

Dale: Why does he stay?

Pat: Strange answer, I have no place else to go.

Dale: Do you know if he is related to anyone else in here?

Pat: No. He says he’s not.

Dale: Perhaps the farming took a lot out of him or something.

Pat: He’s very tanned. His hair is almost completely white. He has a full head of hair though. He’s very interested in our mechanical age. 1903? He hadn’t even seen an airplane?

Dale: Nope.

Pat: He says it’s a shame that nobody comes back here with those machines anymore. (Probably referring to when you used to be able to drive down to the cemetery in the past)

Dale: He would have been right off the trail then, if this is where he was.

Pat: I don’t think is exactly…I think it’s closer to here. He said he wanted to be near the fence so he could see the road and there’s nothing here anymore.

Dale: So, he probably relates more to the horse and buggy days.

Pat: I don’t think he does. He would like to know what the machines are all about.

Dale: Do you feel his grave is right here or where?

Pat: It’s near the fence he says. It’s right around here somewhere.


We continued for a little while longer walking through the cemetery with Pat picking up psychic impressions. Pat did hit on a lot of interesting points having never visited this graveyard before and this being the very first time every investigating any location with a clairvoyant. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. 


Follow-up investigation on August 10, 1991

GRS members present: Bill & Rochelle Zaszczurynski, Michelle Bradford, Howard Heim, Judy & Mari Huff, Paulette Stanek, Roman Klepczarek and Dale Kaczmarek.

Experiment: All participants were given a crude map of the cemetery with a pre-determined route for each of them to follow. Each team was equipped with a clipboard and a transparency covering the map and were instructed to mark with grease pencils anywhere they have any paranormal activity or psychic feelings or if any of their equipment went off. Below is their impressions.

Bachelor’s Grove Field Excursion Impressions by members

Rochelle Zaszczurynski:

1:58pm – Hageman, felt vibrations, energy pulling from left of me. Something on top of fence line following me. Reached Newman, no more vibrations.

2:02pm – Deck, suddenly still and peaceful.


Bill Zaszczurynski:

#1 Feeling of anxiety, being watched and followed

#2 Slight humming feeling and sound, confusion, dizzy

#3 Light-headed feeling, same as #2 but weaker.

In general a feeling of being followed (this started before the next person started walking) and watched. This was very strong at the south fence-line near Hageman and Foskett. In the past on other trips, but here sensed a large object at southwest corner.


Michelle Bradford:

#5 As I looked across the lagoon, felt as if someone was watching me. Walking through the cemetery in general, felt as if someone was watching or following me, but it was really strong by the lagoon like someone was in or by the water watching me. Felt anger. Whomever was watching me was really angry.


Mari Huff:

#1 Strange feeling like being watched and a buzz

#2 Strange buzzy feeling

#3 Buzz.



Jude Huff:

#1 Before Fulton, coldish temperature in the sun

#2 Pulling feeling by stone next to Deck

#3 Heavy pulling feeling by Moss area, depressive feelings

#5 Cold area down main strip.


Paulette Stanek:

#1 Sweet smell

#2 Sweet smell floral & buzzing sound

#3 Floral

#4 Smell of cigars

#5 Cigar smell


Roman Klepczarek:

#1 Headache near Newman then just went away

#2 Patrick very cold but just might be that area.


Several members marked on their map a checkered board tombstone that had no name on it.  So later we returned to that site and others within the cemetery for additional experiments and photography sessions. One member, Judy Huff, had a 35mm camera loaded with black and white infrared film that afternoon.  She snapped a picture of the vacant tombstone and saw nothing out of the ordinary until she had the film developed.

Upon first glance, the uncropped picture showed nothing at all, according to Huff but when enlarged, a clear image of a semi-transparent figure of a woman dressed in a full-length white dress can easily be seen. She is sitting serenely on the tombstone facing to the right in profile with long brown or light-colored hair. Absolutely no one was dressed in that fashion in our group that afternoon and I can attest to the fact, that the tombstone was unoccupied when the picture was taken. It is truly a remarkable photograph! 

Upon closer inspection, parts of the woman's body, namely her head and knee are semi-transparent where one can easily see tree and bushes through those areas again indicating that she is not a real person but a ghostly image. This picture was widely circulated in both the Chicago Sun-Time and Tribune and featured in several documentaries including on from the Discovery Channel  entitled Phantom Photographs. It has been shown to photographic experts from Kodak in Rochester, New York. While some claim that the image is nothing more than a real person sitting on the tombstone because you can supposedly see the shadow cast by the person on the ground around the tombstone. Actually the entire tombstone was situated in the shadows cast by the trees that afternoon and not by a real person attempting to hoax the photograph. 

Some believe this could be the ghostly "lady in white" that allegedly roams the cemetery on moonlit nights. One thing is sure, nobody can be absolutely sure who the figure is to this day. There are some theories as to who she may be but then they are only allegations. 




