Thomas House Investigation 2011 Revisit

Equipment setup: G.E.I.S.T. was initially set up in the small room for the first night just outside of the cold room on the main floor. Cameras were positioned on the main lobby facing the doors where the strange light formation was captured exactly one year ago. Another camera was placed in the church. Numerous EVP sessions were conducted throughout the building, pool area, bridge, old bowling alley area, church and various rooms.

Located at 520 E. Main St., Red Boiling Springs, TN.37150-2718, 615-699-3006







Photographic evidence:  

Lauren Kasmar: I did catch a few abnormalities in a few of my photos I took with my digital camera:  

Picture 1: Thomas House reflections-there is two suspicious items in this picture.  In the main door, there is a reflection of a man wearing what looks like a hat.  To the left of that main door, there is a creepy face.

Picture 2: Creepy face and man reflection zoomed- I zoomed in on the picture in Kodak easy share software.  The suspicious items are more pronounced.  

Picture 3: Creepy face Thomas house zoomed – I zoomed in and focused on the creepy face to the left of the door.  

Picture 4: Ghostly visitor Thomas house – There is an odd white figure that resembles the shape of a human on the balcony of the Thomas House.  The suspicious figure appears to the right of the American flag, right in-between the two tree branches hanging down.   

Picture 5: Ghostly visitor Thomas house zoomed – I zoomed in on the picture.  You can see the white round shape more pronounced.  

Picture 6: Possible orb Thomas house – There is an extremely bright round abnormality to the right of the picture.


The Ghost Research Society reinvestigated the Thomas House from July 6th to July 8th of 2011. Team members included: Jim Piscopo, Stan Suho, Nicole Tito, Lisa Krick, Lauren Kasmar and Dale Kaczmarek with help from  Dean & Susan Thompson, Jeanne & Michael Chilton, Missy Darr, Lori & Casey Wedding, and David Flaskamper.








Personal experiences:  

Lauren Kasmar: I, Lauren Kasmar, was partnered with Lisa Krick and Nicole Tito for the Thomas House investigations in Red Boiling Springs, TN on July 6-8th, 2011.  The weather was very hot and humid on July 6th.  I used the Ovilus, Ovilus X, REM E-Pod, Belfry bat detector, Melmeter, EM Pump, EM Vortex, K-II, and my digital camera.  I assisted Nicole in setting up her camcorder.  

We began our first EVP session on July 6th in the Old Church at approximately 10:03 PM.  Shortly after we began the session, Lisa and I heard a thump behind us.  She was seated on the altar, and I was seated in a chair near the altar.  We all heard another thud/thump sound by the entrance doors, closer to where Nicole was seated.  Shortly after that, we a softer thud near Lisa and myself, followed by a thud in the corner behind me; where the mannequin was standing.  A few minutes later, I heard a thud near the mirror to the left of me.  About 20 minutes into the session, we heard another thump behind Lisa.  We witnessed a random quick flash from the doorway where the three storage rooms were.  I also saw a small shadow peeking in and out of that same doorway three times during the session.  The Ovilus was in phonetic mode for the entire session and remained silent.  

At 10:32 PM, we began a short EVP session at the bridge.  Shortly after we began the session, Lisa’s K-II fluttered to the second green light. 

We began another short session by the pool at 10:41 PM.  There was a lot of surrounding noise from the frogs, toads, and dogs.  When Nicole played back the session on her recorder, we did catch a female voice mentioning something about the dogs barking.  

Around 11:40 PM, we began a 20 minute EVP session in Jim’s room.  It was comfortable in his room.  The Ovilus was used in dictionary mode. After asking what’s happening, the Ovilus responded with “alright.”  Next, the Ovilus said “hurry,” “Jim.”  The Ovilus then said “ultimate,” and “squeeze” after it said “Jim.”  I asked “Is Jim your ultimate squeeze?” The Ovilus responded with “Jim.”  The three of us laughed, and the Ovilus responded with “funny.” We then heard the Ovilus say “tickle,” “Jesus,” “run business.”  We asked “What is your name?”  The Ovilus responded with “ Clyde ” twice.  It also responded with “Jesus.”  When we questioned that name, the Ovilus said “retards.”  The Ovilus also said “hide” and “retards” twice.  I switched to phonetic mode, and the Ovilus remained silent.  

