Brumder Mansion Investigation

George Brumder, a prominent businessman, built this mansion for his eldest son, George, Jr. in 1910.  George, Jr. lived here with his wife, Henrietta, and eleven children. They only lived in the building about ten years when Henrietta died and they put the house up for sale around 1920. They sold the house to a shady character named Sam Picks and his family/associates. He was thought to be part of Chicago’s crime families. Sam allegedly used the basement for illegal alcohol distribution and later it became a speakeasy.  The next owners were an English couple and they divided the mansion into a boarding house probably in the late 1930s.   In the 1960s the mansion was bought by the neighboring Lutheran Church, only two doors down, to be used as a parsonage and church activities. A psychedelic youth chapel was created on the 2nd floor, in what is now George’s Suite. Other rooms were turned into offices, the ballroom basement became a coffee house, complete with live music for entertainment, called The Catacombs, part of the church’s outreach program. In 1997 it was bought by Carol Hirschi. Tom and Julie Carr of Torrance, California, became the new owners of the Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast in January, 2008.

Designed in the English Arts & Crafts Style, it blends Victorian, Gothic and Arts & Crafts elements.   The building is four stories and almost 8,000 square feet.

Located at 3046 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI. 53208, 414-342-9767



Hauntings: Entities of three known intelligent spirits seem to enjoy the restored Brumder Mansion, so pleased that their favorite piece of furniture or former personal belonging is in such a place.


Spirit People in residence:

Older female Entity - A psychic has identified this female entity as an older woman, with the nick name of Aunt Pussy, though this entity recently has admitted to a sensitive that her real name is Susan. She likes to hang out in The Gold Room, though she visits other parts of the mansion, it is thought.

Entity of what is thought to be a younger female or male - She / he is thought to like the third floor, especially Marion's Room, but visits the 2nd floor as well; Emma's Room on occasion.

Male Entity - Favorite rooms are the parlor and George's Suite, perhaps keeping an eye on the living.

Carol Hirschi Years...... 

2007 -When Tom and Julie visited the Brumder Mansion for the first time, Carol Hirschi took them and the other guests down into the basement theater and told them the following stories about their known resident entity at the time, Aunt Pussy / Susan.

Carol spent her first night in the Brumder Mansion in the Gold Suite, with her dogs in bed with her.  Uh oh! She not only felt a strong presence, but she heard a voice in her head, telling her to GET THE DOGS OUT OF THE BED!

This entity didn't like the mirror that Carol had picked for the bathroom. The bathroom mirror which was hung over the sink in the Gold Suite's bathroom, lifted itself off its nail, floated over to the bathtub and was thrown into the bathtub, breaking.

The door bell would not work for any apparent reason when guests would come to stay at Brumder Bed and Breakfast. Otherwise, it worked just fine for anyone else.

Silverware which had been laid out on the dining room table the night before, were found all turned around on the table the next morning.

Guests and patrons of the little theater in the basement began seeing the entity of a woman, dressed in attire which was popular in the early 20th century, walking around the area there.

A friend of Carol's saw a woman in a formal black dress float down the main staircase.

Guests staying in The Gold Suite sometimes have intense dreams.

If they had a dog in the room, they had a dream, featuring a woman sternly lecturing them to get their dog out of the room, threatening to hurt the dog. Waking up, they were filled with a strong desire to remove their pets.

A psychic who was in town for a convention stayed in the Gold Room and was contacted by this female entity, identifying herself as Aunt Pussy, who later admitted that her real name was Susan.

This psychic passed on Susan/Aunt Pussy's message to Carol. Aunt Pussy told the psychic, that at first she didn't like all the changes.  The new decor was too fancy, and there were too many people coming in because of the bed and breakfast business and because of the theater in the basement. However, she had begun to enjoy the theatric performances, organized by Carol in the basement theatre. She would learn to exist with the fancy decorum, all the guests, but had requested that Carol keep her dogs and dogs in general out of the Gold Room and keep the room's shades up, because she liked the light coming into her room.

Recent Paranormal Activity... in 2008-2009

Entity of Susan /Aunt Pussy

* Susan/Aunt Pussy was mostly quiet in the first part of 2008, perhaps studying the new folks involved with the Brumder Mansion. It seems that this entity is still willing to be a good sport and go with the flow, as long as dogs are kept out of The Gold Suite, and light comes in through the windows. As they don't have any pets or dogs in the Brumder Mansion, they has been relatively happy, but still had some issues with the decor.

* 2008- When the curtains were taken down for a few days before the new curtains were hung, in The Gold Suite, it is thought that she was the entity who locked the deadbolt of the door from the inside, leading from the mud room into the entry way, locking out some guests, who had to call the Innkeeper to let them inside.

* After a German marriage certificate in a large frame with a sturdy wire on the back was hung on the wall by Emma's room, it mysteriously lifted itself off the wall and crashed face down onto the floor, cracking the glass a little when no one living was around. There was nothing wrong with the wire, or the nails it was hung upon.

