Waverly Hills Sanitarium Investigation

Waverly Hills Sanitarium is located in Louisville, Kentucky and construction began in 1908 and it officially opened July 26, 1910.  It was a state of the art tuberculosis hospital that was outfitted to handle only around 40-50 people but soon the disease ran rampant and the hospital was filled with more than 140 patients.  TB was very contagious and those afflicted had to be isolated from the general population to stop the spread of the disease so Waverly was a likely choice. Hot, arid conditions was the only environment that seemed to slow down the spread however most were shipped to locations with just the exact opposite of those conditions so many died. Eventually the sanitarium was enlarged to handle as many as 400 patients. The facility you see today actually opened up on March of 1924. After antibiotics were invented, the facility closed it's doors in 1961, only to reopen as Woodhaven Medical Services in 1962 until it was closed down permanently in 1980.

Located at 4400 Paralee Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40272 it is currently owned by Charlie & Tina Mattingly who can be reached at 502-933-2142. http://www.therealwaverlyhills.com





Reports of shadow figures run rampant throughout the building and while many believe it's only a trick of the light and your eyes, others believe them to be patients that have never moved on. There is a part of Waverly where children ghosts are said to inhabit and toys and balls and such are found throughout that part of the building. It is here that our team conducted an experiment using Frank's Box. Rosemary Ellen Guiley was asking questions and we had placed a small remote-controlled toy truck on the ground and asked the ghosts to move it. I thought I heard a reply "It's hard", so immediately Guiley asked them to bring some friends to move the truck. I then employed an infrared digital trap camera and pointed down the opposite end of the corridor and snapped a picture. After I downloaded the image later to my laptop, I was stunned! There, standing in the darkness, were four small shadows, like children. Perhaps they had come to help and play?





The GRS latest investigation of Waverly Hills Sanitarium was June 11, 2009 from 8pm to 3:30am and the team included: Joe Tito, Joey Tito, Jim Graczyk, Stan Suho, Nicole Tito, Nicole Strickland, Artie Schramm, Matt Hucke, Dave Guss, Sherry Stednitz, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Lisa Krick, Jason Tito, Lou Hovanes and Jim Piscopo.  We were also assisted by: Jennifer Krick, Jim & Carrie Navins, Mark Stednitz, Sara Schuck and Kim Stout from the Boo Crew. 








Joey Tito: While at Waverly I did not have any personal experiences this time around to report. I had a hard drive video camera set up on the 2nd floor that captured 4 hours of video. I mostly caught a lot of insects and bats that look really cool in infrared, but nothing paranormal about them. I did however come across some audio that was rather unusual. About 1 hour and 17 minutes into my recording I came across the sounds of a couple of little children talking. The voices were muffled so it was hard to make out what was being talked about. This lasted approx 8 seconds. I will have this video clip available shortly and I'll send it to Dale for his review. Other than that I noticed a lot of shuffling around behind the camera when there were no voices present, as well as the sounds of screams and moans. Most were identified as being from team members!

Nicole Strickland: I took many photographs of the building in general and there are two suspect photos that might have an anomaly in them. I analyzed my photos and the rest of them donít seem to have any anomalies in them. I took around 80 pictures total.

Audio: I did 4 separate audio sessions in the building. The first audio session was about 30 minutes on the fifth floor; the second session was done in the 4th floor, the third session was done in the morgue and the fourth audio session was done in the 4th floor operating room. I obtained several EVPs.

Temperature Differentials: I did not use any temperature gage during the investigation. However, both Nicole T. and I felt SEVERAL drastic cold spots in the operating room on the 4th floor.

Video: I might have obtained the softball-sized shadow that Nicole saw in the 5th floor. I analyzed my video and this is the only thing that I might have caught on my video.

5th Floor

While Nicole and I were doing audio on the 5th floor, we heard a bunch of audible talking, which resembled people having a conversation. We were unable to rule out whether this was caused by investigators as the radios did not work too well. We went on the radios a few times to ask if there were any investigators on the east end of the 4th floor or 3rd floor that could have contributed to the audible voices we heard. At one point, Nicole T. thought she saw a softball-sized black shadow go from left to right, which might have been caught on my Nightshot Video. At one point, I thought I saw a drifting grey shadow near the ceiling. Both of us thought we heard an audible sound of something resembling a gurney going across the floor.