At 12:12 AM on July 7th, we began a session in the long hallway where majority of our rooms were located.  The Ovilus was in dictionary mode, and we really didn’t get anything from it. We heard a metallic tap, and a louder thump sound that seemed like it was coming from Lisa’s room.  Shortly after that, we heard a squeaking noise, and Lisa’s K-II spiked to yellow.  

We began another session in Stan’s suite at 12:36 AM.  The Ovilus was in phonetic mode.  I asked “Did you die in here?”  The Ovilus responded with “short fuse.” Some of the other words we received from the Ovilus were; “spring,” “fall,” “suffer,” “shot,” “lied,” and “Tippy.”  We also noticed a shadow from under the doorway twice during our session.  

At 1:00 AM, Lisa, Nicole, Dale, Jim P, Stan and I went back to the Old Church to conduct a short EVP session, set up Stan’s wi-fi, and Nicole’s camera. The Ovilus was in phonetic mode, and remained quiet.  We heard a tap and a thump by the doorway where the storage rooms were at.  We also heard a bang by the front of the church, near the offices.  We also heard a weird noise by the front of the church twice.  

After Nicole and I went to sleep that night, I heard many loud footsteps outside of our room throughout the night, and I also heard footsteps that sounded like they were coming through the door into our room.  I also heard tapping/knocking noises behind my head.  Nicole also stated that she heard a male’s voice that resembled Dale’s saying “Aren’t you going to turn the lights off?” at some point during the night.  The next morning, I was in the bathroom, talking to my mom on my phone, and she said “Wait, did you hear that?”  I stated that I hadn’t heard anything, and she asked me “Is Dale in your room?” I told her he was not, and she stated that she heard a male voice, resembling Dale’s, saying “Come on!  I don’t know…”  

On July 7th, Lisa, Nicole, Dale, Stan, Jim P. and I ventured over to the cemetery where the Cloyds are buried to do an EVP session.  It was humid, 86 degrees F.  We set up the E-pod, used the Ovilus X in phonetic mode.  Lisa asked “will you talk with us?” The Ovilus responded with “you would.”  The Ovilus also said “get help” and “you help” several times.  There were children blowing off fireworks, and the Ovilus said “smart.”  The Ovilus also said “help,” “spite,” “other dogs,” and what sounded like “bullshit” when Dale told it to go by the E-pod.  

At 2:22 PM, team GRS went to Leonard’s Cave with teams A.S.P., PRIOM, and PROSI.  Outside of the cave, it was quite humid.  Inside the cave, it was much cooler.  We all began an EVP session in the room near the bones.  The Ovilus X was in phonetic mode, and as soon as I turned it on it said “animal.”  Many of us heard what sounded like men having a conversation and music behind us in the other area of the cave. 

Lisa, Nicole, Mike Chilton and I did an EVP session near the small hole in the back of the cave.  The Ovilus was in dictionary mode, and shortly after I turned it on it said “there always is,” “shit.”  It then said “waste,” “phantom,” “it.”  We then heard a big thump that sounded like it was coming from the small hole.  We asked “Are you thumping?” The Ovilus said “under.”  Nicole said she saw a shadow from the hole.  We then asked “Can you come back out?” The Ovilus responded with “yes,” “phantom.” We pulled out our flashlights, and shined them into the hole, and the Ovilus said “what?” Lisa and I heard humming, and Lisa asked it to hum again; the Ovilus said “hum.”  Nicole and Mike decided to climb up into the section where the hole was, and the Ovilus said “hello,” and “forward.”  Once they reached the top and crouched into the hole, the Ovilus said “stay out,” and “ready.”  Lisa and I were ending the session, and said that we would be back later, and the Ovilus said “end.”  

Nicole, Lisa, and I were sitting at the front of the cave, and I decided to turn on a K-II.  Immediately it began to light in the yellow area.  Lisa decided to start an EVP session.  When asked if it was a female, the K-II spiked to yellow, as well as when we asked if she was buried underneath us.  It seemed that every question we asked, the K-II would respond by spiking to yellow.  