* The staff member, in charge of breakfast, overslept one day, and just barely got ready in time to serve the guests their breakfast. The next morning, she dreamt of a large, old-fashioned alarm clock, ringing in her head, waking her up on time.  On another day, she heard her name being called, waking her up again.

The Male Entity/ George's Room & Parlor.

* Around 4 pm in the afternoon, when the mansion is empty, one can sometimes hear a man's footsteps coming down the main staircase, from the little office off the kitchen.

George's Room

* 2008- A staff member felt a cool breeze brush past her face and hair, and then billowed the curtain, as it breezed through the room. There was no logical explanation.

* A regular guest during the winter months heard an unseen presence moving her medicine bottles around in her carry-on bag in the bathroom.

* 2009-The Carr’s stayed in the George Room for a few weeks during the winter. Tom hung his belt up in the middle of closet. The next day, he looked and the belt was gone!!!  A few days later, it reappeared in the closet, hanging right in the middle.

* 2009- A member of their cleaning staff was vacuuming the George's Suite, when the plug was pulled out of the wall. After their staff member put the plug back in, he/she watched in amazement, as the plug was pulled out again by an unseen force. After saying, "In the name of Jesus, stop!" The plug stayed in, after it was again put back in the socket, so the vacuuming could begin again.

* The closet area is another location where there have been reports of sounds and creepy feelings emanating from within.

* One afternoon Julie asked if George or another was around. She didn’t get an immediate response but later heard a rather loud deep male voice say, “Yes, I’m still here!”


* After their first walk-through visit, members of the Northern Alliance Of Paranormal Investigators sat with us in the parlor, tape recording what they were saying about the experiences that we have had at the Brumder.

On their initial report, Cheri of Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators, explained, "Julie told us a tale of a missing belt, one she knew she had hung in a closet.  She told us how she searched everywhere, questioning her own sanity and memory, only to have the belt mysteriously reappear later- in the exact closet she knew she had placed it in to begin with.  As we reviewed the recording, we were startled to hear another voice on the audio.  As Julie completed her story, a very matter-of-fact voice said 'it was us'. During that same session, we also caught a strange whistle.  While it may have a reasonable explanation, none of the investigators present remember hearing a whistle, and there was no indication that anyone heard it during the interview."

Marion's Room:

Recent activity reported by guests. Some think an entity of a young person haunts this room.

* One of their visiting friends, who slept in Marion's Room, was awakened by a presence who playfully bounced the bed a little to wake her.

* Another visiting friend was in bed, watching TV, when the towel which was hanging securely on the hook, lifted itself off and fell to the floor. The gas fire place was also on very low, but suddenly roared up and then down, as if some rascal was playing with the gas control.

* One of their staff members was cleaning the floors, when the plastic framed emergency instructions slammed itself down on the whirlpool.

* Northern Alliance of Paranormal investigators got another EVP in this room: "Don't leave, help me!"


The Blue Room:

* Guests report that a small light sitting on the fireplace mantel turned itself on during the wee small hours of the morning.

 * An investigator from The Northern Alliance Of Paranormal Investigators felt a friendly touch from a cold hand, while sitting down in this room.


* Past investigations have actually caught what appears to have been a disembodied head floating in the catacombs on one of their digital pictures.


The Ghost Research Society investigated the Brumder Mansion on November 20, 2010. Team members included: Stan Suho, Jim Piscopo, Joey Tito, Joe Tito, Nicole Tito, Lauren Kasmar, Louis Hovanes, Art Schramm, Mark & Sherry Stednitz, Lisa Krick, Sandra Weber, George & Vaune Martens, Jim Graczyk and Dale Kaczmarek. 








Equipment setup:  

The Command Center was set up in the main dining room on the first floor. G.E.I.S.T. and the video monitor with quad splitter were set up along with a wi-fi transmitter to another monitor that was placed in the basement facing the catacombs.

Camera #1 was Jim Piscopo’s camera facing down the basement hallway, #2 was Dale Kaczmarek’s camera in George’s Suite facing the closet, #3 was Lisa’s camera in the Marion’s Suite and #4 was Jim Graczyk’s camera in Emma’s Suite facing the cabinet that opened by itself.  Additional camera’s included Sherry Stednitz’s camera which was positioned at the top of the other stairway leading into the basement hallway and handheld cameras operated by Joey Tito, Lou Hovanes, Dale Kaczmarek and a deep IR camera used by Vaune Martens.  

The G.E.I.S.T. equipment was placed on the stage in the basement along with a microphone that recorded sound directly to Stan Suho’s laptop computer.


GRS teams and equipment assignments:  

Command center was monitored by Joey Tito and Artie Schramm  

Team #1 Lisa Krick, Nicole Tito and Lauren Kasmar (besides conducting EVP) they used the Ovilus PX, Paracorder 667 and Melmeter.  

Team #2 George & Vaune Martens and Jim Piscopo (K-II Meter and digital pyrometer)  

Team #3 Mark & Sherry Stednitz, Lou Hovanes and Sandy Weber (besides conducting EVP) they used digital thermometer/hygrometer.  

