Revenant Acres Farm Investigation

The land that Revenant Acres Farm eventually was built on was purchased in 1826 by Josiah VanMeter, Sr. which was incorporated into the town of Charlottesville, Indiana. He began selling parcels of this land to prospective land buyers, farmers and developers. Josiah VanMeter, Sr. sold a portion of this land to John VanMeter and his heirs for $2,000 in 1847. The farm today totals around thirty acres of land.







Located at 10547 E. US 40, Charlottesville, IN 46117

Telephone: 317-847-5633


Hauntings: Previous residents of the building claim to have come in contact with the spirit of an older woman on occasion. Past paranormal teams have encountered poltergeist-type phenomena such as objects being moved on their own or thrown around. Disembodied voices have been encountered in the building including males, females and a small child. Strange noises and sounds have recently been reported. Some have had their hair pulled or the feeling of being touched while in the structure. A number of vulgarities have been heard coming through Ghost Boxes







Equipment setup: There were some static IR and full spectrum cameras set up throughout the building on various floors along with REM Epods. Mostly hand-held devices however were used during the investigation.

The Ghost Research Society investigated the Revenant Acres Farm on July 31, 2015. Team members included: Sandy Weber, Kathie Para and Chuck Williams.









Experiments performed: EVP, Ghost Box,  Dowsing Rod and Ovilus sessions were conducted in various rooms of the building. The barn was off limits due to its instability.

Personal experiences:

Kathie Para: GRS investigated Revenant Acres Farm on July 31, 2015. Chuck, Sandy and I were the only members able to attend that night.

It’s a small farmhouse set right on a main road and surrounded by acres of farmland. There was some contamination from cars passing by but otherwise was quiet.

For the most part it was very quiet on that night with little cooperation from the spirits. We did EVP sessions in three areas of the house: the second floor bedroom, the living room and the kitchen.

Sandy and I did a short dowsing rod session in the second floor bedroom and seemed to connect with a man named Daniel who once lived there. He died of an accident in the 1880’s. I asked if he was the one who threw the girl out of the chair in that room (Scott had told us about the incident) and he replied yes. He didn’t do it because he didn’t like her but because he was mad at her. I just want to note that while in this room I felt sick. I also took a picture that may or may not be a shadow person in the mirror of the second floor.

There was very little evidence I submitted after this investigation. Spirits don’t communicate on demand and I believe we happened to be there on an off night.

Sandy Weber:  Equipment:   Sony night shot video camera, Infrared camera (FLIR), dowsing rods, and Tri-Field Natural EM meter

Phenomena witnessed by investigator  

Reverent Acres consists mainly of a small frame farm house on a couple of acres of farm land.  Our team was small (Kathie Para, Chuck Williams and myself), but given the size of the house, that was adequate and reduced the risk of contamination.

Upstairs: There is one room upstairs.  There have been reports of an unfriendly spirit in that room.  The wood floor and staircase to that level are uneven—contributing to a “funhouse” effect.  Moreover, the room was hot, stuffy, and dust filled, which may have contributed to a headache that Kathie reported.  However, I was unable to find any evidence of paranormal activity with my equipment, and the spirit box and Ovilus used by other members of the team were quiet. (My dowsing rods yielded no evidence except for contradictory answers, but when Kathie used the same rods, she appeared to communicate with something.  I did see some inadvertent movement of her arms, which casts some doubt on the evidence, although Kathie is very skilled and experienced in using dowsing rods.)

Downstairs in the “piano” room: Chuck and Kathie used a spirit box and Ovilus, but they yielded no evidence.  On my video there were some noises while Chuck was setting up the spirit box, but I believe the noises were related to the set up.  Occasionally there were sounds of cars and what may have been a dog or farm animal. (Earlier while outside the house, I heard similar sounds that appeared to come from a neighboring farm.)

Kitchen: The kitchen was quiet, as well.  At one point, Kathie attempted to elicit raps with the “shave and a haircut – 2 bits” rhythm.  The first time she tried it, I heard one rap which was not heard by her or Chuck.  It was picked up on my video recorder.  However, she tried to elicit 2 raps twice more with no response at all. 

Summation There was no evidence collected that I would consider conclusive evidence of paranormal activity.  However, our guide reported numerous stories of activity which leads me to conclude that this may have been an unusually quiet night.

Chuck Williams: Reports:  Scott our host said “Everything”; touching, inappropriate touching, someone got thrown out of a chair, objects moving, possession, noises, voices, and footsteps.

Equipment:  I set my Sony Night Shot with 2 UV lights in the master bedroom, where the evil entity was supposed to reside.  I carried my usual rig of 2 IR lights, full spectrum digital camera, and GoPro full spectrum camera.  Digital recorder, Mel Meter with shadow detection and Rem Pod functions, Rem Pod, and Ghost Box were employed.

