GRS Equipment

by Dale Kaczmarek

Air Ion Counter

The Air Ion Counter is a substantial improvement over previously available ion meters, and it can make ion measurement available to anyone. It costs less than one tenth of any other meter and is smaller and easier to use, requiring only two 9-V batteries. Despite this, it has the same sensitivity (down to 10 ions per cubic centimeter) of very expensive meters. Due to full electrostatic shielding and a fan throughput of 200 cubic centimeters/sec., it can make accurate readings even in adverse conditions such as gusty winds or strong electrostatic fields.

The Air Ion Counter can be used for the detection of natural and artificial ions. Natural ions include those generated from the decay of radioactive minerals and radon gas; ions generated by fires, lightning, and evaporating water; and ions associated with storm activity. Note that in fair weather at sea level, typical ion counts are about 400 negative and 500 positive ions per cubic centimeter. Before a storm, positive ions increase dramatically. During a storm, negative ions increase.

The Ion Counter can gauge the output and coverage of artificial sources such as ion generators, improperly grounded air conditioning vents, combustion vapor and electrically charged or heated surfaces, and plasma-discharge ions in air and other gases.

	Range: 10-1,999,999 ions/cubic cm.
	Settling time: 10 seconds
	Warranty: Two years
	Price: $47.00 US 
	AlphaLab, Inc.
	1280 South 300 West
	Salt Lake City, UT. 84101



Gaussmeter feature is calibrated around 50/60 Hz and also offers 2 scales: 0-5 and 0-50 mG plus audio sound which corresponds to field strength. Remote probe with 2 foot extension cord allows user great flexibility and reach. Includes complete documentation on how to conduct proper measurements, guide to emission standards and methods to reduce unnecessary exposure. Not the best EMF meter on the market because it does pick up an array of EMF that is sometimes created by natural means and not paranormal.

Device sells for around $47.40.

Electromagnetic Field Gaussmeter

Dr. Gauss is an accurate, easy- to-use and affordable Gaussmeter developed to allow you to perform your own EMF survey. It detects and measures EMF (electromagnetic fields) produced by electrical currents found in and around the home, at school, in the workplace and other electrical transmission areas. Uses a 9v battery. This is considered the very basic EMF meter that money can buy and is not accurate and does pick up a lot of EMF from electrical appliances, wall outlets, naturally occurring magnetic fields and a lot of EMF not considered paranormal in nature.

Can be purchased for around $39.95.

     Mode 1: 1 mG to 10 mG
     Mode 2: 0.1 mG to 1 mG

Electromagnetic Field Tester

The Electromagnetic Field Tester, Model EMF-200A is designed to provide the user a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field radiation levels around power lines, home appliances and industrial devices.

	Range (in milligauss): 0.1 mG to 199.9 mG.
	Band Width:            30 Hz to 400 Hz
	Number of Axes:	  	Single axis
	Battery:		9v Transistor type battery

Due to the EM interference of the environment, the display heading may show small values before testing, for example less than 0.5 milligauss. This is not a malfunction. With the tester in hand, move slowly toward objects noting any change in EMF.

Can be purchased from for $69.90 from: Ghost Hunters Equipment

Field Strength Meter

 Excellent aid for any type of antenna development, experiment or adjustment. Useful for making and observing radiation patterns of antennas. Measures TV coax distribution loss in a building. Detects electronic instrumentation cross talk due to RFI (EMI). Defines the difference between balanced and unbalanced transmission lines. Measures microwave-oven leakage, TV and computer terminal radiation. Helps define safety distance. Determines RF level in radio environment and concealed area. Sniffs 60 cycle noise from motors. Will measure RF level in your equipment resulting from different grounding methods. Demonstrates antenna polarization as an instructional instrument. RF safety monitor for individuals working in RF field. Can be used as a power meter for very low power. Transmission Locator (T-Hunt).

     Frequency response: DC to 12 Ghz
     Relative sensitivity: 0.1% or .001 + 1 dgt.
     Gain: Antenna dependent
     Detectable Power Range (injected signal): 
          - at 100 Mhz: 57 dBm to 11 dBm, 2 nano watts to 60 microwatts
          - at 500 Mhz: 45.5 dBm to 8 dBm, 15 nano watts to 150 microwatts
     Display: Large 3.5 digit LCD with internal low battery voltage 
	indicator (7.2V or less)
     Power: Standard 9V transistor battery
     Power Dissipation: typically less than 20 mW
     Size: 3"W x 4.2"H x 1.5"D  Heavy duty plastic box
     Operating temperature: 0 to 50 C
Can be purchased for $185.00.