4th Floor

While Nicole and I were on the 4th floor, that is where the bulk of my EVPs were obtained. Four EVPs were obtained during the 1st audio session that was done on the 4th floor. Nicole T. felt cold spots and Lisa reported a constriction in her chest and a hot sensation around her legs, which coincided with the second EVP listed here. Prior to the 3rd EVP, we saw a white light down the hallway, which traveled from left to right. We also saw something blocking the window and Nicole heard something which definitely sounded disembodied. We did some laser experiments and it did seem on several occasions that the laser broke up and/or shadows were blocking the window in the door at the end of the hallway.


Matt reported a pressure in his ears, which seemed to come right before some EVPs. I also felt something touch my leg as well as heard audible whispering behind me at one point.

Operating Room

Nicole Tito and I reported several drastic cold spots during the duration that we were in the operating room. I also felt uncomfortable at one point and felt as though someone was watching me. We ruled out any drafts coming from the windows that could have contributed to the cold spots.

EVPs on 5th Floor: Present Investigators included: Nicole S. and Nicole T.

Recorder time 4:09 "yes"

EVPs on 4th Floor (west end): Present Investigators included: Nicole S., Nicole T., Lisa, Jenny

Recorder time 4:37-38: Child's voice (cannot decipher)

Recorder time 6:12-13 "someone help me" (very faint female adult)

Recorder time 9:07-08 "help"

Recorder time 9:49-50 "my name isÖ." And I reported seeing something dart by the window one second after this EVP at 9:51-2.

I ask: "what year did you come to this hospital?" and at 12:34-35, I get a response that sounded like "1930."

EVPs in Morgue: Present Investigators included: Nicole S., Nicole T., Matt and Dave

At one point, I thought I heard some audible whispering behind me in the morgue and at one point, I thought I felt something touch my leg. Matt also felt some pressure in his ears. Nicole, at one point, mentioned that she saw something behind Matt.

Recorder Time 10:08, I ask "where do you come from?" and at 10:15 I get a female response.

Recorder Time 11:00---male voice

Recorder Time 16:20-23---child's voice

EVPs in 4th Floor Operating Room: Investigators Present included Nicole S., Nicole T., Dave, Lou, Stan

At 7:05, I reported that I feel as though I am being watched and at 8:30 I reported that I felt funny in the operating room.

Nicole S. and Nicole T. reported SEVERAL drastic cold spots while we were doing audio in the operating room. I wrote down the exact recorder times of all of the cold spots that we sensed. The following list of recorder times is when both Nicole T. and Nicole S. sensed cold spots, which seemed to drift back and forth between Nicole S. and Nicole T. At some points, the cold spots would linger in front of both of us.

List of recorder times of documented cold spots in operating room:

5:13-30, 9:08, 9:55, 11:13, 12:18, 12:30, 12:45, 13:13, 13:52-55, 14:58, 15:43 16:24, 16:26, 17:29,17:33 21:26

EVPs in 4th floor operating room:

Recorder time 2:04-05 "help me" after Nicole T. asks, "Did you die in here?"

Recorder time 3:19-20 possibly a male response of "help meee" after Nicole T. asks, "Want to tell us something?"

Recorder time 11:23 "help" (whisper)

Recorder time 13:48-51---two disembodied voices documented

Recorder time 19:05-06 "crazy" (what sounds like crazy)

Recorder time 20:23- "help" Recorder time 16:06, I ask "how many are with us in here?" and I get a response of "yeah" at 16:15


Laser Experiments on 4th Floor

While doing the laser experiments on two separate occasions, I visually saw shadow figures move from left to right and right to left in between the halls. The laser would brake apart several times. One two occasions, the laser light seemed to move real close to us, as if someone was walking right toward us. Very interesting.

I am wondering if there are ley lines and some magnetic or geographic situation that contributes to the amount of paranormal activity documented at Waverly. Could there be portals or passageways at this location?


Nicole Tito: Impressions/Personal Experiences:

Nicole and I began the night performing an EVP session on the east end of the 5th floor in one of the sunrooms. Initially upon arriving on the 5th floor, I felt a sense of dread and was a bit apprehensive about being up there. It almost felt like I was being watched, but this feeling quickly dissipated as we began our EVP session. We stayed up there for approximately 45 minutes. We heard a lot of whispering from the direction of Room 502. We tried to radio over the walkie-talkie several times to see if there was anyone below us on the 4th floor. We did not have a lot of replies due to the walkie-talkie situation and not being able to reach everyone. However, of the people that we contacted, none of them were in that present location. A few times, we heard what sounded like to be a metal wheel rolling almost like the wheel of an old gurney.

