Black Moon Manor Investigation

This was the first house built in Buck Creek Township, in Hancock County. The house was built by John C. Eastes in 1859 and was lived in by the same family for almost two centuries. In 1892 an outbreak of small pox came through the town those who were sick were sent to this house. This lead to additions of the house which included a preparation room, funeral room, and a full cold storage basement the bodies could be temporarily stored it. Dr. James cared for those people brought to the house but many of them died. Those whom died were buried in the back yard. There are roughly 200 bodies buried in the back yard.  Another story was of a woman who died there during the blizzard of 1978. She froze to death. She is also buried in the backyard and apparently was the last of the blood line.

The property was once owned by Matt Speck however this building was demolished in late 2012.


Located at: 5275 W. 300 N., Greenfield, IN. 46140, 317-586-3527




Hauntings: Some say they have seen and heard the spirit of Rachel Eastes. She was 5 years old when she died in 1842. She was the first one to be buried in the backyard. They say on her birthday is when she visits the house. Pipe tobacco has been smelled in the basement. Music played in the maze room often triggers paranormal activity. Matt’s girlfriend, Jennifer, was scratched in the kitchen of the manor.

Weather: was mid 60’s to low 70’s, it had been drizzling earlier in the day, cloudy and humid, but it cleared to partly cloudy and then to clear sky during the evening, and there was a full moon.  According to the “Weather Underground” web site, it remained humid.  

Equipment setup: The Command Center was set up in the main room downstairs with a static IR camera and REM Pod placed in the well room and a full spectrum camera in Raquel’s room along with the Geophone and the EM Vortex.  

Experiments performed: Numerous EVP experiments were conducted in all upstairs bedrooms, blood splatter room, wheel chair room, well room and the basement. The Ovilus X was employed along with the Ghost Radar.


The Ghost Research Society investigated Black Moon Manor on August 14, 2011. Team members included: Stan Suho, Lisa Krick, Sandra Weber and Dale Kaczmarek.








Personal experiences: 

Sandra Weber: Before touring the site with Jennifer, I walked throughout the house (two floors with an add-on 1 floor addition and the basement) taking photos and using the full spectrum camcorder to look for anything unusual.   

After touring the house with Jennifer, I took readings on the Tri-Field Natural EMF meter. (Note: there is no electricity in the house.) Readings throughout the house were consistently approximately 0.5 on the Magnetic setting. (I stopped every 3 – 4 paces to allow the meter to stabilize before taking each reading).  I went through the house again using the FLIR to look for unusual heat signatures.  

While eating a take-out dinner downstairs, there were some creaking noises upstairs.  After the team secured a window shutter, I did not hear any more creaking noises.  

At that time, it was almost dark (approximately 8:30 p.m.). I went throughout the house again taking photos and using the FLIR to look for unusual heat signatures. I took photos with the night shot camera looking down a well (enclosed in a room that was added on to the original structure) where Dale had seen something unusual through his broad spectrum camera.  I also used the FLIR looking for heat signatures here.  I found nothing unusual.   

During EVP sessions throughout the house during which Lisa did most of the questioning, I frequently used the FLIR and full spectrum camcorder to scan the surroundings.   

Dale’s broad spectrum camcorder ran out of batteries.  He then substituted my broad spectrum camera in one of the bedrooms where a child entity was reputed to have been detected.  He trained the camcorder on toys that would interest a child.  The camcorder ran for approximately 40 minutes without any movement from the toys or anything else unusual.  

I took a final round of photos with the Canon night shot before we left the site shortly before 1:00 a.m.  

The only unusual finding was a circle of warmth photographed with the FLIR on an internal wall.  Photographing it from the next room, it appeared to be a sharply defined circle of warmth, approximately 78 degrees in a wall that was generally approximately 71 – 72 degrees.             