Geiger Counter

(Popular Electronics, July 1992) Used to check the background radiation of a given location and the presence of Radon gas. This Geiger Counter, which is based on the gas-ionization method of detection, will give visual and audible indications of local radioactivity. It can be used to detect nuclear radiation or contamination in and around your home, to prospect for uranium and measure background radiation. In fact, it can even be used to detect solar flares. Approximately 11 pulses per minute is considered to be normal background radiation.



G.E.I.S.T. which stands for Geophysically Equipped Instrument of Scientific Testing is a computer-based monitoring system capable of monitoring, recording and testing the environment without anyone being present at the time. Designed and built by Stan Suho, G.E.I.S.T. is hooked up to a laptop computer and through a 'polling device'. Attached to the 'polling device' are various instruments that can register static electricity (negative ions), electromagnetic disturbances, radiation, smells, infrared and ultraviolet lights and much more. If an anomaly is detected, it will register the event to the hard-drive of the computer and even take a photograph of the event, if it is set up so. It can be used indoors or outdoors and has proven itself in numerous field investigations.


Magnetic Field Detector MFD-1

Environmental Electronics, Inc., (PO Box 980, Goshen, IN. 46527).

MFD-1 was designed by a respected electrical engineer who became concerned about the possible health risks associated with long-term exposure to low-level magnetic fields. He invented MFD-1 when he could not find an affordable instrument to measure his exposure.

It detects and measures the strength and direction of many of the low level electromagnetic fields which have been linked to serious illnesses. MFD-1 is very sensitive and has a range of 0.25 milliGauss to 57 milliGauss.

This is a set up from the basic gauss meters and cell sensors but again it does pick up a lot of extraneous naturally-occurring EMF fields. If this is all that your budget can afford, then go for it; otherwise save up for something better in my opinion.  This device is hard to find but is not a bad meter for the starter and was around $45.00.

     Bandwidth: 20-10,000 Hz
     Range: 0.25-57 mG
     Power: One 9V battery
     Battery life: Nominally 20 hrs
     Dimensions: 1 x 2 5/8 x 6 11/16
     Weight: 7 oz

Multidetector II Profi Professional EMF Meter

This is an ideal EMF meter for night, hand-held use. If features a 10 digit, LED scale for the gauss reading rather than an unlit, analog scale. It's relatively simple to use, lightweight and appears to be very rugged. it is highly adjustable with a low-pass and high-pass filter settings, 4-position attenuation settings and magnetic or electromagnetic modes.



Negative Ion Detector (Static Field Detector)

(Popular Electronics, May 1993). Can be used to detect the presence and indicate the relative amount of free ions in the air. Designed to indicate ion emissions from ion generators, high-voltage leakage points, static-electricity sources, electric-field gradients and in other situations where the presence of ions or a measurement of their relative flux density is required. The front cover features, a sensitivity control with on-off switch, a high-flux indicator lamp, and a panel meter. An antenna, mounted on the top of the unit, serves as an external ion collector.

Night Vision Binoculars

(Moonlight Products, 5965 Pacific Center Blvd., Suite 711, San Diego, CA. 92121, 619-625-0300). Moonlight MPN 30K Night Vision Binoculars are professional quality, starlight devices that provide extremely powerful viewing in very low ambient light conditions. The 2nd generation night vision binoculars use the principle of intensifying natural moonlight and starlight. They provide up to 30,000X light amplification and feature quality optics with a 2.5 X image magnification.

          Length: 8.0" (203 mm)
          Width: 5.5" (140 mm)
          Height: 3.6" (91.5 mm)
     Weight: 2.53 lbs. (1147.58 g)
     Image Intensification: Maximum 30,000X
     Visual Magnification: 2.5 power
     Field of View: 15 degrees minimum
     Focusing Distance: Fixed (15 Feet (4.57 m) - Infinity)
     Interpupillary Distance: 58-74 mm
     Operating Voltage: 3 volts (2 ea. AA batteries)
     Operating Temperature: -30 to +30 C
     Resolution (on the optical axis): Not less than 33 mm -1

Tremolo Meter (Voice-Stress Analyzer)

(Popular Electronics, March, 1996, Vista, PO Box 1425, Bolingbrook, IL. 60440, 708-378-5534) This device can be used when interviewing a victim of an alleged haunted house to see if he/she is under undue stress or is fabricating the encounter. It can be used in person or after the fact by replaying any tape-recorded conversations. It directly measures the percentage of amplitude modulation in a voice.