On the 4th floor, Nicole and I had a lot of personal experiences. The first few minutes with Sherry and her crew, we heard what sounded like to be a kitten meowing for several minutes. It was so loud that we all looked around and tried to find the sound. However, it seemed as we got closer, the meowing would come from a different direction. It lasted for about 5 minutes and we never heard it again for the rest of the night. I'm not saying that this is necessarily paranormal, but it seemed very odd at the moment and unusual for it not to occur for the rest of the night as I was on the 4th floor for a long time.

Another experience on the 4th floor occurred with Nicole S, Lisa Krick, and Jenny Krick while performing laser experiments down the long hallways. At one point, Lisa and Jenny were down the same hallway while Nicole and I were together both shining lasers down the hallway. Several times, they were broken or the red laser beam seemed to move closer to us. A window at the end of the hallway continuously became blocked at times like someone was standing in front of it.

Another time on the 4th floor later on during the night, Nicole S, Dave Guss, and I were performing more laser experiments. At one point from the ambient outdoor light, I saw a black figure crouch down at the end of the hallway and begin to walk towards us. Another experience that happened only several minutes later, scared me for quite some time that Dave and I actually jumped and grabbed each other. Nicole S had been sitting in a chair shining the laser beam down the hallway while Dave and I stood next to her. Approximately 15 feet in front of us on the right, a shadow figure came out of the doorway, stood there, and preceded to walk towards us. I believe with our sudden movement, it darted back into the doorway.

While performing an EVP session in the 4th floor operating room with Nicole S and Dave Guss, there were many temperature fluctuations and cold spots that seemed to move around the room, but never venture over to Dave. None of us had temperature equipment, but there were drastic differences. The windows were open, but there were no drafts coming in and the outside temperature was much more humid and hot than the particular areas.

My final experience occurred in the 1st floor morgue with Nicole S, Dave Guss, and Matt Hucke. We were all sitting and performing an EVP session and I kept seeing a shadowy figure behind Matt Hucke near the gurneys. Nothing emerged in the still photos from my digital camera. I felt like I had been touched one time on my hand that was resting in my lap. I was sitting in the middle of the room and I checked to make sure that there were no spider webs or anything. Also, my hair had been pulled back and there were no loose strands on me.

EVPs: Several possible ones. 

Jim Graczyk: This was my second trip to Waverly so I was pretty geared up for this event. I would be assisting other members as well as investigating this enormous location. Waverly is full of surprises along with strange feelings so I will try to explain my occurrences I encountered.

I was partnered up with Jim P. throughout the majority of the night and we worked rather well as a team. Each of us was always within eye sight and we always suggested ideas on where to explore. Communication was the key!

The first event I encountered was on the fourth floor as Jim and I were helping set up the command center. As we finished hauling gear up to that area, Jim and I decided to wander down the fourth floor hallway toward the opposite end of the building. This was the location were shadow people have often been encountered and the long dark hallway could be a little hectic. As Jim and I were walking down the hallway, of course no flashlights on, I started to get the feeling as we shouldn't be here and run. It was as though we were walking into some place we shouldn't be invading and just get away. I didn't say anything to Jim P., but am guessing since our pace picked up without saying a word; he might have been thinking the same thing. As Jim P. and I got into the stairwell up to the fifth floor the feeling subsided. We explored the fifth floor without any problem. As Jim P. and I descended back down the stairs I thought to myself, here we go again down that fourth floor hallway. This time as we made our way back to the command post, I didn't get that feeling but we both kept checking the side rooms and behind as us. Nothing happened and we survived that incident.

Later that night, Rosemary, Jim P. and I were conducting an EVP session with Frank's Box on the fourth floor in a side patient room. It was my first time personally working with Rosemary and that piece of equipment. Jim P. and I watched and listened as Rosemary asked questions. Once in awhile, either Jim P. or I would wander a few feet and look down the halls to see if anything or anyone was coming toward us. Jim P. and I did see shadows moving around down the hall and told Rosemary. We moved the EVP session and watched the shadows moving, some staying their distance while a few seemed to be getting closer to us. Jim P. and I did watch behind us and checked our sides too. No surprises were going to be tossed at us! We finished up and we did walk where we saw the shadows and nothing or nobody was there. We were now at the opposite end of the hall where we did the EVP on the fourth floor so we made our way down to the third floor.

