Bobby Mackey's Music World Investigation

The building was originally a military building of some kind and a slaughter house before becoming the Blue Grass Café in 1919 owned by Buck Brady from Virginia. It would later become the Primrose and then the Latin Quarters before Bobby Mackey purchased the building 1978.

Many deaths in the building including one of the first happened to Paul Goodman, 21, who was beaten to death by William Davidson with his bare fists. Pearl Bryan was murdered by Alonzo Walling and Scott Jackson and was decapitated. It was never proven but was thought that her head was thrown down into the well on the property. Johanna committed suicide in the catwalk with poison after her boyfriend was killed in the basement. This claim cannot be substantiated. A little boy named Timmy, 11-years-old, fell down some stairs to his death. 


Located at: 44 Licking Place, Wilder, KY. 41071-2911, 859-431-5588




Hauntings: A ghost of a dog and a fireman has sometimes been observed near a red couch by the side of the main stage. A shadowy figure seen moving into the back room is thought to be the ghost of Paul Goodman who was beaten to death in the nightclub. Coin machines go off by themselves. A spirit named George who loved to bowl and is one of the individuals that Mackey bought the building from committed suicide and also killed a man by the name of William, throwing his body in the nearby river. In the area by the coin machine, batteries often drain inexplicably and cameras malfunction. Ghosts abound in the old Cash Room and speaking in Italian or German can often bring them out. Johanna’s ghost is often experienced in the catwalk sometimes getting right up in people’s faces. The ghost of little Timmy is also experienced as well as other shadow people and a ghost waiter.

In the men’s room, trash cans have been thrown up against the walls and several gentlemen using the facilities have been beat up by the spirits, sometimes finding themselves thrown up against the walls. Faucets often turn on without human assistance.

In the basement’s walk-in cooler, chairs are often thrown at people and an inexplicable face of an old man sometimes appears. Timmy’s ghost sometimes appears as a full-bodied apparition in the Tunnel Room. In the Wall of Faces Room, people have heard the sounds of growling, been scratched, have been possessed and lots of weird pictures have been taken there. In the Well Room, the apparitions of Alonzo Walling and Scott Jackson have been encountered there in the past.



The Ghost Research Society investigated Bobby Mackey's Music World on September 19, 2011. Team members included: Stan Suho, Lisa Krick, Nicole Tito, Joey Tito, Jim Piscopo, Lauren Kasmar and Dale Kaczmarek with help from Rod Herring, Michael Green and Mike McElhiney.








Personal Experiences:  

Lauren Kasmar: I, Lauren Kasmar, was partnered with Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito for the investigation at Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Kentucky on September 19th-20th 2011.  It was raining and about 55-60 degrees F.  I used my digital camera, the REM E-Pod, the Ovilus X with DTD display screen.

We began our first EVP session in Carl’s apartment at 10:10 PM.  Wanda Kay joined us.  As I entered the room, I felt extremely uneasy, and after I sat down, I began to feel heaviness in my chest.  The heaviness in my chest didn’t dissipate until I reached the bottom of the stairs.  Shortly after we began, we all heard a thud that came from above us, followed by footsteps.  We then heard a thud in the left hand corner of the room.  I also heard a knocking sound coming from the bathroom towards the end of the session. 

At 10:25 PM, we began an EVP session in the cashier’s room.  It was a fairly quiet session; very peaceful in the room.  The Ovilus X said “tide,” “screen,” and “house” at the end of the session.

At 10:43 PM we began an EVP session in what we called the “Bronco room.” After turning on the Ovilus X, the letter “P” came through, which we got throughout the night during other sessions.  After the “P” appeared, I asked if it was Paula (a girl that Wanda said hangs around in the upstairs apartment) and the money machine in the room went off.  The Ovilus X then said “Frank” and “question.”  We heard a light tapping on the pool table near where Lisa was standing.  Shortly after that, we heard what sounded like light walking/footsteps by the stage.  Lisa began to talk about the dog that is spotted in the establishment, and we heard light tapping right near the money machine.  At the end of the session, we asked if they had any last things to say, and the money machine went off again.

Immediately after ending the session in the “Bronco room,” we did a session near the stage.  Jim P. and Dale also joined in for the session.  The temperature ranged from 79-83 degrees F.  The Ovilus X said “soak,” “read,” and “James.” 