Personal Experiences:  I was the 1st to arrive, beating our host to the location.  I took some regular and full spectrum pictures of the property.  As I walked by a ditch near the road, I heard a female voice say, “OK”. 

As the girls were setting up in the master, I was getting my rig together in the kitchen.  I heard a boy and a girl walking and talking around the kitchen windows, upon looking, no one was there.  Both times I didn’t have my recorder rolling.  Lesson learned!

Experiments: After a walk through, we started in the master bedroom.  A peace and quiet seemed to pervade the entire investigation.   No audible or visual evidence noted.  EVP session, Ghost Box sessions were quiet.  Sandy had some hits on her dowsing rods.  The mirror on the dresser read 0.2-0.5Mg on the Mel Meter.  The host stated there was nothing on the other side of the wall but a small attic space.  Mel Meter was used as REM Pod by doorway, no hits.  REM Pod left in kitchen, silent throughout night.

Next we moved to the Living Room, reports of objects moving and the piano playing itself.  Another quiet EVP & Ghost Box session.  I used the shadow detector function on the stairway leading to the master, no hits. 

Break Time

We then held our 3rd and final session in the kitchen.  The same peace was over the house.  We had some light conversation between ourselves, concerning breakfast times with our families, in hopes this would spark dialogue, still no results.  We resorted to light provoking; “We came a long way…”, “Can you roll me the ball from the living room?” etc.  Still no results.

We wrapped up at 3 a.m., with the hopes our evidence provided more than our actual experiences.

Evidence collected:

Damn revenant.MPG – while conducting an EVP session, Kathie is heard talking to herself and overlapped you hear a whisper that says, “Damn.”

Dental tech revenant.MPG – while conducting an EVP session, a partial question was asked, “Is it really…?” A whispered voice is heard in the background that cannot be made out however the closest thing it resembles is, “Dental tech.”

Fire revenant.MPG – while conducting an EVP session, a question was asked, “Was the country pretty wild back then?” A faint whisper is heard in the background that sounds like, “Fire.”

Hello revenant.MPG – over the sound of a passing car, a very clear, “Hello” can be heard.

Hey Bob Hey Enough Yeah revenant.MPG – while conducting a Ghost Box session, several different sounding voices come through that say, “Hey Bob hey enough and yeah.”

Hi revenant.MPG – while preparing for an EVP session a faint whisper is heard that seems to say, “Hi.” Chuck immediately looks around for a source to the sound.

Howl revenant.MPG – while setting up a camera, a strange-sounding howl in heard in the background.

It’s us revenant.MPG – a comment was made, “Something in the mirror?” A faint whisper sounding like, “It’s us” is heard.

Kitchen Sandy confirms knock revenant.MPG – while attempting the spirits to respond to A Shave and A Haircut, a single knock or noise is heard in the background which was confirmed by Sandy.

Living room ghost box no revenant.MPG – while conducting a Ghost Box session, a comment was made, “If it’s too hard, I will just shut off the device.” A little while later, the Ghost Box responds with, “No.”

No be quiet revenant.MPG – a continuation of the Living room ghost box no, the Ghost Box says, “No” and then “Be quiet.”

Noise revenant.MPG – a strange noise is heard during the sound of a passing car.

Object wow revenant.MPG – right after Kathie clears her throat, you can hear a whispered voice what sounds like, “Object wow?”

Satisfied revenant.MPG – the group was sitting around talking and around the 3 second mark you hear a whisper voice that talks over them, faintly say what sounds like, and “Satisfied.”

Second floor yell revenant.MPG – during the initial walk-through, you can hear Scott talking to the group and then a disembodied yell in the background.

Whistle revenant.MPG – over the talking of the group, you can hear what sounds like a gasp followed by a whistling sound.

Conclusions: Unfortunately Dale Kaczmarek could not attend this investigation due to a recent fall down some stairs soon after a seral nerve biopsy. This sounded like a most interesting but very small and isolated place to investigate. While not a lot is still known about the past history of this locale and it hasn’t been investigated that many times by investigators, it did still provide some interesting sounds, video and audio clips. Some of these were obviously audible to the group at the time either due to their reactions on video or audio. I believe a lot of what was captured was residual while there might have been a few intelligent responses mixed in as well.

This is probably well worth another investigation sometime in the future but during a cooler time of the year as researchers indicated it was very hot and uncomfortable in the building. Perhaps early spring or late fall would be better seasons to revisit this site.

There were other EVPs and videos that I, either was not able to make out or simply could not hear even with repeated attempts using Audacity to clean up the audio. These clips however will be provided to all investigators and the client for their listening pleasure and opinions.

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