The teams then returned to the room with the bones to conduct another EVP session.  I set up a K-II near the bones, as well as the E-pod.  We asked it to go by the green light, and the Ovilus X responded with “do what.”  Lisa asked “Were you important to your clan?” We all heard a male voice respond with “yeah” near where Lisa and I were standing.  

We began an EVP session back at the Thomas House at 9:08 PM, in what we referred to as the “Lover’s Hallway,” where Stan’s room was.  It was 71.0 degrees F.  The Melmeter spiked from 5.5 mg-38.9 mg, but this could probably be attributed to the numerous electric wires in the hallway.  Shortly after we began the session, I saw a shorter shadow at the end of the hallway, in the mirror.  Shortly after that, I saw the same sized shadow peeking in and out in front of the camera set up in front of that mirror.  We asked if that was Sarah at the end of the hallway, and there were multiple audible taps in response. It also appeared as if it was getting lighter at that same end of the hallway during our session.  

At 9:35 PM, Mike Chilton joined us for an EVP session in Dale’s room.  It was 74.8 degrees F, and the Melmeter displayed a 0.0 mg.  I turned the Ovilus on in phonetic mode, and it remained silent.  I switched to dictionary mode, and immediately it started spewing out words, and it said “Jim.”  The Ovilus also said “horse,” and what sounded like “you are asses.”  At the end of our session, we began to walk out, and the Melmeter began spiking near the doorway to the bedroom, as well as the doorway by the bathroom.  The spikes ranged from 3.3 mg-4.4 mg.  

At 10:17, we began a session in the conference room.  The temperature ranged from 72.8 degrees F-73 degrees F.  The Melmeter spiked several times between 0.3 mg-0.4 mg.  The Ovilus was in dictionary mode, and some of the words we received were “Murphy,” “shot,” “mommy,” and “paranormal.”  

We did a very quick session in the gift shop at 10:44 PM that only lasted about 2 minutes.  We didn’t get much of anything, but when Lisa played back the session on her recorder, we did pick up a noise.  

At 10:50 PM, we began a session in the dining room.  Shortly after we began the session, we all heard light footsteps coming from the kitchen doors that dissipated near the windows behind the buffet tables where the food is served.   

Right after we finished our session, we joined the other teams in the conference room to sit in on their ghost box session.  It was 72.7 degrees F.  The Melmeter kept spiking from 0.2 mg- 0.3 mg, then from 0.5 mg back down to 0.2 mg.  I was sitting on the couch across from the table.  The Melmeter then showed a spike of 0.6 mg that 0.5 mg, and all of a sudden I felt dizzy.  

Shortly after that session, Nicole and I joined Dale, Jim P, Stan, and Jeanne Chilton in the pool area for a ghost box session led by Jeanne.  When asked if it was a girl or boy, “girl” came across twice on the box.  I heard a weird growl coming from across the street that frightened me.  The box also said “happen,” “important,” “puppy,” “ask,” and “stairs.”  Dale asked “How’s the water?” and the box said what sounded like “crud.”  The Ovilus X said “rabbit,” “animal,” and “fishing.”  When asked “What’s your favorite animal?” “Cat” came through in response.  

After Nicole and I went to bed, I heard footsteps in the hallway again, and louder knocking behind my head.  I also heard what sounded like squeaking wheels; possibly the maid’s cart that is heard going down the hallway at night.  It also sounded if someone was walking above us several times; I do not think there is an attic above the second floor.  

On Friday, July 8th, team GRS and Jeanne Chilton headed over to the Cragfont House.  It was rainy, humid, and extremely hot outside.  We weren’t allowed to perform experiments, or EVP sessions.  While upstairs in the nursery, the rope blocking off a section in the nursery began to swing back and forth on its own.  There was no source of a breeze, or air conditioning.  We did a short EVP session in the family cemetery after leaving the house.  

When we returned back to the Thomas House, Nicole and I took a nap.  Around 5:00 PM, I felt someone pushing at the foot of my mattress; the side closer to the bathroom.  It was a light shove; it was enough to startle me and wake me up, but I did not feel scared, or that I was in danger.  I decided to lie there, and push on the mattress to see if it would happen again, and shortly after I moved the mattress, it happened again.  