At 11:14 PM, we began an EVP session in the ladies’ room.  The Ovilus X was fairly quiet, but it did say “Kelly.”  Wanda and I were located against the sinks, and I felt extremely warm.  She asked me to switch spots, and after I did, I felt extremely cold.  

We began a session in the “exorcism area” at approximately 11:24 PM.  Jim P. also joined us for this session.  After turning the REM E-Pod on, and letting it settle for a minute, the lights randomly blinked a few times.  The Ovilus X said “frame” and “pond.”  Wanda experimented by asking questions with a crystal; a back and forth movement for yes, and a circle for no.  Wanda questioned how many were with us, and it moved back and forth when she questioned if there were more than 12 with us.  Nicole and Lisa also used the crystal.  While Lisa was experimenting, she asked if they could make the crystal change directions, the Ovilus X said “reached,” then “same.”  Wanda spoke of a man named William that frequents the establishment, and he came through with the crystal.  He was asked if he could help us with something, and the crystal moved back and forth for yes. 

At 11:47 PM, we moved to the men’s bathroom for an EVP session.  Jim P. also joined us for the session.  Shortly after we began the session, the Ovilus X said “dwindle,” and “dig.”  Lisa questioned if there were any female spirits with us, and we heard a random squeaking sound in the bathroom.  Shortly after that, we heard a squeaking sound near the door to the bathroom.  After I said the spirits needed to speak up, we heard a loud tap on the stall door directly to the right of me!

Around midnight, everyone ventured down to the basement.  We were joined by Mike McElhiney, Rod Herring, and Michael Green, who were also investigating. 

At 12:15 AM, we began an EVP session in the walk-in cooler room.  Wanda Kay explained that children also hang around in this room, so I brought out my trigger objects; a bear and a little doll.  It was 77 degrees F.  Immediately after I pulled out my small Alice doll, the Ovilus said “core,” then “best.”  The Ovilus X was quiet for the remainder of this session.

We then moved to the dressing rooms to perform EVP sessions.  Wanda, Jim P. and I sat in what was thought to be Johanna’s dressing room and Nicole and Lisa sat in the dressing room directly next to us.  It was 79 degrees F.  After turning the Ovilus X on, it said “Frank,” and “P.”  We heard a strange gurgling sound in the room, followed by a clicking sound above my head that sounded like someone walking in high heels.  I began to feel a cold spot to the right of my near the mirror.  Jim P. came over and checked the temperature; there was no change.  After feeling the cold spot next to me for a few minutes, I began to feel as if someone was right next to me; almost as if they were in the mirror.  Wanda and I both witnessed a small shadow in the corner of the room.  It appeared to be about 3 feet high.  Shortly after seeing the small shadow, it looked as if the door to the dressing room opened itself up a few inches. 

We then went to the tunnel room to begin an EVP session.  It has also been reported that children hang out in this area, so I brought out my two trigger objects again.  The Ovilus X said “belongs” shortly after we began the session.  Wanda told Timmy to come sit by her, and the Ovilus X said “happens.” 

Everyone except Stan and Jim P. then moved to the well room to investigate.  Dale was getting spikes on the Melmeter of 1.4 – 1.8 near the jail cell in the room.  The Ovilus X said “ground,” followed by “tide.”  I was sitting near the jail cell, and at the beginning of the session, I could see Lisa sitting near the well.   After a few minutes into the session, the room almost appeared as if it turned even darker black than it was, and I couldn’t see Lisa at all.  I began to feel heaviness in my chest; the same feeling I had in Carl’s apartment. 

Everyone walked over to the “Wall of Faces” room to investigate.  It was 79 degrees F.  The Ovilus X said “Kelly,” and “happens” shortly after we began the EVP session.  The Ghost Box was in use during the session, and Lisa asked “do you want us to leave?” The response was “please” then “leave.”  Nicole asked “where are you from? The response was “ U.S. ” I asked where in the U.S. are you from.  The response I got was “East.”  “East” was repeated a few times during the session.  Lisa asked “Are you annoyed with Lauren?” The response was “No.”  Lisa and began talking about the toys I put out, and I began saying that we would play, and shortly after that, something lightly touch my left arm.  I felt a cold spot to the left of me shortly after being touched.

In conclusion, I strongly feel that there are many paranormal occurrences happening at Bobby Mackey’s Music World.  After having many personal experiences, hearing the sounds I heard, and feeling the emotions I did here, I am convinced that there are many spirits in the establishment.  This was the first time I was touched during an investigation; what an awesome experience and investigation!