Field Excursion on 8-6-94

Participants: Lucy Solis, Kenneth Powell, Nancy Andrews, Tom Baker, Donna Boonstra, Denise Lewis, Barbara Huyser, Fran & Lisa Pizano and Dale Kaczmarek.

Object: To detect with the equipment and personal feelings anything out of the ordinary, then to register that on the enclosed maps and transparencies with grease pencils. Later to compare maps and observations and then to attempt photography at those areas which were hot spots.

Teams: Lucy Solis & Kenneth Powell used the Dr. Gauss Meter, Nancy Andrews and Barbara Huyser used the MFD-1 EMF Meter, Donna Boonstra and Denise Lewis used the Geiger Counter and Tom Baker assisted me and employed his camcorder and compasses.

Observations: Fran Pizano felt chills around the Hageman tombstone (#1), tightening in her muscles north of Mendenhall (#2) and a pressure in her chest around Mendenhall (#3) and the gauss meter reacted (2.5) around the tree near Fullerton’s (#4).

Kenneth Powell and Lucy Solis’ Dr. Gauss Meter also reacted near Fullerton with a 6.0 reading (#4).

Donna Boonstra felt a heavy feeling/depression like “a cloud hanging over me” near Newman tombstone (#5), she also felt shivering and chills in the open area before the hole in the fence and the clearing felt a scary feeling (#6). Donna sensed a pulling feeling in her chest near Deck by the two trees (#7) and smelled a moldy smell and uneasiness near Deck (#8).

Tom Baker, Nancy Andrews, Lisa Pizano, Barbara Huyser and I experienced nothing out of the ordinary.

Conclusions: It was interesting that the members picked out at two areas within the cemetery where they had similar encounters, near Fullerton and around Deck and Mendenhall. Fran felt a pressure indicative of a push while Donna felt a pulling sensation both in their respective chest areas. Besides this, the gauss meters seemed to be reacting to something around the Fullerton grave and in the area around Newman as well.

Photographs: To date, photographic documentation is inconclusive as there doesn’t appear to be anything to verify the feelings or equipment reactions within the cemetery that afternoon. Further analysis is probably necessary.


Investigation on June 12, 2011




GRS members present: Stan Suho and Dale Kaczmarek

Other investigations present: Mari Bushway and husband

Experiments performed: Ovilus X and EVP sessions were conducted at the checkered board tombstone, Newman's grave and Fulton's grave.

Personal experiences: The Epod went off while sitting on the Newman grave and it was captured on video and audio. I had my name called out very plainly on the Ovilus X.

Evidence collected: 

Bachelor's Grove scream.MPG while conducting an EVP session near the checker board tombstone, a question was asked, "When you were sitting on that stone, what were you looking at?" Two high-pitched female screams can be heard in the background.

Dale Ovilus.MPG while conducting an Ovilus X session near the checker board tombstone, a question was asked, "How many of you are here?" The Ovilus X says, "Dale".

Dale Ovilus video.MPG this is the same file as the Dale Ovilus however this is the actual video shot of the event when the Ovilus called my name.

Epod.MPG while conducting an EVP session near the Newman stone suddenly the Epod begins to go off by itself and clearly no one is near enough to set it off.

Newman noise.MPG while conducting an EVP session near the Newman stone, a noise is heard in the background.

Newman voice.MPG while conducting an EVP session near the Newman stone, a comment was made, "You can tell through this black box here and we can hear your voice". A voice is heard faintly in the background and requires headphones to hear properly.

Spooky.MPG while conducting an Ovilus X session near the checker board tombstone, the Ovilus X suddenly says in phonetic mode, "Spooky."

Conclusions: In my personal opinion this was a fairly active afternoon at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery for both EVPs and Ovilus responses but personal experiences and equipment fluctuations such as the Epod going off by the Newman stone. 



Investigation on September 21, 2013


GRS members present: Marge Sucha, Stan Suho and Dale Kaczmarek

Other investigators present: Jeanne Chilton

Experiments performed: Ghost Box and Echovox sessions were conducted near the Fulton tombstone and the checker-board tombstone where the white lady was photographed in 1991. Full spectrum and ordinary digital pictures were taken throughout the cemetery but nothing out of the ordinary showed up on any of them. We also employed the Epod at both locations and it did not go off a single time. The Melmeter 8704-REM was pretty much flat-lined at 0.0 throughout with an occasion 0.1. 

Evidence collected:

Burn get out.MPG while conducting an Echovox session at the checker-board tombstone, a question was asked, "Did you die of old age?" The device responded with, "Fire" followed by "Get out."

You're the boss.MPG while conducting a Ghost Box session near the Fulton tombstone the Ghost Box suddenly says very clearly, "You're the boss!"

Conclusions: I did not feel anything out of the ordinary this afternoon while conducting this mini-investigation of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. There was no EMF fluctuations to speak of and very little in the way of communications or direct answers to questions posed during EVP sessions. It was a very quiet and peaceful day with no sign of paranormal activity. We did walk around the entire cemetery as I was showing the location for the first time to out-of-stater Jeanne Chilton. 

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