We began an EVP session in Jeanne and Mike Chilton’s room at 9:09 PM.  Jim P. also joined us for this session.  The Ovilus X was on in dictionary mode, and we heard “child” right after I turned it on.  The Ovilus X also said “cancer,” “author,” “blind,” and “reverent.” I asked “Did you push my bed earlier when I was taking a nap?” The Ovilus X said “similar.” I received several blips on the Belfry Bat detector that I had sitting next to me during our session.  I then asked “What is your name?” The Ovilus X responded with “Ed.”  Lisa asked what his occupation was, and the response we got was “thirst.”  Shortly after that, the Melmeter spiked to 5.1 mg- 5.2 mg; it had been at a constant zero prior to that.  The Ovilus X then said “vision,” “tootles,” “fear,” “war,” “rancid,” and celebration.”  It then said “Stay out,” and we asked “Do you want us to stay out of this room?” The Ovilus X responded with “yes.”  I shifted in the chair I was sitting in, and tagged the chair making a noise.  The Ovilus X said “chair” after I tagged the noise.   

At 9:38 PM, we began a session in “Sarah’s room,” Room 37.  I set one of the dolls on the bed by me as a trigger object.  The Ovilus X was in dictionary mode.  Lisa began talking about ponies, asking if Sarah owned a pony, and said “Lauren likes ponies.”  The Ovilus X responded with “stable,” and “whoa.”  Lisa asked if anyone else was in there with us, and the Ovilus X responded with “Ed/Ted.”  We then heard the Ovilus X say “celebrating,” and “apples.”  Lisa said to go tap on Nicole’s shoulder, and the Ovilus X responded with “try.”  Some of the words the Ovilus X spit out after that were: “toughie,” “hussie,” “fatal,” “tall,” and “audible.”  We heard a random musical sound in the distance, and then a humming.  Lisa asked if this was Trevor, and the Ovilus X said “wrong.”  At the end of the session, the Ovilus X said “tootles.”  

At 9:58 PM, we began a session in Jim’s room.  It was 72 degrees F.  The Ovilus X was in dictionary mode, and said “forward” as soon as I turned it on.  After Lisa said that we brought Jim with us, the Ovilus X said “more.”  The Ovilus X then said “south,” and Lisa began singing “ Dixie .” After she finished singing, it said “control.”  We all heard walking in the hallway, and everyone was still across the street at the Old Church.  Nicole was struggling to open the door to see if someone had come back, and after finally getting it open, the Ovilus X said “um.”  We then heard the Ovilus X say “fast,” and “live.”  Jim then began to ask questions, and he asked “Did you die in the building.”  The Ovilus X said “remain,” and “thrown.”  Shortly after that, we were about fifteen minutes into the session, and we all heard what sounded like “OooOOoOOoOOooo…” It was if someone was trying to scare us outside of the room.  

At 10:32 PM, we began a session in “Lover’s Hallway.”  It was 70.7 degrees F.  The Ovilus X was in dictionary mode, and it said “leave,” “talk,” “test,” “Steven,” “fatal,” “sight,” and “disturbing.”  It also said “letter,” and “written.” A few times, Lisa asked if they left a letter.  We all heard footsteps at the end of the hallway, in the same area where I saw the small shadow the other night.  We yelled out to see if anyone was walking down the hallway, and we didn’t get a response.  We were getting ready to end the session, and the Ovilus X began to countdown from 10 down to zero.  As soon as it said zero, Lisa and I felt a cold breeze rush over us.  We were sitting next to one another on a couch in the hallway.  

At approximately 11:15 PM, we went outside to do a session by the bridge with Dale.  It was drizzling, and humid.  The Ovilus X was in phonetic mode.  

At 11:35 PM, we began a session in the Old Church. I set up the geophone in the doorway where I had seen the shadow peeking out.  The temperature was fluctuating between 76 degrees F – 78 degrees F.  The Ovilus X would not turn on.  I felt odd while sitting in one of the rocking chairs during the session.  I heard a light tap on the wall behind Jim P.  Shortly after that, it felt as if someone stomped on the floor to the right of me.  Jim P. and I heard a thump near the front doors of the Old Church.   