Tri-Field Meter

It detects changes in extremely weak static (or "natural") electric and magnetic fields. It signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio and microwave detector is also included, which reads radio power directly if any transmitters are nearby. Because man-made AC electric and magnetic fields are very common and could interfere with readings of static fields, the meter has been designed to ignore the AC fields of power lines, appliances, etc.

This meter was designed to satisfy the need for natural field measurements in specialized research areas. It can detect "geomagnetic storms" caused by unusual solar activity interacting with the ionosphere (which results in rapid changes of up to 10% in the Earth's magnetic field), as well as the electrical activity of ordinary thunderstorms. Ball lightning should in theory be associated with a strong magnetic field, and magnetization of metal has been reported with some UFO sightings. When set on MAGNETIC, the Natural EM Meter will signal the movement of any strong magnetic source in the sky, even if the sky is cloudy or the source dips behind a hill. Because construction materials generally do not block magnetic fields, the meter can be placed indoors and work equally well. Due to the built-in tone, it can be used in the dark.

The meter is sensitive to changes of as little as 0.5% of the strength of the Earth's magnetic field, and the tone will sound whether the field increases or decreases. If the magnetic field then becomes stable for more than about five seconds, the tone will stop and the needle will return to zero. The meter will remain at rest until the field changes again. The threshold level, or "squelch", of the tone is adjustable. The user determines the amount of change in the magnetic field (within a 0.5 second interval) required to sound the tone. If the field changes by the threshold amount, the tone will come on at a low pitch. If the amount of change is larger, the tone's pitch will be higher.

When the dial is set to ELECTRIC, the meter is sensitive to electric fields as weak as 3 V/m (volts per meter). To illustrate just how feeble this is, a 10'x10'x10' room filled with a field of this strength has a total amount of energy equivalent to that required to lift a single grain of table salt 1/50th of an inch. Indoors, electric fields typically fluctuate 1 or 2 V/m. By setting the minimum sensitivity to change at 3 V/m, we have designed the meter to disregard this "background noise". Human beings and animals usually emit an electric field which is easily detectable using the Natural EM Meter. In fact, the meter can be used as a motion-activated intruder alarm. It is so sensitive that it can detect the presence of a person through a wall. Though it is not foolproof in this capacity, (sometimes a person will carry no electric charge and thus be "invisible" to the meter) its sensitivity is of interest to researchers in the field of parapsychology, especially "ghost hunters".

Radio/Microwave directly reads radio waves from 100 KHz to 3 GHz.

You may buy this meter here: Click Here!


Tritium-charged Compass.

All compasses point to true north unless they come into contact with a strong magnetic or electromagnetic field. Then they will deflect in the direction of that field deviation. They can be a cheap EMF detector. This one is equipped with radio-active charged Tritium which allows it to be used in total darkness.

Device costs around $100.

Raytek Raynger ST.

Low-cost Non-contact temperature measurement tool. ST2L, Raynger ST hand-held, battery- operated non-contact thermometer is compact, rugged and simple to operate. This everyday maintenance tool is easy for anyone to use without special training. It doesn't need focusing or calibrating. Simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature. Since you don't have to touch what you're measuring, temperatures of hazardous, hard-to-reach and moving materials can be taken without getting burned or shocked and without contamination.

The ST Thermometer spots heat problems early in electrical and mechanical systems, machinery and equipment as well as helps avoids costly repairs. Proven circuitry assures accuracy and repeatability, even for targets as small as 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. ST2L measures temperatures from 0 to 750 F (-18 to 400 C). Black and grey Raygner ST is powered by a single 50-hour, 9- Volt battery with low-battery indicator. LCD backlight reduces battery life. The 9.5 ounce unit is 5.4"x1.6"x7.7".

IMPORTANT: These devices do NOT pick up cold spots within rooms and were never meant for that use!! They are for CONTACT readings only on surfaces.

