CBC River Treasures Investigation

History: Built in 1905 and purchased by Henry Rose. It was originally built as a funeral home. His brother, Charlie Rose, a county constable, later moved in and one evening was called to break up a knife fight. He was fatally stabbed and moved back to CBC where he died in his bedroom, now the kitchen.

Sold to John Rector in the 1920s and he turned it into a general store.

At one time it was sold to the Lair family and Liz Lair has been seen as a full-bodied apparition. Her son, Ferdinand, rolled his car right in front of the building and Liz saw him die. He has been heard many times in EVPs.

The Bailey family once owned it. The Gardner family also owned this building and the Bennett family has also owned this building at one time. CBC stands for Captain Bill and Cathy. Today the place is owned by Jeanne Chilton.



 Located at: 2nd Street off Rt. 100, Kampsville, Illinois 62053


Hauntings: A possible rape victim and others both apparently haunt the building. She’s afraid of men. If a man walks in she says, “Who is it, he hurt me” and if a woman walks in, singing is often recorded. Ghosts of children including a little girl about 4-years-old named Emma have been seen and heard and a little boy named Byron who apparently lives up in the rafters. According to former owner Rita Doe, there was a gunfight here in the 1890s and he climbed a tree to watch, fell and broke his neck. EVPs have been recorded of a little boy saying, “I’m falling.” There have been numerous EVPs recorded and the sounds of running feet heard upstairs in the 2nd Floor apartment followed by the sound of slamming doors and sometimes the sounds of furniture being moved around. A Native American Indian ghost has been reported in what has been named “The Ugly Room.” He also stomps and throws things around.

There has been much poltergeist-like activity including bookshelves falling down, plastic on doors being ripped off, manipulation of physical objects such as coloring books and crayons. People have often felt the sensation of being touched and shadowy images have both been seen and photographed, one by the pop cooler. Apparitions have been seen recently in the parking lot in the front of the building, a white mist was seen upstairs, peeking around doorways, a ghost of an older lady walking through the wall and a ghost of a little girl in the kitchen.

Ugly Room – often where the Native American Indian has been heard to speak and where you generally get an ugly sensation. The adjacent Dressing Room, females have reported the sensation of being groped. The rape of Liz may have occurred in this room  

Closet – a general coldness is often sensed here, strange mists and disembodied voices.  

Old Cooler – was originally perhaps used to keep bodies in when this was a funeral home. A researcher’s camcorder was slowly pulled off one of the shelves inside this unit.  

Kitchen – this was originally Charlie Rose’s bedroom where he was brought back after being stabbed and died. Numerous EVPs captured here.  

Action Alley – a lot of energy and the sounds of people running up and down this hallway and shadow figures.

The Ghost Research Society first investigated the CBC River Treasures on April 30, 2011. Team members included: Stan Suho and Dale Kaczmarek with help from Rita Doe, Theresa Moore, Kyle Baalman, Jacob Bizaillion, Shana Wankel of Calhoun County Paranormal and Chris Crum of PRIOM.








Equipment setup: Since there was no electricity to the building and we weren’t notified this in advance, we weren’t able to use a lot of the equipment we brought along including the G.E.I.S.T. system. We did set up a Command Center on the 1st Floor using our two laptop computers. Stan’s computer was running Audacity and a microphone which was recording in the crawlspace leading up to the 2nd floor apartment. My laptop was running the software for the Thermasound device. A static IR camcorder was initially placed in the kitchen area with a large IR illuminator to face what has been nicknamed “Action Alley.” Down" and was monitored using a small monitor and batteries using category five cables. Action Alley” the EM Vortex and Paracorder 667 was placed. The Full Spectrum Camera with a large IR illuminator was positioned in the cooler to face the door where another camcorder in the past was slowly yanked off the shelf.

After awhile the static IR camcorder was moved to face “Action Alley” and a laser grid was employed along with the Thermasound device which faced down this hallway where shadows and movements have been recorded in the past.

Later, my handheld IR camcorder was placed in the 2nd Floor apartment on the ground to face into the living room using the IR illuminator on the boot of the camera and separate battery powered Sony IR illuminator. In the living room was placed the Geophone and MFD-1 because of the illuminated LED’s to watch for any disruption of magnetic fields. Later the EVP Vortex was positioned on the table next to the stuffed rabbit.


Experiments performed: Several walkthroughs of the building were conducted where digital, digital IR and digital IR trap camera pictures were taken. Members of Calhoun County Paranormal were allowed to experiment with the Video Ovilus and I also used the Ovilus X for the first time in the room opposite the CC. The pyrometer showed a almost constant and consistent temperature of 69 degrees throughout.


Personal experiences: One of the members from Calhoun County Paranormal said that the stuffed animals that they had placed up in the 2nd Floor apartment for trigger objects had all been moved! The Ovilus X used in phonetic mode, both times after being turned on in the room opposite the CC, the first word it said was “help.” There were sounds that resembled footsteps in the 2nd floor apartment that were audibly heard and nobody was up there at the time of the sounds.