At 12:02 AM, we began a session in the conference room. It was 71.5 degrees F, and the Melmeter remained at 0.0 mg.  The Ovilus X was in dictionary mode, and we were getting all kinds of words such as: “holiday,” “rabbit,” “hurry,” “spring,” “country,” “Jim,” “officer,” and “highway.”  I then switched to phonetic mode, and it said "A” several times.  Lisa asked “Can we help you find someone?” The Ovilus responded with “Emma.”  The Ovilus X also said “demon,” and “outside.”  We ended our last session at 12:22 AM.   

Nicole set up her camera to record overnight.  I did hear footsteps in the hallway again, as well as some light knocking behind my head again.  

In conclusion, I am convinced that there is something paranormal occurring in the Thomas House.  I strongly feel that there are multiple spirits in the Thomas House.  It was proven to me through the EVPs we caught, the personal experiences I had, and through the responses received during our sessions.  The Thomas House is definitely haunted by some friendly ghosts!!!  What an awesome experience!!!  


Jim Piscopo: 1st night 

I set up my camera (Sony tvr460 with Nightshot) in the foyer aimed at the front door and windows. 

Did an EVP session in the conference room with most of the group, after that we did an EVP in the foyer then went across the street to the church. 

2nd day 

We went to the cemetery with Dale, Stan, Lisa, Nicole, and Lauren and did an EVP session.

After the cemetery the group went to Leonard's cave. I set up my camera in the first chamber shooting over the burial site. We did a few EVP sessions in the cave throughout the afternoon. 

That night I set up my camera at the site of the outdoor bowling alley and did an EVP session with Dale, Nicole, and Lauren. We then went to the swimming pool and did an EVP with Stan and Lisa also present. 

3rd night 

I set up my camera in the dinning room facing the stage area. I went upstairs and joined Lisa, Nicole, and Lauren in doing EVP sessions. We did room 37, my room (42), the far hallway with the suite and the conference room. After that Dale joined us as we did an EVP on the bridge. Later Lisa, Nicole, Lauren and I went back to the church for another EVP. 

As far as personal experiences, the first night I heard a loud banging noise outside my bedroom door. 

I heard voices coming from the chamber in the cave that we could not get into. 

When doing the EVP in room 42 I heard a loud whistle that seemed to come from outside the bedroom door. 

When we were finishing the EVP in the far hallway a cold rush of air came over us and lasted a few seconds then left.  

Stan Suho:  This was a three day visit to a place we had been to the previous year. The first night the Command Post was set up in the second floor lobby.

G.E.I.S.T. was set up on a big table along with the Video System. Jeanie's Video System was also set up on the floor behind us. The usual G.E.I.S.T. system was set up along with Ghost Camera and Ghost Microphone. The Devices were set up in a 1st floor room off the main lobby. The first night G.E.I.S.T. wasn’t used except for testing. There were several EVP sessions in progress through the evening.

The second day was a trip to the Cave. I kept busy taking photos, videos, and using the Night Vision viewer. After returning, I moved G.E.I.S.T. to another nearby room where an EVP session was conducted.

The third day was the busiest for me. We made a side trip to Cragfont Mansion and were given a guided tour. That evening G.E.I.S.T. was left to run on automatic while I participated in several EVP sessions. One in the Chapel, one on the Bowling court, and one in the pool area. Many IR Night shots were taken in all the above mentioned places.

Conclusions,  all three places, the Chapel, the Pool, and the Bowling court, as well as the Cave and several rooms in the Thomas House were given a thorough investigation. Emphasis this time was on EVP. If anything was happening we should have had a front row seat to it. As for myself nothing showed up on my photos, videos, audio recordings or computer print outs. However this was very relaxed investigation with plenty of time to set up and break down.  

Lisa Krick: THOMAS HOUSE – July 6-8 – Dale, Jim P, Stan, Lauren, Nicole, Lisa  

Equipment Used:  Olympus Digital Camera, K-II Meter, Melmeter, Sony Audio Recorder, EM Pump, EM Vortex, Ovilus  