Roamers included Dale Kaczmarek, Stan Suho, Jim Graczyk and Joey Tito.  

Sandy Weber and Lauren Kasmar were instructed by Joe and Joey Tito Command Center and camera setup.  

A videotape was shown from Dale Kaczmarek’s first investigation of this location with Julie Carr conducting a walkthrough of the mansion and pointing out the various haunted locations.


Personal experiences/reports:  

Jim Graczyk:  

Equipment: 12mp Digital camera, GRS Ghost Cam  

Brumder Mansion is a very nice pretty well kept historic building. As you walk into this mansion you immediately feel as you walked into a place from the past. There are tons of items from the past that are scattered in all the rooms in this mansion. The building is pretty huge with numerous rooms as well as staircases. The upstairs bedrooms vary in size depending on who stayed in that room in the past. The servant’s quarters on the third floor were adequate and didn’t really seem small at all. The ballroom, which was in the basement, was rather a nice size and served its purpose.

I didn’t really feel threatened at all in any of the rooms or felt too uneasy. I did however for some reason always found myself in the main hall by the staircase or off to the right in the room I would call the sitting room. This was the room off to the left as you walked into the mansion. I took numerous pictures of both rooms I guess because of my attraction to these areas.

As I walked in and out of the numerous rooms I took random pictures of hoping to catch something out of the ordinary. I reviewed my digital camera pictures from the entire night and didn’t capture anything I believe was paranormal or something that I couldn’t explain. I did notice that I did capture a good number of orbs in a good number of pictures that could be explained as dust. I did notice that old carpets were the cause of these phenomena.

I was in the basement area along with Joey, Nicole and Lauren in the area what people call the catacombs. The room behind the door that says “is the stove off” would be the exact location. As I let Laruen and Nicole walk in first, Joey and I were making our way into the room bringing up the back. Joey was filming some B Roll as we were talking to Nicole and Lauren. Joey and I got to where the staircase was and immediately heard what sounded like glass breaking. The noise came from our left as if from behind us. Joey immediately turns around and looks at me as we both clearly heard the noise. We look up in case one of us might of hit a light bulb and then on the floor in case we stepped on some glass. Nicole and Lauren I believe heard the noise too but none of us could find the reason for the sound. Hopefully, Joey’s tape was rolling and we got that on tape. I didn’t experience anything else on the investigation, but I believe a follow-up investigation would be good as long as we get complete mansion access to all rooms.

Dale Kaczmarek:  

I stayed in the connecting room to the George’s Suite which is directly off the main staircase. I was awakened around 4:30 am to the sound of what sounded like distinct footsteps on the staircase and the entire crew had gone to bed around 3:00am. The other boarders were not up and about and did not come down to breakfast until later.  

During the last hour of the investigation the Tri-Field Meter went off several times in succession and whether or not this was a battery issue it did coax the remaining crew; Lisa, Jim P., George, Vaune, and Stan to the basement to investigate. I turned on my digital recorder, set up the Paracorder 667 on the stage and shot with my Nightshot camera. I began to hear a series of light taps coming from the far end of the stage that were not footsteps but light raps. Vaune went to investigate was almost immediately immersed in a coldness. The pyrometer, when finally retrieved, showed a 61-63 temperature. I also thought I perhaps heard a moan or light whisper and will have to review the video tape shot there for analysis.  

I also conducted some experiments in the basement washroom; George’s Suite with Artie Schramm, Marion’s Suite.  

There was a clear definite metallic clank that was audibly heard at the Command Center by Artie and me coming from the basement area when absolutely nobody was downstairs. Within a few minutes a team went down to conduct some experiments and they heard that sound again, as we did from the Command Center. They could not determine where that sound had come from.  

Joey Tito: While at the Brumder Mansion I was part of the roaming team with Dale, Jim, and Stan.

I ran a free hand camera during the investigation and took still photos throughout its entirety. Nothing out of the ordinary to mention in regards to the still photos, but I was mostly interested in reviewing the free hand video that I shot in an attempt to find possible evidence to solidify a personal experience that I had while in the catacombs alongside Jim, Nicole, and Lauren. While reviewing my footage, I was not disappointed. Jim and I accompanied Nicole and Lauren down to the basement during the final hours of the investigation as they had not been down to check out the catacombs as of yet. We walked to the end of the catacombs. There was a door which at first glance looked to be a dead end, but actually opened up and led to the hallway which leads to the stage. We walked through and as all four of us made our way into the room I reached into a box that was on the floor that contained bottles of beer. I pulled one out and showed everyone but before I even put the bottle back in the box I heard the sounds of glass break. The noise did not sound like a glass bottle to me, but more like the sound of a light bulb breaking. I was not the only one who heard this as all of us heard the noise at the same time. The noise sounded like it came from directly above my head as I bent down to put the bottle back in the box. We investigated the area and looked to see if there was any broken glass on the floor, weeding out the possibility of a natural explanation for the sound. There was no glass on the floor to be found and more importantly we could not figure out what could have caused this racket.  

