Theater Guild of Webster Grove Investigation

Hauntings: Female voices have been captured on audio numerous times as well as mist formations. A face has been seen peering around the corner of the entrance to the hallway between the kitchen and the men's restroom. A dark female silhouette has been observed descending and making the turn at the landing. A curtain on the window fell back into place, as if someone had released it after looking through the window from the inside. A teenage male apparition has been seen  near the thermostat and a workman's pencil has disappeared and reappeared in a separate location on at least two different occasions. A dark silhouette has been seen sitting in the audience. Also a figure of a man in a white suit is always spied at the rear of the auditorium. A strange misty formation has been seen during daytime hours on numerous occasions.

Located at 517 Theater Lane, Webster Grove, MO. 63119-1945.






The Ghost Research Society investigated The Theater Guild of Webster Grove on August 7, 2010. Investigators present for the investigation included Dale Kaczmarek and Stan Suho. They were also joined by fellow investigators Dean & Susan Thompson, Brian & Michelle LaVigne and Michael & Jeanne Chilton.





Equipment Setup: The command center and G.E.I.S.T. were set up in the downstairs main entrance room while the working parts of G.E.I.S.T.; Tri-Field Natural EM Meter, Negative Ion Detector and Geiger Counter were positioned in the auditorium seats upstairs. A Van de Graff Generator was used for the first time and placed on the stage to generate a strong field of static electricity thus perhaps allowing spirits to use that energy to communicate or manifest throughout the evening. A static Nightshot IR camera and illuminator were positioned in the center row facing the stage area.






Experiments performed: An EVP session was conducted downstairs with Brian, Michelle and Susan in the basement area and Dale experienced a battery drain on his camcorder and later picked up a disembodied breathing sound very nearby. Another EVP session was conducted in the auditorium with Stan, Dean, Michelle and Dale this time employing an EM Pump. Dale was recording the session with a handheld IR camcorder and Dean had a K-II Meter on stage. The Talker was also employed. This device allows spirits to form their own words using phonemes. Dale took various pictures using a digital IR trap camera and full spectrum camera and also shot some full spectrum video. 








Personal experiences: During our initial walkthrough while we were being told the history and hauntings in the basement, Dean suddenly got a 2.8 spike on his EMF detector at the same time that my battery to my camcorder gave me a low battery warning and soon afterwards shut the camera down completely. After plugging the camera upstairs for charging it indicated almost a full charge!  The same thing happened again to another battery a little while later and then during an EVP session in the basement. The last time however the camera did not shut off.  

Stan Suho: We arrived about sundown to a small family type theater. It was just Dale and I from GRS, but we joined up with two local groups. We made a walk through tour conducted by a very nice lady. She showed us the basement, lobby, and theater upstairs. Both groups made their command post in the lobby area where there were tables available.

Dale and I set up in the theater upstairs. We set up in the rear of the theater facing the stage. I set up the usual G.E.I.S.T. equipment except for the Ghost Microphone. An equipment malfunction prevented my recording the session. The Ghost Camera was facing the area where Dale had set up the Van de Graff generator.

I made several walk throughs with the 35mm, Digital Camera, and the VHS camcorder. I also made an extensive EVP walk through with the Digital Audio Recorder, spending al lot of time sitting in theater listening to the Van de Graf Generator. After this I made an extensive walk through with the Night Vision Monocle.

After reviewing my recordings, I must say that nothing showed up that I would consider paranormal. But I would like to get back in there again, this time with a much smaller group, perhaps just two or three people with cameras and EVP recorders.


Video evidence:  

Battery drain.MPG - we were doing the initial walk through of the basement when Dean picked up a big spike on his EMF meter at the same time by camcorder's battery was drained of energy.

Breath.MPG is an exhalation or breath after I asked the question, "Were you the same person that took my battery power from upstairs?"  

Femalevoice.MPG at about the three second mark you will hear a female sounding word in the auditorium.  

Femaleword.MPG at about the three second mark you will hear what I believe is "help" and then at 13 seconds a squeaky sounding female voice saying, "help me."  

Helpme2.mpg at about the six second mark, 11 second mark and then 16 second mark the same loud whispering female voice is heard to say, "help me" all three times with the last one lighting up Deanís K-II meter on the stage.  

Scream.MPG at about one second mark you will hear a weird female scream.  

Voice.MPG you will hear another voice talking over the real people in the auditorium.  

Weirdnoise.MPG at about 3.5 second mark you will hear a weird unexplained noise.


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