The first evening we got to the Thomas House, Nicole, Lauren and I started our EVP sessions in Cloyd Church, directly across the road from the Thomas House.  As we sat inside the church, we noticed that our ears felt clogged, like we were underwater, or under great pressure.  As we commented on that, there was a thump behind me on the pulpit and then a thud behind Nicole across the room and then a third thud by the mannequin in the corner.  At that point, Nicole saw a shadow behind the mannequin.  We decided to sing some church songs and while we were singing “This Little Light of Mine” there was a very weird noise, sort of mechanical, on my audio that we didn’t hear in real time.  At 14.40 minutes into the session, we all heard footsteps outside walking up to the door.  We waited to see who was coming in to join us but no one did.  We went and opened the door but there was no one around anywhere.  We even walked entirely around the church.  My audio didn’t pick up the footsteps because I was furthest away from the door.  At around 17 minutes into the session, Lauren started seeing shadows coming out of the doorway on the right side of the room (when you stand on the pulpit and face the congregation).  I was never able to see any of the shadow figures the other girls saw, because I was never looking in the same direction at the right time.   

Our second session was at the bridge where there was supposed to have been a man who fell off his horse, fell in the creek, busted his head open, and died.  We got K-II hits when we asked if the person we were talking to had died on the bridge.  Nothing else.  No EVP.  

Our third session was at the pool but the frogs and insect sound was so loud, I really didn’t get anything else.   

Our fourth session was in Room 41 or the room in which Jim was staying.  The Ovilus was very active in this room, stating Jim’s name and telling us that we were talking to Jesus.  At almost 15 minutes into the session I asked the spirit if it was aware that there was a black man running the country and our audio caught something that sounded like someone spitting out a drink like they were completely taken unaware.   

Our fifth session was in the long hallway where I believe I captured the voice of little Sarah.  We were chatting about something and Lauren said, “I don’t even know what that was.”  Over the top of Lauren’s voice you can hear a female child say, “hello”.  I’ve had three people tell me that they also hear a male voice saying something … not sure what … in that audio clip.  However, I do not hear it.  At about 10 minutes into the session, we ask “are you in Room 41?”  To which a male voice (the same, the others say, that they heard in the “hello” EVP) replies, “No”.   

Our sixth session was in Stan’s Suite, which is the area where a murder was carried out, right outside his room.  I had no results in Stan’s room.  

We then headed back to the church for a second session, but this time we took Stan, Jim, and Dale with us.  We all heard thumping and footsteps, but the audio didn’t catch anything at this time.   



The second day we headed to the Whitley Cemetery where the Cloyds are buried.  We ran an EVP session at their gravesites.  Those present were Jim, Stan, Dale, Nicole, Lauren and I.  The Ovilus kept saying “help” and “help you” … but would never elaborate.  I captured a possible EVP when I asked “is there anybody here with us?”  There’s an answer, but it could be one of us, or insects, or birds.  This audio clip is being further reviewed at this point.   


We headed back to the Thomas House for our second night of investigations.  Our first EVP session this evening would be in what I called the “Lovers Hallway” as it’s the hallway in which the murder had taken place because of a lover’s tryst gone wrong.  I got nothing on audio this evening in this location, but Lauren and Nicole were both seeing shadow figures in and around the area where the body had been found. 

Our second session of the evening was in Room 42, where Dale was staying.  Folks have seen a shadow figure walk into the room and peek out into the hallway.  Michael joined us for this session.  I have no EVP evidence for this room, but the Ovilus did keep talking about Jim.  At one point it stated, “Jim” … a few minutes later it stated “ultimate squeeze … Jim” … and then it stated “Jim outside”, which was interesting because at that point Jim WAS investigating at the outdoor bowling lanes. 

Next we headed to the conference room but got nothing during this session. 

We went to the Gift Shop to do a quick session, due to all the antique items in it.  We thought maybe someone might be still attached to particular items there.  I asked “do you think these earrings would look good on me?”  Lauren then giggles and between her giggles you can hear a faint “yes”.  I should have bought the earrings. 

Our next session was done in the dining room, as there have been reports of shadows and EVP evidence obtained there.  However, we didn’t obtain any evidence in there.

Our last session for the evening was back in the conference room, where there was a group session with Ghost Box going on.  We sat in on it but didn’t gain any evidence.

Our final evening at the Thomas House we started our session in Room 39, which is where Jeanne was staying.  We didn’t get any audio but the Ovilus said “smoke” several times and when we asked, “is Sarah in here?” the Melmeter popped up to 5.2 from 0.   