That rounds out the experience that I had while at the Brumder Mansion. There were no other reports of anything out of the ordinary while shooting free hand video during the investigation.  

Lou Hovanes:

Time:                          7:30pm until 12:30pm

Weather:                    cold and overcast

Other Team Members:

Sherry Stednitz, Mark Stednitz, and Sandy Weber


Video Camera:             Sony HDD DCR-SR82

Digital Recorder:           Olympus

Digital Camera: Canon XTI

EMF:                           Yes     

Thermometer:               Yes, Digital

Night Vision                 Yes, on handheld camcorder



Overview of Investigation:

 I was teamed up with Sherry, Mark and Sandy. I took 180 pictures throughout the house and property with my digital camera before the investigation. I also use digital recorder through the investigation to record ideas, feelings, and confirm possible EVPs from Sherry’s recorder. I carried Sony Camcorder with (2) extended IR lights to record the investigation. The group used digital thermometer, EMF meter, FLIR camera, chalk and a small ball.  

We did a series of EVP sessions in several locations. We constantly took temperature, EMF and FLIR readings throughout the house. No readings were out of the ordinary to report of.


Results of Investigation:

I found nothing in my photos. 


Mark & Sherry Stednitz: Team:  Mark and Sherry Stednitz, Lou Hovanes, Sandy Weber

Video camera set up at 7:25pm to midnight on back staircase facing down into basement.


Equipment Used:          Digital Camera

                                    Sony HDD Video Camera

                                    Temperature Gauge


                                    Tri-Field Meter


EVP Session:                Powder Room-Basement – 7:35pm

                                    Temp 74 degrees

Experiment:                  Tennis ball with chalk line around to see if movement occurs

Results:                         No Movement of tennis ball

                                    No EVP evidence found.  No personal experiences.


EVP Session:                Catacombs – ended 7:55pm

                                    Temp 74 degrees

Results:                         Lou’s Camera turned off 2 times during EVP session

                                    No EVP evidence found – no personal experiences.


EVP Session:                Started 8:00pm – Marion’s Room

                                    Asked several times during EVP session for Emma to appear.

Results:                        No EVP evidence found – no personal experiences.


EVP Session:                Begun 9:10pm – George’s Room

                                    No EVP evidence or personal experiences.


Lauren Kasmar: I was teamed with Nicole Tito and Lisa Krick for the Brumder Mansion investigation on 11/21/2010. The weather was fair; somewhat chilly.  I used my digital camera, the Ovilus, and an EM Pump.  Lisa and Nicole used both of their Sony tape recorders for EVP sessions, as well as real time EVP, thermometer, Melmeter, K-II Meter and the Paracorder 667.  Lisa set up her camcorder in Marion’s suite, and Nicole set her camera up in Emma’s sweet.  Joe Tito explained how to properly connect each of the camcorders to the command station, and showed how to connect the yellow connectors for video only.  I also followed Joey Tito to Marion’s suite where he showed me how to run the wires to Lisa’s camcorder that she was setting up at the time.


We began our first EVP session in Marion’s suite at approximately 7:25 PM.  At 7:37 PM, Lisa asked if someone could make a thump noise on the tub in Marion’s suite.  All three of us heard a thump to the left of Nicole, who was sitting on the bed.  At 7:44 PM all three of detected a significant temperature change in the room, and my digital camera shut off for the second time on its own; the battery was fully charged.  At approximately 7:53 PM, the Ovilus (in dictionary mode) responds to Nicole’s question, “What is your name?”  Answer: “Female kind,”  “Emma.”  The Ovilus also repeated the words “video, "disaster” and “vladu” several times.  We also heard the Ovilus say “George” while in Marion’s room.  Lisa and I heard light footsteps outside of the room, as well as above us during the EVP session in Marion’s suite.  

Our second EVP session was conducted in George’s suite at approximately 8:15 PM.  At 8:20 PM the temperature went up 2 degrees; from 68.9 degrees to 69.2 degrees.  At 8:32 PM, Lisa and I heard what sounded like a woman singing/humming outside of the door to George’s suite.  We also heard the faint footsteps outside of the door in George’s suite.   

Upon walking into Emma’s suite, Lisa and I detected the small of cigars. The EVP session in Emma’s suite began at approximately 9:15 PM.  At 9:20 PM, Lisa opened the closet and began talking about using the entire closet for her own belongings and heard a whining noise.  The temperature remained steady at 69 degrees during the session in Emma’s suite.  At 9:30 PM, Nicole reported feeling a sharp pain in her neck, and it was at that point that I went and sat by her. When I walked over there and sat down, the 667 went off for approximately a minute, and the Melmeter went up to .1 mg.  It had been at a constant zero since the beginning of the session.  