I did not detect any abnormalities in any of my pictures I took with my digital camera.


Jim Piscopo: We arrived at Bobby Mackey’s and did a walkthrough that took about an hour. During the walk through I was taking pictures with my Fuji digital and temps with my pyrometer. The temps ranged from 76-80 degrees. After the walk through I set up my static camera facing the stage with my night vision on and using an IR light. I also had a CD player with a CD of waltzes including the anniversary waltz.

After I set up I sat in on the EVP sessions through the night taking pictures and monitoring the temp. I did not get anything on my camera and even though we felt cold spots the temps stayed between 76-80 degrees.

I did not have any personal experiences there, but the night after I got home I did have a nightmare involving the mob. Also two days later I had three scratches on my left arm and no idea how thy got there.  

Stan Suho: This investigation turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment in that we did not have free run of the establishment. Instead we were given a guided tour of the main floor and the basement in one large group. This severely affected our chance to set up G.E.I.S.T.,  the Video System and remote cameras. However we did have all the time we needed to do walk arounds with handhelds, EVP sessions and picture taking.

Because of the restrictions I chose not to set up G.E.I.S.T. but instead busied myself with picture taking with a Digital Camera and using handheld devices, "Ion Detector, Geiger Counter, and Sonic Detector". I also spent about 45 minutes in the basement at the "wall of faces" taking pictures and recording EVP sessions. Dale and I also made a walk around with the Trap Camera taking simultaneous pictures with my Digital Camera.


Although this is a big place with a rich history, the restrictions on us prevented us from doing a comprehensive investigation, which would have let us monitor the whole three floors from a command post, concentrating our crew in one small area, making the whole house quiet and more conducive to paranormal activity. I think we would have turned up some useful paranormal activity. Therefore I don't think it was worth the cost or the effort to investigate Bobby Mackey's and I would not recommend this location to another group.  

Joey Tito: This was my second trip to Bobby Mackey's, but much like my first trip there I had nothing of paranormal interest take place in my presence. I shot handheld video footage of the tour as well as the segments from the entire investigation. At first glance I found nothing paranormal while viewing the footage I captured, but I will give it another look as I begin to piece together the Bobby Mackey's video segment I plan to work on in the future.  

Nicole Tito: Team Partner: Lisa Krick, Lauren Kasmar

Equipment Used: Video camcorder, audio recorder, EM pump, K-II meter, Ovilus

Impressions/Personal Experiences:

The beginning of the investigation proved to be the most exciting throughout the night.  Immediately, Lisa, Lauren, Wanda, and I went upstairs to Carl’s old apartment and began hearing talking and footsteps around us.  I felt a sense of dread and began to have a heavy feeling in my chest.  At one point, I was scared to be up there even though there were several other people with me.  We did capture thuds, talking, and footsteps on the audio recording. 

The pool table area was also another interesting location as the change machine did go off several times making noise, but I attributed that to the machine resetting itself.  We captured several interesting responses from the Ovilus and appeared that there was a man named, Frank, trying to communicate with us, which would be a common Italian name back in that era. 

Later on, I did see a shadow person dart from one side to the other near the bathroom hallway.  I was with Lisa, Lauren, and Wanda as Wanda was demonstrating what she does using a crystal to try and communicate with the spirits.  Unfortunately, I did not capture it on camera and I was the only one that saw it. 

We continued hearing real time weird noises in both bathrooms although I did not feel anything around us and none of our equipment malfunctioned.  When we ventured into the basement, I thought more things were going to happen to us, but the area was very quiet.  I did feel scared in several areas, but I attribute that to the darkness and reputation of the location.  The final room of the night, the faces’ room, had several interesting responses from the Ghost box as detailed below.   

EVPs/Audio Evidence:   

Video: Nothing.  I did witness a shadow in real time when sitting in the exorcism area.  I did have my handheld pointed in that direction, but did not capture it.  I immediately went to the area with Jim P to determine if it was a real person walking around and did not encounter anyone.   

Still photos: Nothing out of the ordinary captured in both exterior and interior shots. 


Lisa Krick: Equipment Used:  Digital Audio, Canon Digital Rebel Camera, Olympus Digital Point and Shoot. 

