Sip Coffee House Investigation

The GRS was the first paranormal team ever to investigate Sip Coffee House on June 27, 2016

This coffee house in Highland is owned by the same owner that runs the other Sip Coffee House in Crown Point, Indiana. It’s a great location for meet ups, lunches, coffee breaks and the location has its own wi-fi connection. They have many daily specials and has a Facebook page for both locations that visitors can peruse. This location has only been open for a short period of time.




Located at: 2815 Jewett Ave., Highland, Indiana 46322

Telephone: 219-595-0314




Hauntings: Most accounts concern a boy, who they suspect died imitating a trapeze act he saw at a circus.  They have found small hand prints in the washroom chalkboard on opening.  The investigation also included the next door store, which experienced things being out of place when they open the store, especially things resembling balls.  In the garage, the sounds of cups hitting the floor have been reported in the past.







Equipment setup: The Command Center was deployed in the main part of the coffee house with cameras facing the garage area, the Primitive Peddler (the store that adjoins the coffee house) and a hallway. Melmeters, REM Epods, digital tape recorders and cameras, full spectrum cameras and various real-time EVP devices were used.

Experiments performed: EVP, Ovilus X and Ghost Ark sessions were conducted in the main serving room, the Primitive Peddler, garage, basement and tea room.

The Ghost Research Society investigated the Sip Coffee House on June 27, 2016. Team members included: Stan Suho, Katie Para, Marge Sucha, Jim Piscopo, Greg Kos, Chuck Williams and Dale Kaczmarek.













Personal experiences:

Gregory Kos: Did a walk through and info session with a manager at the business. The investigation included the connecting structures of Sip and a home wares adjoining basement a garage a kitchen and a Tea room where customers could relax out of the way

Helped set up gear including IR cameras.   

Hung with Dale Jim and Chuck bouncing back and forth and observing. EVP session in adjoining business produced a few responses for Dale and Chuck. This also happened in the garage with Dale having multiple responses including a little boy looking for his father. Later in the tea room both K-IIs started to light up with questions about the little boy. At this time I felt a chill at the back of my ankles and it preceded slowly all the way up my back to my neck.

I asked if the boy had done that and the meter lit up again. That EVP session included Jim Marge Kathie and Chuck.  

Kathie Para: Members present were: Dale, Stan, Jim, Greg, Chuck, Marge and I. We also had access to the adjoining business, Primitive Peddler, which also has paranormal activity.

During an EVP session of the adjoining business with Marge I felt static electricity on my arm but experienced no other activity.

In the main room Marge and I did a lengthy EVP session and had an unusual amount of K-II activity with two meters. We also had a few different noises that seemed to happen upon our request.

Marge and I also did an EVP session in the upper level room with Chuck, Greg and Jim. Some of the group had seen a shadow I this area. I felt light headed and felt a touch on my hand. One member said he felt a chill go through him. The most interesting area of the night, the K-II meters were responding a lot. They were lighting up upon request and it seemed to center around one of our members, Jim. We felt we possibly connected with the spirit of the little boy who lived in an apartment upstairs who died tragically. We feel the little boy was attracted to Jim for some reason. Perhaps he reminded him of his father.

I would welcome the opportunity to return to this building to investigate further.

Marge Sucha: We arrived at the coffee house at 10:00pm and got a walk-through of the building. I set up my Sony Nightshot camcorder in the knick-knack room. We conducted several EVPs throughout the night. The last EVP we did was in the upstairs room in the back. During the session we had the K-II meter on the table and was getting quit a few responses. During this time the room felt cold and it felt like there was a draft in the room but there was no temperature change

Chuck Williams: Equipment:  Go Pro Camera, Panasonic 4K camera, full spectrum digital camera, Ghost Ark, Zoom recorder, IR lights- large (By Stan- 1st use!), Mel Meter

Personal Experiences:  None noted.

Jim, Stan, and I had the place well staked out with cameras.  The Panasonic 4K was in the basement, and the Go Pro was stationed in the upper part of the coffee house. 

The first part of the investigation took place as a whole in the main section of the coffee house.  Some then went on to investigate the store next door, and used the Ghost Ark as spirit box, and heard what sounded like a child saying “Daddy”, no other responses though.  Greg, Dale, & I explored the Garage area, and basement with no results.  The last session I was part of, Marge, Kathie, Jim & I were in the upper section of the coffee house.  Kathie & Marge had K-II Meters at different tables that were getting corresponding hits.  Questioning brought answers that it was the boy suspected of being there, and when Jim got up and left, the responses stopped.  (Maybe he thought Jim reminded him of his Father?