We conducted our basement session at about 9:45 PM.  The temperature was remained at a constant 65 degrees, and the Melmeter was at a constant zero until 9:55 PM: Nicole walked over to the bar, and the Melmeter displayed 1 mg, and the temperature went up to 66.6 degrees.  At about 9:50 PM, I was sitting in the back of the basement, and was able to see down the hallway to the laundry room. I thought a saw a dark shadow in the hallway.  I was sitting on the stage towards the latter part of our session, and I kept hearing light footsteps behind me on the stage.  Nicole and Lisa also reported that they were hearing noises from behind me as well.  I also saw a smaller black shadow quickly glide in front of one of the chairs.  All three of us also heard footsteps coming down the stairs that lead into the basement; no one came down the stairs.  

I heard various light footsteps overnight while staying in Marion’s suite, as well as random thumping noises, and one loud band in the Jacuzzi that woke me up shortly after we had gone to bed.  I also heard whispers throughout the night.  Nicole woke up at one point and thought she saw a man in a light brown suit smiling at her, standing near the Christmas tree in the room. I did not detect anything unusual on any of the pictures that I took in the Brumder mansion. 


Jim Piscopo: Team members: Jim Piscopo, George Martens, Vaune Martens

Equip.: Video camera (8mm), Digital camera (Fujifilm 1000s), Pyrometer, K-II, Strobe light 

During the initial walk through I noticed a cigar smell in the parlor and I was the only one in there.

We went through the entire house using the pyrometer and the temp’s were 64-66 degrees except for the theater which was 61-64.

While going through the rooms I was taking pictures using the strobe light and got a picture of what seems to be a manifesting by a wall in Georges Suite.

We did an EVP session in the theater using the Ovilus and got the names of George and William. 

Later in the morning while at the command center we heard a noise coming from the theater. A group of us went down and Dale did an EVP session in which we heard a metallic sound from behind the bar, we also heard sounds coming from the right of the stage. 

I set up my video camera in the basement hallway filming the laundry room at 1830

At 1930 we did our walk through and picture taking. This lasted until 2130.At 2330 we did the EVP in the theater taking more pictures with the strobe light. About 0230 was the EVP with Dale in the theater. 

Other then the cigar smoke the only other experience was in the blue room where the temp was 64 but the room felt much colder.  


Vaune Martens:

2nd Floor George Suite 8:00pm

Jim, George & Vaune

Deep Infrared video Camera- Vaune

Jim- Pyrometer, Camera and Strobe light

George – K-II Meter  

No visual phenomena at the time of filming. Jim reported no spikes in temperature.  George reported No EMF hits.     

After investigating the 2nd floor coming down the stairs Jim & I smelled a floral scent, which was not there earlier. As I went down the steps it seemed to be stronger. Looked for air fresheners, candles, and potpourri but didn’t find any.  

3rd Floor- Marion Suite, Blue Room & Bathroom

Jim, George & Vaune

Vaune-Deep Infrared Video Camera

Jim- Pyrometer, Camera and Strobe light

George – K-II Meter  

No visual phenomena at the time of filming. Jim reported no spikes in temperature. George reported no EMF hits.  

In the Blue room Jim and I felt that the room was colder even though the pyrometer said the temperature was steady. Jim called for another GRS member to come up and give their impression of the room. Nicole came in and when asked to give her impression of the room said she it smelled musty/smoky; she did not feel the cold.  

In the bathroom a picture frame on a small table was on the floor with the back off. It was on the table in tact earlier, but I did not see or hear it fall.  

Basement- Theater, Bar, Laundry Room, Catacombs, Bathroom.

Jim, George & Vaune

Vaune-Deep Infrared Video Camera

Jim- Pyrometer, Camera and Strobe light

George – K-II Meter 

No Visual phenomena at the time of filming. Jim reported no spikes in Temperature. George reported a few spikes on the EMF in front of the laundry room at the base of the stairs. I had no experiences, but just felt like I needed to investigate this area some more.  

2ND Investigation of the basement- EVP session

Jim, George, Stan & Vaune

Vaune- digital voice recorder & Ovilus PX


George-K-II Meter  

Used both Phonetic mode & Dictionary mode on the Ovilus it was very chatty. When asked its name it seemed to say William. At times it was just gibberish, but it seemed to say both Jim and George.  At one point we asked it to knock on the wall and heard a noise come from the right side of the stage/ bathroom area.  

George had hits again on the K-II Meter in the same general area, but this time he said he felt something as well.  

3rd Investigation of the basement- EVP session

Jim, George, Dale, Lisa, Vaune

Dale- video taping

George - EMF

Lisa conducted an EVP session  

During the EVP session a few members kept hearing a sound from the right side of the stage. I went and stood in the general area. I did hear a “rodent like” sound further back behind stage area. I also heard a different sound in the area closest to the bathroom, a couple of times. I felt a huge temperature drop; Lisa joined me and felt it too.  I could not identify the sounds.  The temperature drop had dissipated, by the time the pyrometer was brought over to measure.   