Stan Suho: We arrived late in the afternoon to a small 2 story wooden building that used to be a funeral home. The building had no power and it was just us two investigators. Since we had no power we were limited to a scaled down investigation with Battery operated equipment. Dale set up an IR camera in the back room, and the Full Spectrum camera in the (Vault). The IR camera was monitored by my 7 inch LCD monitor. I didn't set up G.E.I.S.T. but did set up the Ghost Microphone in an upstairs apartment that was accessible through a hole in the ceiling. It was recorded by a Laptop running Audacity software. I recorded for about two and a half hours. When I wasn’t busy with my other duties, I walked around taking pictures and using my Night Vision viewer.

During the evening two members of the other team reported some dolls were moved around upstairs. I did not detect any unusual sounds on playback of the recordings.


This building was reported to be very active by the local group and even though I did not detect anything paranormal I think a follow up investigation would be in order by a full crew especially the EVP team.


Evidence collected: The place was very quiet for EVP and video and no evidence was collected that evening


Conclusions: There was a lot of background noise and talking which contaminated any possible EVP that would have been picked up. People were talking loudly outside which was heard very clearly inside of the building. A follow-up investigation under more quiet conditions would be warranted. One video tape literally came apart inside of my camcorder during review and I wasn’t able to totally review all of the video shot that particular evening. However, again I don’t believe anything audio would have been useful due to contamination.



Follow-up Investigation on March 31, 2012


Date: March 31, 2012  

GRS Members present: Stan Suho, Jim Graczyk, Jerry Lutz and Dale Kaczmarek.  

Other investigators present: Jeanne Chilton, Rita Doe, Jason Humphreys, Jim Kolton and Mike McElhiney.  

Equipment setup: I set up the Spectercam 4 in the back room along with the Paracorder 667. Another video camera was employed in the upstairs along with the Ghost Microphone and supplemental IR illuminator.  

Experiments performed: A group EVP session was conducted upstairs and also in the back room using both the Ghost Box and Ovilus.  

Personal experiences:  

Stan Suho: This was the second visit to this place. This time we were joined by Jeanne's group and Jerry made an appearance. Since there was no power in the place, I bought along my portable power unit and gave it a good workout. As Dale had predicted the weather was fine. However we were missing our Ace EVP team.

Because most of the activity was on the second floor, this is where I chose to do my setup. Since this necessitated crawling through a hole in the ceiling, I kept the setup to a minimum. I used the Ghost Camera and the Ghost Microphone being monitored by a 7in monitor and a Laptop running Audacity. I also field tested a new push button to take pictures on Ghost Camera when G.E.I.S.T. was not being used. Another device being used was my new DVR. This was used to record the Ghost Camera, and with an 8GB SD card I was able to record 4 hours of video.

After setup the group decided to take a Cemetery tour leaving me all alone. I decided this was a good time to make a walk through with my VCR. About half way through I heard the loudest Crash Boom Bang I had ever heard on an investigation. This was picked up by both my VCR and the Ghost Microphone on the second floor. A quick search of the ground floor turned up nothing out of place. Also nothing showed up on my Ghost Camera on the second floor. I clipped the Audio from both devices and sent them to Dale for analysis. After the group returned things preceded as usual EVP sessions were conducted, pictures were taken. Breakdown began about 1AM.

Conclusion: Aside from the loud banging sound, nothing unusual showed up on 4 hours of video or audio. As for the sound I, I have a theory I will be discussing with Dale.


Jim Graczyk: CBC River Treasures


Jim Graczyk

Equipment used: 12mp digital camera

GRS Trap Cam  

CBC River Treasures is a very old historic building that sits not too far from the banks of the river. I partnered up with Jerry and Stan as we set up equipment and took some initial readings if need be.

My digital pictures did not show up anything out of the ordinary and the GRS Trap Cam pictures would be reviewed by Dale.

I really didn’t encounter anything on the investigation as well as sense or hear anything that would cause me to investigate further.


Jerry Lutz: Report of Jerry Lutz, GRS Member  

On 31 Mar 12, I attended an investigation at CBC River Treasures in Kampsville , IL , and Summit Cemetery , nearby.  

Equipment used: digital camera, thermometer  

At the building I watched the video monitors for a long time, but saw nothing unusual. I took about 20 pictures, but observed nothing unusual. I enjoyed the time I spent with the GRS team, but saw nothing at either location to merit further investigation on my part.  

I forwarded a disc of my pictures to Jim Graczyk.


Dale Kaczmarek: I experienced nothing unusual while investigating this location. Several times while involved in a group EVP I thought I saw a moving shadow on the wall next to the door to the back room, however upon review of the videotape it proved to be nothing more than people in the room breaking IR illuminators. I suggest in the future that all people need to sit behind all illuminators and cameras filming in a room so that this misidentification doesn’t happen again.

In the backroom, the Paracorder 667 was making some unusual sounds like high-pitched screeching. It must have been picking up unusually high static fields near the device but then they quickly dissipated.  I noticed what appeared to be an increase in light in the hallway near the washroom but when Mike went to investigate, he stated that he believed it was simply the light from the other room coming through the rafters. I don’t know if I completely buy that explanation as the light would have been constantly bright and this was only for a few seconds.


Evidence collected:  

Kamps1A.mp3 a loud crash and multiple bounces were recorded by Stan when he was alone in the building while the others were investigating a nearby cemetery.  

Conclusions: If this place is indeed haunted, it again showed no signs of that to our group during our second visit to this location. There have been many paranormal encounters by other groups and individuals so far but nothing unusual has been captured in our presence.

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