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The following list is the Chain of Command for the Ghost Research Society and what functions the various officers are expected to perform.


PRESIDENT: Dale D. Kaczmarek, oversees all functions of the main branch located in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He currently publishes and edits The Journal and formerly the Ghost Trackers Newsletter, directs "Excursions Into The Unknown, Inc." and coordinates the Midwest Ghost Exposition. Dale also directly coordinates all State Coordinators nationally and Area Research Directors in overseas countries. Dale is also CEO of Ghost Research Society Press, Executive Producer of GRS Productions and author of six books.

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Chris Wallbruch, takes minutes at all Bi-Monthly meetings, assists with distribution of material, maintains a record of all Active Members and corresponds through email to interested parties such as clients, other researchers and/or to send thank you or condolence notices. Chris is also responsible for writing up the final reports of investigations.


ELECTRONIC EXPERT: Stan Suho is a veteran member of the GRS and has been the GRS Electronics Expert since 1993. By virtue of his extensive knowledge and the intricate workings of high-tech equipment that is used, Stan's active participation during GRS outings is a fundamental and critical element on all GRS investigations. He will train others in the use of said equipment whether during Bi-Monthly Meetings or OJT (on the job training).



SERGEANT-AT-ARMS:  Mark Wallbruch is responsible for security purpose due to his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  He is in charge of security at both Bi-Monthly Meetings, Field Excursions and Special or Haunted House Investigations.  Mark also safeguards all items, equipment or personal associated with the GRS during such outings. He is also special assistant to Electronic Expert, Stan Suho.



SPECIAL CONSULTANTS: Richard Senate is from California, has long been a GRS Special Consultant and is a frequent contributor to both the Ghost Trackers Newsletter and The Journal. Special Consultants are called upon by the GRS for expert opinions in the subject of the supernatural and/or the paranormal and are individuals residing within the United States that are not necessarily members of the GRS. Author of numerous books including "Ghosts Of Ventura". He also runs ghost tours and has taught classes on ghost hunting.

STATE COORDINATORS: State coordinators are the Regional Directors to the GRS President and are their state's official representative. Their duties are to assist the President in recruiting new members, conduct area research, submitting newspaper clippings, strange photographs and other forms of data. Also they are in charge of groups and branches in their specific area and may be in charge of field excursions authorized by the President. They must have a good working knowledge of Parapsychology and be willing to run field excursions in their respective state. Minimum age requirement is 21 and they have Sustaining Member Status.


Dennis William Hauck (CA)

Mr. Hauck has been a GRS member since 1991 and is author of "National Directory of Haunted Places" and "International Directory of Haunted Places". He has appeared on numerous documentaries including "Mysteries Of The Gods" hosted by William Shatner. Mr. Hauck has been a frequent contributor to Ghost Trackers Newsletter.



Henry Bailey (WA)

Mr. Bailey is a highly qualified and motivated individual who has been involved in numerous Haunted House Investigations within his native state. He has contributed to Ghost Trackers Newsletter

David Goodwin (MO)

Mr. Goodwin has been a GRS member since 1991 and is author of "Ghosts of Jefferson Barracks". He has been a contributor to Ghost Trackers Newsletter and has assisted the GRS President with regional ghost stories of Missouri. He is a graduate of the St. Louis Police Academy. Mr. Goodwin has recently returned from Iraq after serving his country proudly.

Randolph Liebeck (NJ)

Mr. Liebeck has been a GRS member since 1992. A career law enforcement officer and national security operations specialist with the federal government, he brings a lifetime of skill and experience as a police investigator to the field of paranormal phenomena.



Nancy Guss (KY)

Nancy Guss have been a GRS member since 2006 and is a Lifetime Member. She and her late husband, Dave have greatly helped with promotional material; caps, jackets, key chains, buttons, etc. and have shown a great enthusiasm for the paranormal. Dave died in May of 2012 and is greatly missed by all!


Charles Williams (IN)

Charles Williams has been a GRS member since 2015 and has been involved in the paranormal field for many years. His expertise in Hoosier sites makes him ideal for this position. He is also the official Videographer for the GRS, runs his own Podcast and is a professional nurse.



AREA RESEARCH DIRECTORS: Area Research Directors report directly to the State Coordinator of their respective state. Their responsibilities are to assemble data in all forms and pass that information to the State Coordinators, which then, report to the President. He or she would be next in line to the State Coordinator and would directly help in gathering research material for planned field excursions authorized by the President. Area Research Directors may also be a State Coordinator in a foreign country. Minimum age requirement is 21 and must have at least Sustaining Member Status.



  Rosemary Ellen Guiley  (CT) East Coast Area Research Director

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is an author and paranormal investigator, working full-time in this field since 1983.  41 books, including 9 encyclopedias, and hundreds of articles in print on a wide range of topics, and is regarded as one of the leading experts in the paranormal.  

Her encyclopedias on ghosts and spirits, angels, vampires and werewolves, magic and alchemy, witchcraft, demons, dreams, mystical and paranormal experience and saints are considered essential sources for authors, researchers, film and documentary producers, and paranormal investigators.  Her work has been translated into 14 languages and has been selected by major book clubs around the world.  She appears in television programs, documentaries and docu-dramas with paranormal themes, and makes numerous media and lecture appearances, including colleges and universities.  She conducts original field investigations of haunted and mysterious sites. She is a frequent quest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Rosemary lives in Connecticut.

She also is engaged in the following activities:

Member, board of directors, the Paranormal Source, Inc., a nonprofit research organization based in the Dallas, Texas area

Columnist for TAPS Paramagazine

Consulting editor of FATE Magazine

Associate editor of JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research  

Consulting editor of "Mysteries, Legends and Unexplained Phenomena," a series of young adult nonfiction books on the paranormal, published by Chelsea House/Facts On File.  She also has written several of the titles in the series.  

Consultant to groups and consortiums of paranormal investigators


FIELD INVESTIGATORS: Field Investigators are people used in the field investigations to assist State Coordinators, Area Research Directors and/or the GRS President in examining or gathering data during GRS outings. Field Investigators are vitally important to the GRS and its constituents as they are directly responsible for work conducted during GRS outings and reporting their data to their superiors. Minimum age requirement is 21 and must have Sustaining Member Status or above.

PATRON MEMBERS: Patron Members are slightly elevated above Sustaining Member status and enjoy the same privileges as Sustaining Members including a 20% discount on GRS material and/or activities, no cost for out-of-print newsletters and elevated status to join in on investigations.

SUSTAINING MEMBERS: Sustaining Members have the opportunity of helping in ghost research, special investigations and field excursions. Not quite as involved as a Field Investigator, he/she is able to join in on- the-job training (OJT). Benefits include: GRS button, T-shirt, discounts on new and used books, 10% discount on "Excursions Into The Unknown, Inc." and GRS-sponsored events and two back issues to the Ghost Trackers Newsletter if out-of-state or three issues of The Journal for those able to make the Bi-Monthly meetings.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Associate Members receive all the same benefits as the Sustaining Members. This level of membership is only for new members for their first year of membership.

If you are interested in becoming any of the above, please mail your request to the attention of Dale Kaczmarek, President, GRS, PO Box 205, Oak Lawn, IL. 60454-0205 or call (708)425-5163. You will be asked to fill out and return a request for active research form with a current picture of yourself before your request will be considered.

You must be age 21 or over to become a member of the GRS or any officer position.

There are many openings in Illinois and other states for the above positions. But you may want to apply as soon as possible.

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