My hypothesis regarding the cause of this phenomenon:  The wall, being solid brick, would have absorbed heat during the day.  Even though there was no direct sunlight hitting the face of this brick wall and even though it was not a hot day, this was an internal wall that would not have been subjected to drafts.  During the evening and night, as the temperature of the room went down, heat in the periphery of the wall would have cooled off faster than at the center.  As the wall cooled, the heated area would have taken on the shape of a circle. When photographed from a distance, the circle of heat appeared to be well defined.  However, when viewed up close, the circumference of the circle was much less defined and took on the appearance of just a warm wall that gradually faded to a cool wall of about 71 – 72 degrees.  The only problem with this hypothesis is that over the approximately 1½ hours that I returned to photograph the circle of warmth, it did not appear to shrink noticeably in size.  I would have expected it to gradually shrink in size over that time period if the wall was just giving off heat as the room cooled down.  However, I do not know the rate at which the wall was giving off heat, and perhaps if I had continued to photograph the circle of heat for several more hours, I would have seen it shrink in size.        

Lisa Krick: EQUIPMENT USED:  Digital Recorder, Ghost Radar App, Ovilus

We arrived at Black Moon around 5.30 or 6pm on Sunday, August 14.  Did a walk through with Jennifer.  After the walk through, at Jennifer's suggestion, we brought food back from a local restaurant and sat down to eat in the front room.  As we were eating, there were all kinds of movement and shuffling about upstairs in both the back bedroom and Rachael's bedroom.  I heard breathing, footsteps, something being dragged across the floor and this would happen when we talked about the food, but mostly when we talked about the ice cream. 

We heard all this because Stan already had a microphone set up upstairs.  However, I don't believe any of us were recording at this time. 

The first room we investigated was the Master Bedroom.  We used the Ovilus in this room and as we're talking, at about three minutes into the recording, you can hear a yell over the top of us.  I think it sounds childlike, but it needs to be cleaned up.  I also believe I captured an EVP when I stated, "tell me your name".  There's a response, but I can't make out what it says. 

Next, we went to Rachael's Room, or the front bedroom.  I caught nothing in there.  We positioned the dolls and had cameras set up on them.  I'd go back to the room occasionally to see if anything had moved, but it hadn't. 

Then, it was off to the back bedroom.  The Ovilus kept saying "help" and "protection" in this room but we couldn't get any further response.  I also captured an EVP when I said "if you want me to go, tell me to get the heck out!"  Just before Sandy responds with "ohh, she said a swear!" you hear a voice, but I don't know what it says.  Perhaps the EVP can be cleaned up to hear that better.

We then traveled downstairs to the parlor where the wheelchair sits.  At one point, I have an EVP where I hear a "flutter" which is personal to me.  I have heard this flutter on another recording that I was doing a couple of years ago when we had made contact, via an Ouija board, with a Djinn.  It was a bit unnerving to hear it again, WITHOUT the use of the board or specifically requesting to talk to the Djinn.  Thankfully it was only brief.  However, as I sat in the wheelchair and read off the list of names of the deceased Eastes family, it felt like someone was kicking me in the small of the back through the back of the wheelchair ... not hard, mind you, just moving the chair at the base of my spine.  I told the others about it and Dale sat in the chair next and experienced the same sensation. 

Our next stop was the blood spatter room to be followed by the Funeral Parlor room.  I captured nothing in those rooms.  However, Dale's batteries kept draining. 