We actually stopped by the venue in the afternoon to take exterior shots.  It was drizzling and as I was walking around shooting pictures I noticed a shrine across the street on a telephone pole.  I walked across the street to get a better look at it and took a couple of pictures of it.  As soon as I turned to take pictures of the venue from across the street, I took two steps and slid down on my butt.  I didn't break my camera but I was covered in mud from waist to foot and I scraped my knee pretty good, drawing blood.  Later, when telling this story to Wanda, she stated that I had not been the first person to fall after taking a photo of that shrine. 

Later that evening, we reconvened at the venue for the investigation.  Wanda took us on a tour of the building, giving us the history.  During the walkthrough, I had chest pain in the "face" room in the basement.   We decided to split up so that all the ladies were together during the investigation.  We thought we might get more reaction that way, like we do in prison environments.  Wanda accompanied us to almost all the locations.  First we started in the upstairs apartment which Carl inhabited while he was the club handyman.   We hadn't seen this area during the tour, but as soon as we walked in, I experienced excruciating chest pain.  The pain lingered the entire time I was upstairs.  It hurt to the point where I had a tough time drawing in a deep breath.   We all sat in virtually opposite corners of the room.  Nicole was near the bathroom door, Lauren near the bar, Wanda in the middle of the room with her back against the wall facing the street, and I was near the closet door opening with my back against the wall facing the street.  I stated that we were four women up here in the apartment, isolated from the men.   As soon as the words were out of my mouth, something touched my hand.  Wanda stated that something was rubbing her arm, almost the entire time we were upstairs in the dark (which was about 13 minutes).  All of us heard disembodied mumbling, but I heard females and Nicole heard males.  The mumbling wasn't picked up on my recorder.  We also heard footsteps walking back and forth overhead, and there IS no floor above us.  Then, we heard footsteps outside the door on the landing.  We opened the door, but no one was there.  We heard shuffling and thudding around near the bar, in the bathroom and Nicole saw shadows moving in the closet beside me. 

When we came back downstairs, Nicole, Lauren and I headed to the cashier's cage and ran an EVP session.  However, I obtained nothing useful from it. 

Next, we headed to the Bull Room.  This room proved to be pretty active for us.  We sat in the far corner by the "Urban Cowboy" bull and ran our session.   Nicole and Lauren were seated facing the room and I was leaning over a pool table with my back to the entire room.  We used the Ovilus for this session and the first thing it said was "Frank".   At one point, as I was leaning over, I asked "is there someone who died in this room?" and I received a sharp poke in my lower back, as if someone prodded me with a hatpin.  Soon after that, as we sat talking, someone tapped the pool table right beside my hand.  There was no one around.  We heard footsteps several times and saw shadows behind the bar in this back room. 

We next moved to stage left in the main barroom.  This area was where a German Shepherd dog, once owned by Buck Brady, had been witnessed.  I was asking the dog to come forward and said he could bark or pant or even lick us, except for Stan, because Stan didn't like dogs.  At that point, I have an EVP of a growl, as if the dog doesn't like it that Stan isn't his biggest fan.  A few moments later I said, "Would somebody buy a lady a drink?" to which you hear on EVP "come on" and then some noise and talking ... and then "let's do it" ... and then a growl.  The final EVP from this area was when I asked if James (because we got the name James on the Ovilus) was the puppy's name and was telling him that I had a dog named Macklin James.  You hear weird dog noises over the talking at that point.  We also experienced cold spots in this area. 

At this point, Nicole, Lauren, Joey, Wanda and I went backstage and we each took turns climbing the ladder to the catwalk.  Nothing untoward happened up there, but it was unnerving to stick my face up through that black hole.  However, while the others were climbing the ladder, Wanda and I heard a female talking over in a corner where no one was.  This was not taped, however.

Next, we (Nicole, Jim, Lauren, Wanda and I) headed to the "exorcism" area in the main barroom.  We sat at a table and Wanda used a crystal to try to communicate with the spirits.  Nicole was taping, facing the front of the building and saw a shadow figure run in the entry hall.  Nicole and I each took turns at the crystal.  It was very cool.  While Wanda was using the crystal, someone kept tugging at my hair.  She asked if Jim was with us and the crystal indicated that he was.  I asked, "Jim, are you with us honey?"  And right before I say "do you have other folks here with us?"  I hear on EVP two faint barks underneath Lauren and Nicole talking.   Apparently, our faithful GSD followed us over to this area!  At one point we made contact with someone named William and I ask him, "William, is there something you can help us with?"  And on the recording you hear "me?” 

We (Nicole, Lauren, Wanda and I) then headed to the ladies room where there is supposed to be the presence of someone named Kelly ... don't know if that's a first or last name.  I captured some sort of whisper on EVP while in there and we all experienced cold spots.