We then moved on to Room 37 which is considered Sarah’s Room.  Sarah is the young female spirit who has been captured on EVP repeatedly by many people.  While we were in this room, the Ovilus said “space”.  I replied with, “She needs her space, Ted”.  One then hears a whisper (female I think, but not young).  I could make out the word Ted, but not the other word.   

Our third session of the evening took us back to Room 41 where Jim was staying.  During this session I obtained no EVP evidence, but we all heard people moving about in the hallway, walking up and down it.  It should be noted that everyone else investigating was over at the Cloyd Church across the road and we were the only ones left in the house.   

Next we went back to the Lover’s Hallway and took Jim with us.  I got nothing on audio, but the Ovilus’ battery drained and went into countdown mode, which we didn’t realize it would do.  It freaked us out a bit, but at the same time that happened, an extremely cold spot wafted over Jim, Lauren and I and I got major goose bumps.  We can explain away the Ovilus, but cannot explain where the cold came from.  Perhaps something drained the battery in the Ovilus and then made its presence known via the cold spot?  

After the Lover’s Hallway, Dale, Stan, Jim, Lauren, Nicole and I went back over to the church one last time, but retrieved no audio evidence.  We stopped at the bridge for a quick session and obtained no audio.   

Our last session of the evening was done in the conference room, but I got no audio evidence.   

I did an experiment in my room by leaving my recorder running while I slept.  There were thumps and thuds like someone was setting stuff down in my room that I never heard while I was asleep.  There was also audio evidence of the same young female (Sarah) voice.  This time she said “hello” and then she hummed.  Very sweet …  

It should also be noted that the door to my bathroom would not stay closed, even if it was securely latched.  I asked others to use my bathroom during their investigations and it became clear that the door would open when females were in there, but not when males were in there.  It became so bad that I just left it open while I did my business.  Also, I took a brief nap in the conference room one afternoon during some down time and was awakened to someone whispering “hey” at me.  I opened my eyes and there was nobody there.   

Nicole Tito: Team Partner: Lisa Krick, Lauren Kasmar  

Equipment Used: Video camcorder, audio recorder, EM pump, K-II meter, Ovilus, Rem E-Pod  

Impressions/Personal Experiences:

Thomas House is an interesting location indeed.  For me, I think some of the initial impressions came from the rural aspect of this location.  Honestly, I felt that we were miles and miles away from a larger town, which made me a bit uneasy. 

Over the course of the three nights, I felt like the Lover’s Hallway was a hot spot for activity.  During several of our EVP sessions, I always felt like something was watching us or peering around the corner.  A few times, I thought I saw shadows darting in and out, but I could not be sure.  We often heard strange noises from the opposite end of whatever side we were sitting on.  I did not like that area at all. 

The church proved to be interesting as well.  I felt that we felt the most energy the first night when it was only the three girls.  I never felt any negativity, but again I felt like something was watching us from the side room.  It almost seemed like it wanted to say something, but then would get scared away.

Lauren and mine’s room also proved to be a good location.  The first night I woke up early in the morning as it was still dark and could have sworn that someone was in the bathroom.  I looked over to the other bed to see Lauren asleep.  I really expected something to walk out of the bathroom, but it never did.  The next day, I heard a male’s voice in the room that sounded like Dale, say, “Go and get ready!” as we were taking a nap.  I ignored the voice as I was almost asleep, but it was weird nonetheless.  

I also had strange occurrences in Lisa’s room, particularly her bathroom.  I would hear strange noises coming from within the room when I knew no one else was in there.  Also, the bathroom door seemed to mysteriously open on its own.  Although, I do believe that has a natural occurrence that I am unsure of yet since there is an older house.   

EVPs/Audio Evidence: 

Video: Nothing out of the ordinary.   

Still photos: Nothing out of the ordinary captured in both exterior and interior shots.   

Evidence collected:  

43.MPG – Ghost Box session; A question was asked if the spirit was 33..43?”  The response sounded like 43.  

Bell.MP3 – sounds like the dinner bell being rung in the background but nobody was nearby.  

Breathe EVP Room 41 #1.wma – sounds like a breath in the background.

Cat – a question was asked by the pool, “What’s your favorite animal?” The Ovilus responds with, “cat.”  

Cloyd Church let it shine – a weird humming or buzzing sound is heard in the background.  

Conference Room Clip – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Do you want us to go?” Response was Go.  

