Hospital "X" Investigation

The main hospital was constructed in 1927 and an addition to the hospital was made circa 1955 as a psychiatric unit that consisted of five floors and a basement that housed the cafeteria, pharmacy, and the morgue. The addition was necessary during that time, as its primary function was to serve the psychiatric ill all of the county who required extensive care. The hospital was closed in 1995, and the addition that was once the psychiatric until is now part of the police department. Reasons for the closure have been many including; loss of accreditation, competition with the other newer hospital down the street. No exact location or address will be given in this report as requested by the owners and local police due to break ins and vandalism.

The floors are as follows:

Basement: maintenance, walkways to pharmacy/cafeteria/morgue areas (now blocked off) physical therapy, boiler rooms.

First floor: radiology/diagnostics; administration offices

Second floor: administration offices, general medical rooms, procedure rooms – there is a bridge way to the plant operations from this floor, patient rooms, out patient surgery and waiting rooms.

Third floor: behavioral health (divided into two different areas – those amendable to treatment, and those that may have been more dangerous to society), dayroom.

Fourth floor: medical executive offices, administrative offices, possible surgical areas

Fifth floor; more administrative offices, surgical and physical rehabilitation.

Designed in the English Arts & Crafts Style, it blends Victorian, Gothic and Arts & Crafts elements.   The building is four stories and almost 8,000 square feet.

Hauntings: The current locker room of the police department was once part of the morgue. Another area in the police department that has been a hot-spot is the fifth floor. It is an unoccupied area, and claims of sounds of footsteps and furniture being moved have been stated by those who work there. Investigators in the past have become quite dizzy and almost passed out. This occurred simultaneously to them while they were in different areas of that floor. Disembodied voices have been heard in the past on the fourth floor. Sightings of shadows have been seen on the second floor and members scratched in the dayroom on the third floor, one member was groped and other heard footsteps. Lockers at the end of the first floor apparently have opened by themselves from time to time. Responses on a Ghost Box happened on the third floor and the second floor is also very active with EVP.





The Ghost Research Society investigated the Hospital "X" on September 25, 2010. Team members included: Jim Graczyk, Stan Suho, George & Vaune Martens, Lisa Krick, Nicole Tito, Joey & Joe Tito, Sandra Weber and Dale Kaczmarek. We were assisted by two other paranormal teams and their members: Jennifer Holt, Kelly Czyz, Thomas Paquette, Adrianna Janky, Gabe Janky, JC Rositas, Rene Graham, Phil Holman, Len & Terri Miller, Sabrina Rositas, Marcia Soyster, Barb Spitler, Len & Michele Walavich and Melissa Weaver.








Equipment setup:  

A pair of motion detectors was set up by the lockers on the first floor in case they opened or moved.  Lisa’s static IR camera and illuminator was positioned in the basement, Dale’s static IR camera with illuminator along with the G.E.I.S.T. equipment was positioned on the 2nd floor as well as our command center; Joey’s static IR camera and illuminator was positioned on the 3rd floor, Jim’s static IR camera and illuminator along with Van de Graff Generator was positioned on the 4th floor. Vaune’s Deep IR camera was positioned next to Jim’s IR camera also on the 4th floor.    

Experiments performed: Numerous EVP sessions were conducted throughout the building including the morgue (current police department locker room), 3rd floor dayroom, 5th surgical room, incinerator room in the basement, and other locations. Sandra used her FLIR camera. I used a handheld IR camera, digital IR camera, Ovilus PX, digital recorder, pyrometer. Jim used the digital IR trap camera and his digital camera. Joey used his handheld IR hard drive camera, digital camera while Stan used his VHS camcorder and 35mm camera. Lisa used her digital camera while Nicole filmed all EVP sessions with her handheld IR camcorder. Joe monitored the video system at the command center. Stan also used a laptop with Audacity to capture the audio down the 2nd floor instead of an open reel tape recorder. He had a 4 GB flash drive card.

