Paci's Lounge Investigation

During the construction of the western section of the house in 1830, the stable was also being built. It has housed many animals, wagons and coaches over the years. The "uppin" stone, which is a solid tow step stone that was used to get off and on the horses and coaches, can still be found in the front yard.  In 1936, J.K. Kaupp (Jack Cuppie) and his wife Hanna converted the stable into a bar and restaurant. The business was managed by Jim Sealy, Bill Edwards, Syl Colletti, Tom Parks and Pete Yorty, under Cuppies ownership. In 1962, Tony Paci and his wife Lorraine bought the business from Cuppie. Tony managed the tavern until his death in 1994. Lorraine preceded him in death in 1987. The Paci children, Tony Jr., Rosalie, Corinne and Michelle ran the place until 1999. Rosalie is the current owner and presently occupies the inn.

Located at 384 Old National Pike, Brownsville, PA. 15417, 724-785-7113







Hauntings: A spirit of an old man has been seen by numerous patrons and employees. Always described as a silhouette of an old man, he just slowly walks through the dining room and then disappears. He seems to be a quiet man with a lot on his mind. Something often described as a greasy ghost has been seen in the kitchen. As Rose and Corrine stood in the kitchen talking, their conversation was interrupted by a "flutter" on the other side of the work table. Both looked, and then watched as this object moved up and across the room. This spirit moved rapidly within itself causing it to flutter as it moved across the room.




Equipment Setup: A static IR camera and two IR illuminators were positioned to face the back door and washroom area where the spirit of the old man has been seen to float and disappear. An EM Pump and Motion Detectors were also placed in the path of this disappearance. A Tri-Field Natural EM Meter was placed nearby to possibly detect any EMF disturbances. Suho conducted an EVP session and Dale took digital pictures throughout the evening.

The Ghost Research Society investigated Paci's Lounge & Dining Room on May 23, 2010. Team members included: Jim Graczyk, Stan Suho and Dale Kaczmarek. We were also assisted by researcher and author Rene Kruse who kindly set up this investigation with the owners and Dave Ross.








Jim Graczyk : Equipment: 12mp Digital Camera

"Ghost Cam "

I enjoyed this old stagecoach stop on the National Road. It is a building rich in history and reminded you of how people lived in the past. I enjoyed the tours of the building as well as the old horse stables which is now the bar and restaurant. I walked around both places but really did not get any unusual feelings or experiences. I did not capture anything paranormal on my 12mp digital camera.  

Evidence captured:  

Loudbang.MP3; a loud bang was heard and recorded in the background.  

Voicechimes.MP3; a male voice is heard followed by what can best be described as two chimes.  

Weirdlights.mpg is one of the strangest light anomalies that I've ever seen. What looks like a series of long dashes suddenly appears in the IR screen and quickly disappears. I don't believe it to be a reflection and I've never seen anything similar since I've been conducting paranormal research.  


Approximately six minutes after the cameras and equipment were set up; someone enters into the building and turns on the radio and/or television and talks very loudly in the background for approximately 42 minutes. So there was massive contamination of any EVP, sounds, voices, etc that might have been recorded. In addition, since I don't know if they ever actually left the building after I came in to check the equipment at the 48 minute mark, I can't be absolutely sure that the voices and loud bang wasn't caused by one of them somewhere in the restaurant. I know that when they saw me come in they turned off the television and went into the back room. It was quiet for quite sometime after that but there will always be that question mark to whether or not the voices and noises might have been caused by them.

Nothing out of the ordinary except the weird lights was captured on IR cameras. 

While the place is steeped in history and probably some ghosts, it would have been nice to have the place completely sealed off and quiet during our visit for just those couple of hours. With the seal being broken, sort to speak, contamination occurs and possible evidence cannot be guaranteed or corroborated. 

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