We had to cut the investigation short due to staff assisting us had to work in the AM.  The owner was not there, and her niece, who would assist us into the upper floor, was not there to join us.

Stan Suho: A big old store front building in northern Indiana. This building has served  many functions over the years. This time it's a Coffee House. Three big rooms with an attached garage. We arrived in late evening and were given a tour by the manager. Although the rooms were big, they were very crowded with tables and such. Because of all the clutter setup was kept to
a minimum.

The EVP team got an early start while I searched for some good camera locations. I put one camera in the corner of the dining room focused into the room. It ran in static mode. There was really no room for a complete setup. The other static camera went into the garage. Jim set up a camera in the other dining room. There was a basement but this was bypassed because
of the dangerous stair case. The evening proceeded smoothly and we got in about two hours recording time.

Conclusions:  If you’re in Northern Indiana, this might be a good place to spend a few hours. I understand there is another Sip Coffee House not far away. Might be worth a shot.

Dale Kaczmarek: We were able to explore the entire coffee house, kitchen area, living quarters, garage and next door Primitive Peddler store. There were plenty of places to investigate but in some locations, nothing was picked up.

Used the X-Cam SLS system and picked up a stick figure around the bar area and nearby cabinet where a lot of coffee mugs were displayed. I attempted to record these figures but by the time the camera started running, the figures were already gone! I heard some noises behind the bar and couldn’t tell for sure if they were naturally caused.

I believe that, for the most part, the responses we received on the Ghost Box and Ovilus X were of a residual nature and didn’t answer most questions posed. There were some exceptions and some questions gave a valid answer.

Evidence collected:

A duck sip.MPG – while conducting a Ghost Ark session in the Primitive Peddler, a question was asked, “Do you have any toys in the basement?” The reply that came through was, “A duck.”

Amen sip.MPG – while conducting an EVP in the main serving area, a true EVP was recorded that either says, “Amen” or “Hey man.”

Chuck sip.MPG – William’s static IR camera located in the basement picked up “Chuck” spoken through the Ovilus in phonetic mode.

Daddy sip.MPG – Piscopo’s static IR camera located in the Primitive Peddler picked up “Daddy” through the Ghost Ark device.

Dog bark sip.MPG – while conducting a Ghost Ark session in the upper level of the coffee house, a sound, much like a dog bark was heard and recorded.

Get help need it sip.MPG – while conducting an Ovilus session in phonetic mode in the garage, the Ovilus says, “Get help need it.”

Go sip.MPG – while conducting an EVP session in the upper level of the coffee house, a comment was made, “Standing right where I’m at...” A low male whisper was recorded that says, “Go.”

Main room noise sip.MPG – while conducting an EVP session in the main serving room, a comment was made, “We were told that things have been thrown off the shelves.” A noise is then heard and recorded in the background.

Main room shuffle sip.MPG – while conducting an EVP session in the main serving room, right after some comments, a loud shuffling noise is heard almost like something being shoved across the floor.

No sip.MPG – while conducting a Ghost Ark session in the Primitive Peddler, a question was asked, “You can’t find your daddy?” The Ghost Ark responds with, “No.”

Not funny sip.MPG – while conducting on Ovilus session in phonetic mode in the main serving room, the Ovilus says, “Not funny.”

Scared of you pitchfork here’s Howie sip.MPG – while conducting an Ovilus session in phonetic mode in the main serving room, the device says, “Scared of you” followed by “pitchfork” and “Here’s Howie.”  

Stop it sip.MPG – while conducting an Ovilus session in phonetic mode, the device says, “Stop it.”  

The pull sip.MPG – while conducting an EVP session in the main serving room, a comment was made, “What the Hell kind of pull.” A deep male voice was recorded saying, “The pull.”  

Voice sip.MPG – Piscopo’s static IR camera located in the Primitive Peddler picks up a strange sounding voice in the background.  

You’re back sip.MPG – William’s static full spectrum video camera located in the tea room picks up a voice that says, “You’re back.”  

Conclusions: This was an interesting location and it’s always nice to be the very first paranormal team invited to investigate a location. The first couple of sessions were contaminated by the sound of the beer cooler coming on which was quite loud and a mosquito abatement truck that went by spaying for mosquitoes.

Stick figures were observed on the X-Cam SLS system but disappeared too quickly to be recorded. Numerous people claimed to have heard, felt and seen things within the building from time to time.

There were only a few places where we escaped the cooler noise so we were limited in the locations within the building to investigate. However, that being said, it proved to be somewhat of a an eventful night with numerous responses on both the Ovilus X and the Ghost Ark.

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