Initial Conclusion

 Though I didn’t have any overwhelming phenomena, I had a sense, especially in the basement that there was something going on. I look forward to reviewing the evidence to see what it has to offer.   As always I’m sure something’s will prove to be natural occurrences such as the floral smell …. At some point later in the evening I found air freshener in the main floor bathroom near the stairs. 


Sherry Stednitz: Team:  Mark and Sherry Stednitz, Lou Hovanes, Sandy Weber

Video camera set up at 7:25pm to midnight on back staircase facing down into basement.


Equipment Used:          Digital Camera

                                    Sony HDD Video Camera

                                    Temperature Gauge


                                    Tri-Field Meter


EVP Session:                Powder Room-Basement – 7:35pm

                                    Temp 74 degrees

Experiment:                  Tennis ball with chalk line around to see if movement occurs

Results:                        No Movement of tennis ball

                                    No EVP evidence found.  No personal experiences.


EVP Session:                Catacombs – ended 7:55pm

                                    Temp 74 degrees

Results:                         Lou’s Camera turned off 2 times during EVP session

                                    No EVP evidence found – no personal experiences.


EVP Session:                Started 8:00pm – Marion’s Room

                                    Asked several times during EVP session for Emma to appear.

Results:                        No EVP evidence found – no personal experiences.


EVP Session:                Begun 9:10pm – George’s Room

                                    No EVP evidence or personal experiences.


Brumder Mansion

Video Report


Sony Video Recorder – used and video analysis completed by Mark and Sherry Stednitz.

There were 5 video segments created during filming of the rear staircase facing down to the basement.

Segment 1:  You can see George Martens getting EMF hits on the staircase and saying that he hopes my camera caught something at about 7:25pm.  Unfortunately, nothing was noted on this segment whatsoever.

Segment 2:  At 14:20 on the video segment (approximately 8:15pm) on the right side of the screen you can see a circular semi transparent orb-like anomaly.   I would ask that you look at it to see if it is a dust particle or possibly an insect.   That clipped video is attached with this report.

Segment 3: Nothing noted

Segment 4: Nothing noted

Segment 5:  This segment has a lot of noise contamination; however, nothing was seen on video.


Submitted by:  Mark and Sherry Stednitz

                          December 14, 2010


Sandra Weber: Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010             

Time: evening – approx. 6:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Weather: 40’s clear

Equipment:       Tape Recorder (Sheri)       EMF (me)        Thermometer (me)       Night Vision (Lou)       

Thermometer:  Infrared (me: FLIR)


Phenomena witnessed by investigator  

Time:                Phenomena:  

6:35                 Investigation of basement: used Tri-Field EMF meter to obtain readings: varied from .2 to .5.  Used FLIR to obtain temperature readings: varied from 62 – 68  except 60 – 63 degrees in bathroom, no pattern evident (window of course colder) and T in upper 50’s in blind tunnel referred to as the “catacombs”.  EVP session with Sheri doing most of talking: slight increase in EMF with joining hands, but no significant movement.

Emma’s room:  Switched to Tri-Field for EVP session: approximately 38 – 39 for entire session.  When not doing EVP obtained readings of approximately 3 – 5 on magnetic scale (1 – 100).  T approx. 63 – 69 with no pattern.


Phenomena witnessed by investigator  

Time:                Phenomena:  

9:40                 Marion’s room: Tried Ovilus – could make no sense out of it – slight spike on Tri-Field when Ovilus first began to make sound but only slight and brief.  When entire group was in the room, there was no sound at all.  When Lou and Mark left the room, it made sounds but I could not make any sense out of it.  There was a slight spike on the Tri-Field when the Ovilus first began to make sound, but only slight and brief.  T: 63 – 69 with no pattern. 

9:56                 George’s room: T approx. 64 – 69 with no pattern.  Tri-Field almost zero.  Ovilus – made no sense: “R-R” and “oi-oi”.

12:25               Marion’s room: At this point, Sheri and Mark had gone home.  I joined Lisa, Nicole and Lauren for an EVP session.  Sitting approximately in a circle, except for Nicole, who was lying on a bed.  (Nicole was lying on a bed with a window near her feet.  Lisa was on a chair to Nicole’s left, pretty far from the window.  Behind Lisa was a hot tub, with ceramic tile going up the lower portion of the wall behind her, with wallpaper or flat paint above that.  Lauren was on Lisa’s left, sitting on the floor at least 8 feet away.  I was opposite Lisa, also on the floor, approximately 8 feet away from both Lisa and Lauren.) Lisa reported a cold spot on her left.  I used the FLIR to check the cold spot.  There was a darker shape to the left of Lisa’s head, over her left shoulder or next to her.  I asked Lisa to lean over to her right to see if the shape was her reflection in the tile.  The shape did not move.  I checked the angle with the window – didn’t appear to be a shadow.  There were no other sources of light in the room to create a shadow.  I took more pictures from in front of Lisa and from her left side – shape disappeared.  There was no change in the Tri-Field during this period – remained near 0.