Video evidence:

On the 2nd floor an unusual white shadow figure came out of a doorway just as Jim passed by that was captured on Dale’s handheld IR camera. Nicole captured an unusual looking figure in a window while conducting an EVP session.  

Audio evidence: The Ovilus PX was spitting out a lot of words both in phonetic and dictionary mode on the fifth floor in the hallway where it suddenly said, “Help me” in phonetic mode and twice in the last surgical room in both modes continued to kick out words and sentences in rapid succession. I’ve never seen so many words and phrases since the Robinson Bowling Alley investigation.

While walking past an open door, we paused and saw a bunch of boxes that allegedly had files in them. Joey jokingly asked me if I wanted a souvenir and before he could finish his sentence the Ovilus PX in phonetic mode said, “Get out of here!”


George & Vaune Marten:  GRS Investigation Report 9/25/2010  

This is was my first investigation with GRS.  

We arrived at dusk and joined the Great Lakes Investigation team. Great Lakes presented the GRS with a brief overview of the particulars of the building. GRS set-up its command post on the second floor and Great Lakes was on the first floor.   

I was asked to set up my IR Camera on the 4th floor by Jim’s camera. While setting –up Jim told me that more often then not activity occurs during the set-up. He suggested we let the camera run, as well as look around, to plan for later. My first impression of the building was it would be challenging to investigate due to its size as well as, all the open windows /walls. The dust, debris and smell of mold were almost overwhelming.   Just when we finished setting up Jim and I heard a strange sound, looking around we didn’t see anything- later I heard the sound again – it was the wind blowing through the blinds.   

The whole evening I personally had very little “activity”, I did at one point smell sulfur, I believe I was with Dale at the time, unfortunately, I didn’t note where we were or what time. I was with a small group when Dale saw a strange light anomaly quickly follow Jim down the hall, but I was turned in the opposite direction and didn’t turn in time to see anything. Another point in the evening I was outside the second floor command center when a door slammed, a short distance away from me. I surmised it was the wind because the room had missing windows.

On the 5th floor Dale’s Ovilus was on but silent, Jim and Joey were joking about a room filled with boxes of paperwork, when very clearly Dales Ovilus said “Get Out”!  Further down the hall in an old surgery room the Ovilus became very chatty calling out numerous names.  Later a group went back to the 5th floor and again the Ovilus went off calling out “Help, Help”.  It continued to call out various words and letters – repeating “Help, Help” often.  Lisa was asking questions when it clearly said “terrible”. I felt very sad hearing that, not in a paranormal sense, but just my normal sense of compassion. I was a little unsettled with that. The group proceeded down to the Day Room, and the Ovilus became quiet.  Lisa and Nicole began an EVP session.  I saw a shadow while filming this EVP secession.  Joe felt uneasy- dizzy in the room. Sandy had a few hits on her FLIR, and Dale’s batteries were drained.  

 The group ended the evening in the surgery across from the day room with an EVP session conducted by Lisa and Nicole. Dale’s Ovilus went off again this time it just ran on and on, but just single words and sounds, & names.  Nothing making to much sense, but it did say Officer, (one of the Great lakes team is an officer, and also the building is across from the police station.) It said George, my husbands’ name who was also in the room. Eventually Dale turned it off and Lisa and Nicole continued the EVP session.


Joey Tito: I spent the majority of this investigation teamed up with Stan and Jim. At the time of this report I have not had a chance to review any of the footage that I shot that night from either the static or free hand cameras I used. I did have a personal experience that quite a few of the team members witnessed as well. While on the 5th floor I made a sarcastic comment to Dale when I had seen various boxes that looked to be full of old hospital records. After doing so we immediate heard “Get out of here!” come out of the Ovilus PX, which Dale had in the right chest pocket of his vest. I found this choice of words fascinating due to the remark that I made and although it could be entirely coincidental, I believe someone that we could not see did not appreciate my humor too much! I was also a witness to what looked to be something dart out at Jim as he passed by a doorway while we were all walking around. After looking at the reply on Dale’s camera, it could have been a flashlight that panned across the hallway, but then again it did look as if it had some type of form to it. I would like to review this footage again at some point in the future to try and figure out what it could be. Other than that, the other things worth noting in this report would be the slamming of doors and the sounds of heavy objects being dropped on the floors above and below were heard on and off throughout the night. At one point in time I believe that a doorway adjacent to our command post was slammed shut as most of the team present in that area at that point in time felt the cold nights air engulf us as it made its way through the room. I will add to this report once all of the footage has been looked over and discuss any findings that may have been recorded.