                      ST2L Specifications
Temperature range        0 to 750 F (-18 to 400 C)
Nominal D:S              8:1
Accuracy                 2% of reading or 3 F
Repeatability            1% of reading by 1 digit
Response time            500 ms
Spectral response        7 to 18 microns nominal
Emissivity               Pre-set 0.95
Temperature Display      1 F or C switch selectable
Ambient operating range  32 to 120 F (0 to 50 C)

Sony Nightvision Cameras and Monitoring Equipment

Sony 8mm Nightvision Cameras is an efficient way of monitoring and recording an investigation in total darkness. The cameras emit an invisible Infrared illumination which is then picked up by the cameras optics and transferred into a viewable image. The beam of Infrared light does not interfere with the investigator's own night vision as it is invisible to the naked eye.

Cameras are mounted on tripods and connected to a Swann Quad Processor which are then hooked up to a flat-screen television monitor. In that way, the investigator can see, in "real time", what the camera is recording and what may be going on in the room that is being monitored at the time. The monitor is split into 4 sections allowing researchers to view 4 different cameras on the same screen or they can instantly go full- screen in color if an area is very active. The Ghost Research Society has used this set-up in the past to record floating orbs and objects normally invisible to the naked eye. Nightvision goggles are enhanced while using the camcorder.




Safe Range EMF Meter (K-II Meter)

This EMF Meter is a compact and easy to use Magnetic Field strength meter. The EMF meter can be used indoors or outdoors for measuring any electric device or power lines. There are 5 LED's, each represents a field strength range as follows:

GREEN - "Normal" zone - Normal background Magnetic Field 0-1.5 milliGauss GREEN - "Low" zone - Low-Level Magnetic Field 1.5-2.5 milliGauss YELLOW - "Caution" zone - Mid-Level Magnetic Field - 2.5-10 milliGauss ORANGE - "High" zone - High-level Magnetic Field - 10-20 milliGauss RED - "Warning" zone - Extremely high Magnetic Field - 20+ milliGauss


Detection Range - 0-20+ milliGauss Detection Frequency - 50/60 Hz (50 to 1000 Hz- ELF) (1000 to 20,000 Hz - VLF) Accuracy - 5% (typical) Operating Temperature - 0-120 degrees F (-18 to 49C) Battery Requirements - 9 Volt battery Size & Weight - 5.75"(L) x 2.25"(W) x 1" (H); 6 ounces Comes with a 9V battery installed Economical battery use and very sturdy Sensitive accurate readings and made in the U.S.A.

Ordering: You can order it directly from Meter for $59.90.

Hydrogen Sulfide Detector

An extremely easy, inexpensive device that detects hydrogen sulfide gas which is often described as a "rotten egg" smell. The smell is sometimes associated with paranormal phenomena and has been encountered by clients in the past who have had occurrences going on in their home at the time. For more information and where to find this device Visit the GFG website

Infrared Still Camera



The Moultrie Model I40 Digital Game Camera was actually designed for capturing pictures of wildlife without the bright flash that normal cameras output. These infrared cameras produce no visible white flash but instead send out a burst of invisible infrared light at a distance of approximately 50 feet. 4.0 Mega pixels. However the resolution in enhanced mode is 2400 x 1800 lines of resolution. The unit is also capable of taking both low resolution (320x240) or high resolution (640x480) video from 4 minutes, 50 seconds to around 1 minute, 10 seconds. Built in memory is 32 mb, however it can be equipped with up to a 4 GB SD card for even more picture taking. Each picture after it is downloaded into a computer displays the time and date, lunar phase and temperature at which the picture was taken. The unit operates on 6 D-cell batteries. The very first time this unit was used it produced a very clear image of 3-4 distinct "shadow" people in a corridor of Waverly Hills Sanitarium. These units can be purchased at any major sporting goods store such as Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops or even at Wal-Mart. COM. The camera can be mounted on a tripod for automatic picture taking when motion is detected or completely manual mode. Cost is around $199.00.









Motion Detectors

These HomeSafe Infrared motion detectors produce an invisible beam of infrared light from the transmitter that is than picked up by the receiver for up to 60 feet away. Trigger mode can be set to Alarm, Chime or Continue chime selection and has a high, middle and low setting for the volume. Motion detectors are used for various purposes including protecting areas under inspection and investigation from possible contamination from other investigators, animals or natural causes as well as paranormal possibilities.  Paranormal uses include the triggering of the device by dark matter, paranormal mists or objects that was caused to fall over by unnatural means. Powered by 3 AA batteries or AC plugs.