Next we went to the men's room and ran a session in there.  I said, "There shouldn't be any females besides the living in here right now" and there was a disembodied high pitched sound that everyone denied being their stomachs.  Later I said, "I want to communicate" and there was another strange sound which everyone denies was them. 

At this point in the evening, we all headed downstairs.  Our first stop was the cooler and we didn't get anything in there.  So, we moved on to the dressing rooms.  I asked "do we have any one in here who practices the dark arts?"  And on the recorder you hear a puff of air, as if someone was blowing into it.  We also experienced cold spots that seemed to travel back and forth in the room. 

We then headed back to the "tunnel room with the showers" area.  We asked, "Tell us why you may still be here" and there's a grown on the recorder.  At one time I yelled at George and asked him if he was following me around and that I didn't trust him.  It got cold on my lower back and felt like something pressing my clothes against my body.  I said something about there being bodies probably buried underneath this very floor and it got REALLY cold on my back. 

Next it was off to the infamous "pit" room.  I'm probably going to miss someone but I think the cast was Nicole (who sat up near the pit, facing the stairway to heaven), Wanda, Dale, Russ, Jim, Lauren (sitting around the room in that order) with me sitting on a stoop up near the pit with my back to the stairway to heaven.  I went off on a rant at the two evil entities that are purported to inhabit this area.  We heard "pops" on the other side of the "window" wall and it got darker than dark at one point where none of us could really see the other.  The air became heavier.  It got really cold behind me and I didn't like the way it felt.  At just about the same time, Nicole said she thought there was someone behind me.  Other than that, I captured nothing on EVP. 

Next stop was the face room.  I didn't have chest pain during the investigation like i had experienced during the walkthrough.  Dale got some stuff on Frank's box and there were cold spots.  I got one EVP in which I said, "I don't think I'd have a country bar though ... I'd probably put death metal in here” and there's a reply on the recorder which whispers, "Yeah". 

Our last stop, while the others were breaking down was the bull room again.  It was just Nicole, Lauren and me again.  I asked, "Frank, are you still here, honey?"  And a voice whispers "yes". 

This venue was very cool and I'd love to go back again. 

Mike McElhiney: For Bobby Mackey’s, I did not get any evidence. I did not feel a thing there either. It just gave me no vibes at all. Too many people to get any audio evidence.

I had a few EVPs that sounded like a little girl giggling upstairs, but it was lost.

I did not get any feelings or experiences there. I wish I had those two EVPs though.  

Dale Kaczmarek:

I picked up some high EMF readings near the jail cells in the well room measuring 1.4 milligauss in the doorway and Rod Herring going further back picked up a 2.0. There is no electricity in the area that would account for the EMF readings. The Ghost Radar did pull out the words: society, enjoy and afraid in the Exorcism Area during our EVP session there. I thought I saw movement behind Rod in the stage area behind where the Exorcism took place. It appeared to be a dark shadow however it did not appear on my Nightshot camera. Carl’s apartment was very quiet during the men’s visit to the area, however the women did report that there was activity while they were there. It seems to interact more with women than with men.

I picked up a 4.6 spike at the back of the Wall of Faces room and then it stayed a steady 2.8 for quite awhile. Temperature readings did also fluctuate.

I did not feel at all uncomfortable in any location of the building especially the men’s restroom or the Well Room, two of the most negative locations of the building. Perhaps it just wasn’t an active evening.  

Evidence collected:  

Bitch.MPG an EVP session in the Wall of Faces Room, a question was asked, “What’s my name?” The Ghost Box responds with, “bitch.”  

Bouncing sound.MPG an EVP session in the upstairs apartment a strange sound was recorded like the bouncing of a rubber ball.  

Brother is here.MPG an EVP session in the upstairs apartment, the Ghost Box said, “Brother is here” very clearly.  

Dallas.MPG an EVP session in the Wall of Faces Room, a question was asked, “Where are you from?” The Ghost Box responds with, “ Dallas.”  

Didn't like him.MPG - EVP from Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY.

Evil sounding response.MPG an EVP session in the Exorcism Area, a question was asked, “Why do you like to hurt people?” The Ghost Box responds with an evil sounding response which can’t quite be made out.  

Evil.MPG an EVP session in the Wall of Faces Room, a question was asked, “Are you annoyed by us?” The Ghost Box responds with, “evil.”  