Ford.MPG – Ghost Box session: a question was asked, “Who is the president of the US”? The response was “Ford, Gerald, Ford.”  

Goodbye.MP3 – At conclusion of EVP session in Cold Room, Dean said Goodnight, have a good night. A whispering voice is heard in the background saying, “Goodbye.”  

Horse growl – a weird sound was heard in the background that sounded like a growl that spooked a lot of people while conducting an EVP session by the pool but it turned out to be a horse.  

Imtired.MPG –Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Are you getting tired?” The response was, “I’m tired!”  

Jesus #1 clip – Ovilus session; a question was asked, “What’s your name?” Ovilus responded with what sounded like Jesus. Another question, “Hey Jesus, what’s going on?” The response was “Alright.”  

Jesus #2 clip – Ovilus session; a question was asked, “Jesus, is that you?” Ovilus responds with, “Jesus.”  

Jim Ultimate Squeeze Clip – Ovilus session; says Jim ultimate squeeze. A question was asked, “Is Jim your ultimate squeeze?” It responds with “yes.”  

Love.MPG – Ghost Box session; Dean tells spirit to follow Missy to another corner and box responds with “love it.”  

My room prank perhaps – a strange male guttural sound is heard several times.  

My room Sarah – a female voice is heard followed by some other noises.  

Paul.MPG – Ghost Box session; “Can you tell me your name?”  Response is “Paul.”  

Room 39 Whispering – a whispering voice can be heard in the background.  

Shorts Clip – Ovilus session; a question was asked, “If you can see me, what am I wearing?” Response was “shorts.”  

Shuffle.MPG – a shuffling noise is heard on the audio track of a camcorder in the dining room.  

South Control Jim Room – Ovilus session; a question was asked, “Do you have a message for us?”  Response was “South control.”  

Stereo.MPG – Ghost Box session; during a box session the Ovilus was also on at the same time and said, “Stereo.”  

Thomas gift shop earrings – a whisper is heard in between Lisa and Nicole talking about the earrings.  

Thomas hallway hello – in between the girl’s conversation a gruff male voice is heard either reciting a two syllable word or two words which is hard to make out.  

Thomas hallway no – a question is asked, “Are you in room 41?” A deep gruff, guttural male voice responds with “no.”  

Whine.MP3 – Ghost Box session; during a box session a strange female whining sound is heard in the background that nobody heard at the time.  

Whisper.MP3 – a strange whispering EVP is heard but cannot be made out to what is said.  

Yes.MP3 – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Did you have family that owned this hotel?  The response was “yes.”  

You Smelly Clip – Ovilus session; Ovilus spits out ‘You smelly.”  

Youbet.MPG – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “The year is now 2011, we now have our first black president, does this shock you?” The response was, “you bet.”  


Mist.MPG - during an EVP at the bridge a mist suddenly appears and drifts from right to left. I cannot be absolutely sure that it wasn't caused by weather conditions.

Outdoor bowling alley:

Ovilus session; “Happy” was spit out when asked about bowling here.  

Pool area:

Drowing.MPG – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Why are you here?”  Response was “drowning.”  

Girl1.MPG – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Are you a little boy?” The response is a female voice responding with, “girl.”  

Girl2.MPG – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Did you say were a girl?” The response this time is a male voice responding with, “girl.”  

Haunted.MPG – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Can you tell us what your name is now?” The response says, “Haunted.”  

Jeanne.MPG – Ghost Box session; a question was asked, “Can you tell me what my name is?”  The response is a high-pitched female voice responding with, “Jeanne.”  

Mistpool.MPG - during an EVP near the Pool area a mist drifts from right to left near the top of the video.

Pool EVP – a question was asked, “Can you tell us who you are?” There is a response.  

Conclusions: I believe that even though we had more people investigating the location than in 2010, there was less contamination due to several factors including: breaking up groups throughout the house, church, pool area and other outside locations. There were a lot of interesting direct responses on the Ghost Box and Ovilus in phonetic mode.

Numerous other locations were investigated this time that were not visited in 2010 including the bridge area, pool and the outdoor bowling alley. I would again have to agree that there does appear to be sufficient evidence collected to indicate that many intelligent and some residual spirits still reside at Thomas House.

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