Stan Suho: We arrived at sunset to a big 5 story concrete and steel building. We joined up with 2 local groups. We didn't make the usual walk through. Instead we were given an orientation by the locals and the police.

The GRS made its command post on the second floor. I ran the G.E.I.S.T. cables to the far end of the second floor hallway. All G.E.I.S.T. equipment was set up including the Ghost Camera and Ghost Microphone. On this investigation instead of using the R-R tape recorder, I decided to use a Laptop running Audacity software. I was able to save the entire three and one half hour secession in a large wave file on a memory stick. That made the review somewhat easier as I was able to have visual as well as audio display.

Shortly after setup I was taking pictures of the equipment and walking backwards down the hallway, when right behind me and to my right a door slammed shut. There was no one around and I felt no wind blowing. The noise alerted folks from the command post who came to investigate. I hadn’t started to record yet so I'm hoping some thing shows up on the Camera that was pointed in this direction.

Through the course of the evening I made several walk throughs with a 35mm camera, Digital camera and a VHS camcorder. I also spent a lot of time looking through my Night Vision Monocle.

The only thing that showed up on my reviews was an Audible Bump shortly after setup. It sounded like it was fairly close by in the hall way, but I'm not sure it was paranormal.

Interesting place and depending upon what we detected in our investigation it may be worthy of another visit.

Nicole Tito: Team Partner: Lisa Krick, Sandy Weber

Equipment Used: Video camcorder, audio recorder, EM pump, K-II meter, Ovilus PX, FLIR

Impressions/Personal Experiences:

It was a very interesting night for me and fellow investigators.  Upon entering the hospital, I felt like there was a different kind of energy and things lurking behind the dark corners.  I would prove to have several experiences that night. 

Lisa and I headed over to the police station with several other individuals from other teams and the police officer to investigate the former morgue of the hospital, which now serves as the men’s locker room.  There were reports that lockers often shut and open by themselves.  As we were sitting there, several times we heard strange noises and voices that sounded like they were coming over a radio.  We were unsure if it could be fellow police officers walking by in the hallway or noises coming from the water room next door.  A few times, we did hear what sounded like to be metal clangs from the opposite side of the room, which one was captured on my video recorder.  However, we never did see a locker shut and there were no fluctuations on the K-II meter.

Another interesting event that night was on the 3rd floor, I was walking down the hallway with my flashlight and panning to different rooms to see if there was anything interesting that I wanted to look at.  I was about forty feet from Lisa and Sandy who were behind me in the hallway and I panned to the right side and noticed that an interior door to a bathroom was shaking as if someone just moved it back and forth.  I quickly looked at the exterior window, but in this room it was sealed appropriately and I did not notice an open draft or a significant amount of air coming into the room to cause the door.  At that exact instant, I heard an older male laugh in almost a grunt to the right of me down the hallway near the side stairs.  I quickly called my fellow members over and they did not see or hear anything.  Unfortunately, I was not running my audio recorder or my video recorder.  I did radio over the walkie talkie to other GRS members to see if there was anyone above or below our location that perhaps the laugh was coming through the stairwell.  However, no one was in the vicinity.   

EVPs:  Day Room Male Voice: There is a quiet whisper of a male saying several words.  I cannot make out what he is saying, but it does not sound like any of the other investigators.  To me, there is a part that almost sounds like he says, “Mode,” but again there are several other words that I do not understand. 

Operating Room Breath This occurs with the first minute of turning on my audio recorder in the operating room with Lisa and Sandy.  It is also on my video recorder.  This is the infamous breath/screech we seem to be getting on different cameras and recorders in various locations.  I’m not sure what it is, but it likes to follow us.   