                        Attached are the FLIR photos from this event. #106, 107, 109 and 110 show the shape.  Not present in 111, 112, 113, 114, and 115.


Final Record

Number of Psychic Photos:  9 heat signature photos of interest, unexplained shape in 4 photos  


The only unexplained phenomena were the appearance on the FLIR of a shape next to Lisa that I could not explain with a shadow from any light source, and there was no heat reflection.


George Martens:        Time   8:00pm

Investigator                 George Martens

Location                      George's Suite  2nd floor

Other team members    Jim Piscopo & Vaune Martens

8:00pm - 8;20pm           EMF meter no hits at all during this time
8:10pm - 8:20pm           also using pyrometer during this time temp steady 64 to 66 degrees
                                       Digital camera

Location                         Marion Suite  3rd floor Blue room

Investigator                    George Martens

Other team members       Jim Piscopo & Vaune Martens

8:25pm -9:00pm             EMF Meter no hits at all
8:35pm - 845pm             pyrometer temps steady at 64 to 66 degrees
                                       digital camera

Location                       Basement Theater area

Investigator                   George Martens

Other team Members     Jim Piscopo & Vaune Martens

Time                             9:20pm                      

EMF readings in hallway heading into laundry room 1.0 to 2.5 milligaus on meter I had 4 different random hits on meter in same area. Hits were directly in front of stairs where a static camera was set up at 9:20pm also using digital camera.

Location                       Basement Theater area

Investigator                    George Martens

Other team members      Jim Piscopo, Vaune Martens & Dale K

Time                             2:15am                         

EMF readings in front of stairs in hall leading to laundry room readings 20+ on meter 4 to 5 hits all taking place in aprox. 2 to 3 min. Also felt a quick temperature drop very quickly enough to give me goose bumps all over and a sense of  being light headed for a short period of time. I did not have anything with me at this time to verify the temp drop. Digital camera also used

My experience at Brumder Mansion was a good one the goose bumps and the light headed feeling I had was I believe my  first true experience. Though I can not explain the cause it has made me more curious and looking forward to the next investigation.


Stan Suho: We arrived late in the afternoon and immediately began our walk through.  Dale showed a Video of what was happening at the mansion and we began our setup. I set up G.E.I.S.T. downstairs in the stage area where there were reports of paranormal activity.

The command post was located in the main Dining Room where there was a large table. The G.E.I.S.T. setup was the usual except this time for the Ghost Cam; I used the Sony "Digital Night Shot" camera, DSC-V1. It has a video output jack that was connected to a TV transmitter and that transmitted back to the command post via a Wi-Fi antenna link. The Ghost Mic was also connected to the same link.  During the investigation I made several walk throughs with the Night Vision Monocle.  I also made several walk throughs with a Digital Audio Recorder checking for EVP. This was both upstairs and downstairs.

This was the first use of the Digital Night Shot camera and it worked very well, however there was problem with the Wi-Fi link. We seemed to be getting interference from the House Wi-Fi. Upon reviewing my G.E.I.S.T. results, 35mm camera, digital camera, and the Audacity audio results I found nothing that I thought could be paranormal. Some of the upstairs rooms were occupied which prevented our getting access.

Conclusion--- It was a good investigation with lot of room to spread out, lot of time to setup and quiet surroundings. Depending on what the rest of the team comes up with, it may warrant a return visit.


Nicole Tito: Brumder Mansion Report November 11th, 2010 from Nicole Tito

Team Partner: Lisa Krick, Lauren Kasmar

Equipment Used: Sony video camcorder, Sony audio recorder, EM pump, K-II meter, Ovilus, Paracorder 667, Melmeter

Impressions/Personal Experiences:

The first personal experience began even before the investigation started.  We were downstairs in the basement deciding what to get for dinner when I went to the bathroom.  I had my Northwestern tote bag on the floor approximately two feet to the right of me.  All of a sudden, one of the straps flipped up and over to the other side going against gravity for this motion.  There was no open window or draft in the room and it would take some force to perform this action. 

The team began our first EVP session in Marion’s suite at 7:25 PM.  During this session, Lisa asked if someone could make a bang on the tub in the suite.  Immediately following that comment, all of us heard a thump to my left as I was sitting on the bed.  It did not sound like it came from outside or the adjoining room.  Later on, the room started to get colder.  Unfortunately, we did not have any temperature devices with us at that time.  We checked for drafts in the window and did not notice anything that would cause such a change.  Lauren remarked that her camera battery drained down to zero even though she had fully charged it.  After awhile, we got some interesting results from the Ovilus.  I asked, “What is your name?”  The recorder responded, “Female, kind,” and after several moments, “Emma.”  The name, “George,” came over the Ovilus several times as well.  Throughout the session, we all heard faint footsteps above our head, but later learned that no one was in the attic. 

The next EVP session occurred in George’s suite at 8:15 PM.  The temperature actually rose two degrees in this room.  We heard a woman singing and humming outside the room and faint footsteps in the hallway, but when I went upstairs to assist another team for a moment, I could clearly hear the guests in the next room talking.  I concluded that they were probably making the noise. 

