Summit Grove Cemetery Investigation

Hauntings: Audible disembodied voices have been heard in the past, EVPs and shadow figures.  

Equipment setup: No equipment was setup. We used handheld camcorders, digital recorders, Melmeter, Epod, Ghost Box, Ovilus and full spectrum cameras.  

Experiments performed: Numerous EVP sessions were performed.


Located at: 2 miles west of Kampsville on Highway 96














The Ghost Research Society investigated Summit Grove Cemetery on March 31, 2012. Team members included: Stan Suho, Jim Graczyk, Jerry Lutz and Dale Kaczmarek with help from Jeanne Chilton, Rita Doe, Mike McElhiney, Jason Humphreys and Jim Kolton.








Personal experiences:  

Jerry Lutz: No unusual temperature readings were experienced during the cemetery visit. It was a few degrees (2.5 -3 F) cooler on the hilltop than at lower levels, and although I found this a bit contrary to what I expected, the readings were consistent. Perhaps the slight breeze or humidity was a factor. I took about 30 pictures. When I examined the pictures later, I observed nothing unusual.  

Jim Graczyk: The cemetery felt peaceful and I didnít feel anything out of the ordinary. I walked around with Jerry as he was taking temperature readings. I used the GRS Trap Cam and took numerous pictures of the area as well as the teams in action. This would be reviewed by Dale at a later date. I didnít encounter anything that night that would cause me to investigate further.  

Dale Kaczmarek: I also did not encounter anything unusual however the K-II Meter did fluctuate several times during our first EVP session. Nothing unusual on the EPod or the Melmeter.  

Evidence collected:  

Weird sound.MPG a weird sound was recorded in the background at approximately 5-6 second mark. I guess it could have been a wild animal.  

Conclusions:  A very peaceful cemetery that did not yield any paranormal activity this evening even though it has been pretty active in the past.

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