Video: Locker Room Clip: This occurs in the present day men’s locker room, which used to be the morgue of old hospital.  There is a metal clang on one of the lockers in the back of the room, which no one was standing nearby.  You hear the metal clang and the investigators reacting to the sound. 

Operating Room Clip: This occurred later in the night when most of the GRS members were in the operating room.  I pan from Lisa and Dale over to a glass cabinet to the right of me and it appears that a figure is coming out of the cabinet at me and then quickly disappears.  To me, it does not look like a reflection and I was not moving at the time.  I do not react to it as I probably did not see it in my video screen.   

Still photos: Nothing out of the ordinary captured in both exterior and interior shots. 


Sandra Weber: Time: approximately 6:00 p.m. until 2:30 a.m.

Weather: cold, clear  

Equipment:       EMF   (Tri-Field EMF)          

Thermometer:   Infrared (FLIR)  

Phenomena witnessed by investigator  

This was my first investigation.  I basically helped set up equipment and observed.  I was present for EVP sessions in which Nicole and Lisa did most of the questioning.  These occurred in the men’s locker room (which may have been the hospital’s morgue), an operating room and a room used for treatment of mentally ill patients.  Nothing was audible to me without equipment, although Nicole and Lisa thought they heard talking in a corridor outside the locker room where no one should have been and thought they heard a locker close.  I walked around those rooms with the Tri-Field EMF on magnetic mode (pausing to allow it to stabilize) but found no spikes about the rooms’ normal.  I put the Tri-Field on the floor with a flashlight on it during each session, but did not get any spikes.  I also used the FLIR, but saw nothing unusual except for a cold spot behind Nicole during the EVP session in the operating room.  It did not have a shape.  I do not have a photo of it.

Phenomena witnessed by investigator  

Also, I walked around with the FLIR through all corridors.  There were no unusual hot or cold spots anywhere. I had no personal experiences

Video evidence:  

Crashvoice.mpg a loud crash is heard in the background followed by a voice.  

Dizzy.mpg an EVP session in the dayroom. A rod-like orb comes from the far right-hand side of the screen, enters Joe’s head and he later comments that he feels dizzy.  

Doorcrash.mpg sound of a loud door crash both witnessed by Stan and Vaune.  

Gabby.mpg the Ovilus in phonetic mode saying something like “I are gabby.”  

Getout.mpg the crew on the fifth floor. We were passing by a door when we noticed the room filled with boxes of apparent patient’s records. Joey made a joking comment to Dale about taking some home for a souvenir and before he got the entire sentence out of his mouth, the Ovilus in phonetic mode said, “Get out of here.”  

Humming.mpg the second floor. Sounds like a female humming a tune nearby.  

Iamu.mpg the Ovilus in phonetic mode saying, “I am you…”  

Light.mpg a strange light is seen on the far left hand side of the wall.  

Mist.mpg and Mist1.mpg is a strange double light or mist that appears on the ceiling near a doorway.  

Never.mpg Lisa asks, “Why did you scratch that lady? Did she look like someone you didn’t like? Response” Never”.  

No. mpg Sandy asks, “You see that box on the floor? Can you walk in front of it? It will make a noise and we can talk to you?  Response, “No.”

Phonetic.mpg Ovilus in phonetic mode trying to put together some words.  

Rblair.mpg a very clear name comes through the Ovilus in phonetic mode, “Rocky Blair.”  

Sentence.mpg on the fifth floor Ovilus trying to put together a sentence in phonetic mode. It almost sounds like it's trying to tell researcher in the picture, Jim Graczyk, to "Jim, go left."  

Sigh1.mpg sound of a sigh in the background.  

Sigh2.mpg another sound of sigh in the background.  

Weirdsound.mpg a very weird sound is heard off in the distance.  

Youget.mpg just as we were concluding our EVP session in the Day Room someone says, “You have a good night” and the Ovilus responds in phonetic mode, “You get.” 

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