Our last room to investigate for the night (while I was there anyway) was the well room.  In this room we used the Ovilus and the ghost radar application.  We were using the ghost radar app just for fun, but it seemed to correspond with other evidence.  As we sat in the well room, I was the closest to the well and the front door which leads outside.  There were cold spots around me almost all the time, which corresponded with the ghost radar which showed "blips" around me at the same times I felt cold.  In one EVP clip, I see a "blip" just outside the door, standing in the Funeral room.  So I say, "come on in, don't be shy" ... and there's a growl, which I do not hear in real time, because I would have asked if anyone else heard a dog.  A few seconds later, I'm saying something like "nothing at all" and then you hear another growl and a deep breath.  There was no one around my recorder, which was sitting at the lip of the well.  It was completely unnerving to hear it while listening to evidence.  A bit later, as I'm looking at the ghost radar, I ask, "are there three of you?"  To which the Ovilus states, "three".  The last piece of evidence I caught was when I asked, "does he not like me?" referring to the man in the blood spatter room who, the last time I was there told me I was going to die.  The Ovilus replied, "That’s possible". 

I have to say that I absolutely love this old place.  I want to go back and concentrate on the parlor, the back bedroom, and the well room. 

Stan Suho: Arrived at sunset to find a large two-storied very old farm house. The house had no power or facilities, so I brought along my portable power unit. Before the investigation we were given a tour by the owner.

During the walk through I had my VHS Camera as well as my two still cameras running.

Once again we were short handed, but we did have some of our crack EVP team with us. The house was pretty much devoid of furniture but we did have one small card table with us, which were set up on the first floor. With limited space I decided not to set up G.E.I.S.T., however I did set up the EVP laptop running Audacity. The microphone was set up in a small room on the second floor. The house was very noisy with squeaking floors and banging shutters. Also being empty it was a large echo chamber. I grabbed some handhelds and my Night Vision Viewer and joined the EVP team.  


As usual the EVP sessions proved the most fruitful. Several of the sessions produced interesting results on Ghost Box. Although I have no results to report, I think this place would be good for a revisit if we were in Indiana again or during a slow period. It's not that far away and would be a good training ground for the new folks.  

Evidence collected:  

Back.MPG an EVP session in the Blood Splatter room, a question is asked, “Where did you scratch her?” The Ovilus responds with what sounds like, “back.”  

Background screaming.MPG while conducting an EVP session in C Room upstairs a female screaming in heard in between conversation.  

Both.MPG an EVP session in the basement, a question was asked, “Are you male or female?”  The Ghost Box responds with, “both.”  

Dave.MPG a question was asked in wheel chair room, “Please tell me your name?” The Ghost Box responds with, “Dave.”  

David.MPG a question is asked in the wheel chair room, (this is just a few seconds after Dave.MP3), “Will you say your name again?” The Ghost Box responds with, “David.” (Which it actually repeats three times)  

Eight.MPG a question is asked in the wheel chair room, “How many of you are in here with us?” The Ghost Box responds with, “Eight.”  

Footsteps.MPG while conducting an EVP session in the room with all the trigger objects and balls, suddenly three distinct footsteps are heard either in the hallway or on the stairs and Stan mentions that someone’s in the hallway. Captured on a camcorder.  

Four.MPG an EVP session in the basement, a question was asked, “How many of you are still living here?” The Ghost Box responds with, “four.”  

Growl did it.MPG an EVP session in the Blood Splatter Room, a question was asked, “Can you do it again?” A growling noise is heard and Lisa replies with, “I heard that.” Then the Ovilus responds with, “did it.”  

Hello.MPG an EVP session in the Well Room a possible voice is heard right before Stan yawns possibly saying, “hello.”  

I am alive.MPG an EVP session in the basement, a question was asked, “Are you buried in the cemetery down the road?” The Frank’s Box responds with, “maybe.” Another question is followed up with, “Or do you think you’re still alive?” The Ghost Box responds amazingly with the response, “I am alive.”  

I did.MPG an EVP session in the Blood Splatter room, a question was asked, “Who pushed Matt down the stairs?” The Ovilus responds with, “I did.”  

I fear it.MPG an EVP session in the Well Room, a question was asked. “Will you say something into my recorder by the well or it is scary to go over there? It can’t hurt you anymore.” The Ovilus responds with, “I fear it.”  

Loud scream.MPG a static IR camera in the well room picks up a very loud scream in the background.