Rosemary, Jim P. and I made our way toward the third floor to see if we could pick up some EVP in that area. So we couldn't have missed anything in the all and made sure nothing would come between the three of us. Now we walked all the way down to the opposite area of the hall passing through the long hall. We were just about the same area where we did EVP on the fourth floor but only on the third floor. Rosemary did her thing and asked questions. Once again, Jim P. and I watched the hallway. Rosemary decided to move the experiment into the hallway. All three of us saw shadows moving and Rosemary made a direct point to say that whoever is there that they were not to get close to us, touch us or cause any harm. I did see a shadow coming pretty close but strayed away on Rosemary's comment. Rosemary was pretty intense session and all three of us were trying to focus on the shadows down the hall. The shadows were different sizes it appeared to be. As Rosemary was asking questions, Jim P. flinched and said something causing Rosemary to react and scream. I at the moment had my hands full holding parts of Franks Box since we were mobile. My reaction was to turn toward Rosemary and Jim P.! I got startled and don't recall exactly what I said, but it was probably a curse word since I had no clue of what the heck just happened. Jim P. apparently had a bat fly pretty close to him and ducked, but we thought otherwise and just reacted. We laughed at the moment and got back to our session. Later, as we still were watching the movement down the hall, decided it was time to move closer. As all three of us were walking back down the hall in total darkness, I saw some sort of black mass on the floor in front of us. We turned on flashlights and immediately saw an old raggedy dusty ball. Rosemary and Jim P. investigated the area as well as picking up the ball. The ball was dusty and old and Rosemary took some pictures of it! All three of us were puzzled since there was no way we would have missed that ball when we walked down the hallway earlier. One of us would have kicked it since we were almost shoulder to shoulder! There were no other investigators in the area during our time on that floor so this ball remains a mystery.

Rosemary, Jim P. and I did do EVP session on the fifth floor and in the morgue area on the first floor. Rosemary would go on to review those as well as the previous floor we investigated.

I reviewed my digital pictures and did see anything out of the ordinary. My findings are that there are shadow people on both the third and fourth floor. Be careful of the few bats flying around, they won't hurt you but fly pretty close. No other events happened to me at the investigation.


Dale Kaczmarek: I did not pick up anything more than unusual with EMF sweeps. However while doing a mini-box session with Guiley, J. Tito, and Joey Tito captured an unusual picture. Joe was experimenting using a remote controlled truck and calling on the spirit of Timmy to move the truck. When Guiley asked Timmy to move the truck the voice I heard come over the mini-box sounded like "It's hard". Guiley then suggested that Timmy bring some friends to help move the truck. I immediately snapped a IR picture down the opposite end of a vacate corridor and later found 3-4 shadowy figures of differing heights that appeared to be about 30 feet away.


Matt Hucke: I experienced nothing out of the ordinary at Waverly.

At the beginning of the investigation, we split up and wandered off from the area where the equipment had been brought in; I was with Dave Guss. We thoroughly explored the first and second floors, briefly explored the fourth and fifth, then joined others in the group at the command station on the fourth floor. From there, we went to the tunnel with other members.

After a break in the visitor centre, I returned to the building with Nicole, Nicole, and Dave. We performed a brief EVP experiment in the first-floor morgue; I reported feeling a bit of pressure in my ears, but nothing else unusual. After this, I sat alone quietly on the third floor for a while, on the side of the building with the large open windows, hoping something might manifest, but nothing did. I shot many infrared photos then. I then walked in on an experiment conducted by a non-GRS investigating team, in which they asked "Timmy" to manipulate a number of balls on the floor. Though I watched this experiment for about thirty minutes, the balls did not move on their own during this time. After this, we gathered the equipment and departed.


Jim Piscopo: At Waverly I was teamed up with Jim G. Rosemary asked us if we could help her with the EVP equipment. We took the stairs to the fourth floor and turned right. We went to the last room on the right and set up. While Rosemary was doing the EVP Jim and I walked to the door and we saw shadow people about 30-40 feet down the hall. We called Rosemary over and we watched them for about 10 min. There were at least 3 of them with on being taller than the others. We watched then going back and forth between two rooms. After about 10 min. we gathered up the equipment and walked down the hall. In the middle of the floor where the shadow people were was a dusty old ball that wasn't there when we walked down the hall earlier.


While there were apparently many personal experiences, not a lot of physical evidence either in EVPs, pictures or video was captured to back up most of them. 


Video Evidence Collected:

During a Mini-Box session a strange voice was picked up that says: Need therapy

During the same Mini-Box session the same voice comes through again and says: Need medical care

At the very beginning of the Mini-Box session a voice comes through and says what sounds like: You got the ghost!

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