The next session was in Emma’s suite at 9:15 PM.  Lisa and Lauren stayed in the bedroom while I laid in the hot tub.  Lisa began messing around in the closet opening and closing doors when we heard a whining noise.  Later on in the session, I felt a sharp pain in my posterior neck and Lauren came out to investigate.  The Paracorder 667 went off even though Lauren was not near it and the Melmeter went up 0.1 mg. 

After this, we ventured into the basement for an EVP session at 9:45 PM.  The temperature started off at a constant 65 degrees, but when I walked over to the bar area from the bathroom, the Melmeter went up to 1 mg and the temperature read 66.6 degrees.  Lauren later thought she saw a shadow down the hallway in the laundry room and a noise.  I went over to investigate, but did not find anything.  Later on, we learned that Artie started to come down those back stairs and went back up.  We all heard footsteps on the stage, especially when Lisa was sitting up there throughout the session.  They were very faint and did not occur for more than 2 or 3 steps. 

Later on that night, I had my EVP recorder on for several hours overnight.  I have not completely listened to this yet, but Lauren did wake me up around 2 AM stating that she heard a loud thump on the hot tub.  Later on after that, I woke up and thought I saw a man standing next to the lit Christmas tree in the room standing there looking at the bed smiling at me and Lauren.  He was a white man in his 40s wearing a brown suit with short brown hair.  I felt a sense of calm and closed my eyes and opened then again a second later to find him gone.  I quickly went back to sleep and did not wake up the other members of the team.  Again, I might have been dreaming, but thought it would be pertinent to report. 

EVPs/Audio Evidence:   

Basement Voice Downstairs with Lauren & Lisa.  There is a weird robotic voice that I cannot make out that speaks after Lauren says, "I don't hear anything." 

Basement Screech Lisa, Lauren, and I in the basement.  The recorder is in the bathroom and you will hear me talking about the temperature around Lisa on stage as she feels cold and then the infamous screech is back and very close to the recorder! 

Dragging.MPG sounds in the George’s Suite of a dragging noise followed by other sounds.

Emma Room Yes Lisa asks, "Is there anyone in this room that smokes cigars?"  At the end, you will hear a low whispered, "Yes." 

Emma Room Nice Lisa is talking about how she likes the closet in Emma's room and you will hear me say, "Oh," followed by another voice that is close to my recorder that says, "Nice." 

Fvoice.MPG sounds like a female voice in the George’s Suite.

Goaway.MPG in the basement there is a whisper that sounds like it says, “Go away.”

Grunt.MPG an EVP session I conducted in the downstairs washroom. I ask, “If you’re down here, can you make a sound or a noise?” A few seconds later a response sounds like a grunt.

Ido.MPG an EVP session I conducted in the Marion Suite. I asked the question “Is there anybody up here that wants to talk with me?” The response is, “I do.”

Loudnoise.MPG is a loud sound in the George’s Suite.

Marion Room Yes I ask, "What's your name?" and you will hear a low whispered, "Yes."  We also kept hearing footsteps above us in the attic. 

Marion Room Female, Kind, Emma--The Ovilus talks and you will hear the response.   

No.MPG in the basement. George was telling me that the cold spot on the side stairs was gone and you hear a female whisper, “No.”

Response.MPG an EVP session I conducted in the Marion Suite. I asked if the spirits would like to communicate with a paranormal investigator because I was one and there is a response of some kind but we cannot tell what it says.

Response2.MPG continuation of EVP in Marion Suite. I ask, “Do you like how they fixed the place up?” They is another response which cannot be made out again.

Shh.MPG in the basement I commented that I sent George to get a piece of equipment and a female shhhing sound is heard.

Strangevoice.MPG an unusually sounding voice is heard in the George’s Suite.

Table.MPG is an EVP session in George’s Suite. The Ovilus in phonetic mode kept spitting out the word, “book”, so they asked, “Where’s the book?”  The response was, “Table.”

Two.MPG continuation of same EVP session, a question is asked, “How many is in here with us?” The response from the Ovilus was “two.”

Yes.MPG beginning of same EVP session. A question is asked, “Are you alone?” The response from the Ovilus was “Yes.”

Still photos: Nothing out of the ordinary captured in both exterior and interior shots. 

Video Evidence:

Final Brumder.mpg is just an “orb” on the stairs, most likely naturally explained.

Mark1.mpg is a session in the George’s Suite. The Ovilus was in phonetic mode and was spitting out a lot of words and some sounded like Mark so Sherry, her husband said, “Here go by Mark. Say something or just shut up. Here Mark.” She hands the meter to Mark and the Ovilus says, “Hate you Mark!” Plus in the beginning of the footage look to the left of the bed and the right of the cabinet and you will see some weird lights that dance about and then disappear. They never appeared again the entire time the camera was recording upstairs so they weren’t car headlights from passing automobiles.

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