Nixon.MPG an EVP session in the basement, a question was asked, “Who is the president right now?” The Ovilus responds with, “Nixon.”  

No leave.MPG a question is asked in the wheel chair room, “Can you push me in the other room?” The Ghost Box responds immediately with, “No” followed by “Leave.”  

No MPG a question is asked in the wheel chair room, “If you want me to leave this room and take my friends and all this noise with me…” (before the question is finished) The Ghost Box responds with, “No.”  

Others here.MPG at the beginning of an EVP session in the Well Room the Ovilus says, “Others here.”  

Stand still.MPG an EVP session in the Blood Splatter Room, a question was asked, “I’m commanding you to talk to me.” The Ovilus responds with, “stand still.”  

Stop don’t get up.MPg a comment is made in the wheel chair room, “I can’t tell if that’s you or the chair settling in.” The Ghost Box responds with, “Stop, don’t get up.”  

Three.MPG an EVP session in the Well Room, a question was asked, “Are there three of you?” The Ghost Radar responds immediately with, “Three.”  

Upstairs noise.MPG sounds of footsteps upstairs when everyone was downstairs.  

Well room does not like me.mpg the Ovilus in phonetic mode responds with, “That’s possible.”  

Well room growls.mpg during an EVP session in the well room several guttural growls or flutterings are heard in the background.  

Well room three of you.mpg a question is asked in the well room, “Is there three of you?” The Ghost Radar immediately responds with, “Three.”  

Wheelchair room flutter noise.MPG a strange fluttering noise is again heard in the background in the wheelchair room.  

Yeah.MPG an EVP session in the basement, a question was asked, “Are you part of the family that once owned the place?” The Ghost Box responds immediately with, “yeah.”  

Yep.MPG a question is asked in the wheel chair room, “Can we help you in any way?” The Ghost Box response was, “Yep.”  

Ghost Radar:  

The following words were said by the Ghost Radar in the following rooms:  

Room C: Rice, fairly, ever, rubber and might.  

Hobby Horse Room: earlier, protection, fed, several, up, choose, melted and Illinois .  

Wheelchair Room: useful  

Blood Splatter Room: identity, remain, brother, else and important.  

Well Room: chemical, three, why, negative, slave, standard, coal and testing.  

Conclusions: I believe that we communicated with several entities in the building due to the intelligent responses that we received using the Ovilus and later with the Ghost Box. I especially found it chilling in the last EVP session when I asked the question, “Do you think you’re still alive?” and I received the very clear response on the Ghost Box, “I am alive.” When using this device, I always the fastest scan rate possible and getting one word is tough but when you get three words in a sentence that make sense, it’s incredible. This rules out the possibility of picking up stray AM radio signals due to the fact that I was scanning approximately 2-3 channels per second.

Earlier in the setup, all of us heard sounds upstairs and moving around. I distinctly heard what sounded like a metal pipe being hit several times. Unfortunately as it was in the very early stages of setup, there was no equipment up there to record these sounds. Later however while conducting EVP sessions on the main floor, Lisa and several others did again hear sounds of heavy footsteps upstairs when everyone was on the main floor.

Even the Ghost Radar was dead on with responses to questions and it did pull out the word “ Illinois ”. All of us with the exception of Lisa are from Illinois . I thought that was an unusual word for the device to spit out. Later while in the Blood Splatter Room we were trying to figure out who we were talking to and the device responded with “identity.”

We could not figure out the unusual heat signature on the wall near the stove in the Blood Splatter Room. Clearly it was a circle of heat, hotter than the surrounding wall and red indicating an elevated temperature. If someone had leaned against the wall, it would eventually dissipate, which this anomaly did not. We were able to narrow it down to a very small area of the wall.

I believe this area is still very haunted by past owners of the building that still cling to their property for whatever reason. Some seem to be angry and frustrated while others are more congenital and willing to talk and converse with us.

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