Fuck you.MP3 – an EVP session  near the Exorcism area, a question was asked, “Just tell us to leave, and I’ll turn off this device and leave this area.” The Ghost Box responds with, “Fuck you!”  

George Nettles.MPG an EVP session in Carl’s apartment, a question was asked, Anyone up here with us tonight?” The Ghost Box responds with, “George Nettles.”  

Get out get just leave.MPG an EVP session in the Exorcism area, a question was asked, “Tell us to leave or get out.” The Ghost Box responds with, “get out, get, just leave.”  

God demon possession.MPG an EVP session in the Exorcism area, a question was asked, “If you’re here can you make a noise or speak through this device? Tell me your name.” The Ghost Box responds with, “God, demon, possession.”  

Kill him.MPG an EVP session near the Exorcism area, the Ghost Box said, “Kill him” when I was referring to Carl. I responded with, “You like to hurt people?”  

Leave leave in circle.MPG an EVP session in the Wall of Faces Room, a question was asked, “Do you want us to leave?” The Ghost Box responds with, “leave.” “Do you want us to go and never come back?” Response is, “leave.” “Just me or everyone else?” The response was, “in circle.”  

Leave please.MPG an EVP session in the Wall of Faces Room, a question was asked, “If you give me a clear message, I’ll go.” The Ghost Box responds with, “Leave, please.”  

Mist.MPG a strange whitish mist appears and disappears to the right side of the stage area.

This prick.MPG an EVP session in the Exorcism Area, a question was asked, “Who attacked Carl?” The Ghost Box responds with, “This prick.”  

Timothy.MPG an EVP session in the Exorcism Area, a question was asked, “What is your name?” The Ghost Box responds with, “Timothy or Timmy.”  

Yeah.MPG an EVP session in Carl’s apartment, a question was asked, “Did you say you were a girl?” The Ghost Box responds with, “yeah.”  

Ovilus: The Ovilus did say: breathe and James while conducting an EVP near the stage area on a couch. It also said: ground in the Well Room and Kelly in the Wall of Faces Room.

Ghost Radar:  The Ghost Radar application said: society, enjoy and afraid in the Exorcism Area.  

Conclusions: There was no visual or video evidence really captured that evening that could be conclusively connected to the paranormal. There were some orbs captured around the stage area but more interesting was the shadow.mpg and mist.mpg clips that show something unusual. In the (shadow) clip, a dark shadow apparently momentarily blocks out a light on the ground; while in the (mist) clip a whitish form suddenly appears to the right of the stage near the couch and then disappears.

Nothing was videotaped on either static IR camcorder placed in the Men’s Room or downstairs facing the Dressing Rooms. Handheld IR camcorders also did not pick up anything visual in the Well Room, Wall of Faces, upstairs apartment or elsewhere in the building.

There were a number of EVPs however captured at numerous places both with the Ghost Box and without. Apparently something was using the devices to attempt communication with our group. There were very negative responses in the Exorcism Area. Words like demon, possession, kill him, this prick, and fuck you. This kind of goes along with the negativity that happened there in the past and perhaps some still lingers and is not very friendly even today.

The upstairs apartment while very active while the females were upstairs, it was very quiet for the males with the exception of a bouncing ball sound captured on a digital recorder and the name George Nettles on the Ghost Box. It would be interesting to find a connection to the building and that particular name.

The basement Well Room was very quiet with the exception of momentary EMF spikes near and inside the jail cell doors. Perhaps a Ghost Box session should have been performed there as well since all other locations faired well in that aspect of communication.

The Wall of Faces room was pretty active and did tell the group to leave several times and most specifically those “in the circle” around the table during a Ghost Box session. A bit of negativity came through with “bitch” and “evil”.  

In my opinion Bobby Mackey’s Music World is still haunted however it wasn’t as active as it could have been. This could have been due to several factors including the length of the investigation, which was quite short for our standards, being able to revisit areas, the ability to leave monitoring equipment and cameras that could have remotely viewed areas from a Command Center and not being able to split the group into different locations at the same time. I believe some evidence was lost due to the above mentioned protocol however I understand the policies of the building. I do believe however when dealing with more experienced groups and not rookies or just collections of people some leniency and relaxing of these rules should apply. This way more of the building can be covered and more data collected within the same amount of time lending for the greater possibility of positive results. I believe a more scientific and longer investigation of Bobby Mackey’s would be in order if the rules and time constraints were a little more flexible.

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