EM Pump

Electromagnetic Pumps create a low level magnetic field or magnetic field white noise. Since the frequency and duration changes, think of it as a Beacon or trigger device. Some like to use it in an area to try to capture EVP or Photographic Evidence because the thought is by flooding the area with electromagnetic energy, ghosts may be able to feed off that energy for a possible manifestation. When first turned on a green light will glow for approximately 30 seconds indicating the the pump is emitting EMF frequencies of .1 to 34 Hz, then it will glow blue for 15 seconds and send out EMF frequencies of 64 to 128 Hz and finally the highest range is a red glow for approximately 1.5 seconds of a frequency of 256 Hz. Built by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing:

 Device costs around $69.00.





Reverse EVP Transmitter

The idea behind REVP "Reverse EVP" is to attempt spirit communication by reproducing sound in a magnetic field. One of the ways EVP is captured is by magnetic induction. Think of it this way, if you're trying to communicate with a non-physical being i.e. no body, ears, middle ear, etc. How are they hearing you?  This device is used in conjunction with the tape recorders you are attempting to capture EVPs on. You simply connect a microphone into the unit and your voice will be broadcasted as a magnetic field which can indeed by picked up by EMF devices. Perhaps with this device we are talking in a language that ghosts will truly understand.  Built by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing:

 Device costs $74.95.





Digital Thermometer Pyrometer TIF7000


The TIF digital pyrometers combine laboratory precision with unsurpassed speed and ease of use.  Each of the standard probes supplied with the instrument is individually calibrated.  These units offer unequaled accuracy in its price range, super-fast settling time to 99%, adjustment free interchangeable probes, switch selected for F or C, custom fitted instrument case, display update 3 times per second, large easily read display and instantaneous temperature readings which is essential for paranormal work. Rather than wait for digital thermometers to settle by tenths of a degree, this device equipped with Air Probe is designed to provide practically instantaneous temperature readings from -40F to over 1000F. The sensor wires (visible within the probe tip) are only .004 inches (0.1 mm) thick in order to provide rapid response. Each unit also comes equipped with a Surface contact Probe and a Immersion Probe for indicating the temperature of liquids. This is by far the most accurate temperature device on the market and seriously should be considered by paranormal investigators.

 Found on Ebay for various prices but around $35.00.







Van de Graff Generator


The Van de Graff Generator deposits a very large amount of positive electrical charge on the metal collector (oblate, dome, globe). This massive volume of positive electrical charge produces a spectacular display of lightning and other phenomena. The unit purchased was 10-060, 200,000 kilovolt unit with a discharge wand. While a great deal of scientific experiments can be performed with this device, its use in ghost hunting is simply; a known energy source. By starting up this unit, a room can become greatly charged with electrical energy, creating the possibility of spirits using that energy for manifestations, EVP, spirit photography or other experiments. Great caution must be employed near computers, cell phones, stereos as it does produce a great deal of energy which can be quite harmful to such devices. This unit should be used in an area devoid of such devices such as an abandoned sanitarium, jail, old building or vacant structure.  Similar units can be purchased from Ramsey Electronics, 590 Fishers Station Dr., Victor, NY. 14564, 800-446-2295. Call for a complete catalog.






Video Ovilus

I.C.E.S. (Intelligent Communicator of Earthbound Spirits) is actually a Video Ovilus device designed and built by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing: . This device was first used and seen on "Ghost Adventures" and combines the features of the previous Ovilus but takes it a step further. The idea behind the Ovilus is that there is a built in phonetic library of words in a database and that when questions are asked, spirits can manipulate that database and draw out the words they require for a response. However not only do you hear the word through the built-in speaker, you can see the words in a set of specially designed goggles that display the word in real time. In front of the unit is an built-in camera and several Infrared LED's which allow the user to see in total darkness at the time of the recordings. The unit can also be hooked directly up to a camcorder and responses can then be recorded when conducting EVP sessions. Only a limited amount of these units were being built at this time and they were priced at $600 which included shipping. The device can be a useful tool for EVP sessions and works quite differently from the Frank's Box as no radio frequencies are used.

Each unit is personalized on the unit case itself and the goggle display is also permanently etched with the phrase of your choice, our in case, the name we chose; I.C.E.S.









The Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester or Melmeter Model: Mel-8707-R is a complex and delicate instrument specifically designed to determine the magnitude of electromagnetic field radiation generated by power lines, computer's monitor, TV sets, video machinery and many other similar devices. Some of the many features include: dual function meter display that show EMF and temperature value at the same time, built in LED glow lamp, records maximum, minimum readings with Recall, LCD display is backlit, data hold capability, fast button used for fast EMF measurement. The EMF field recorded can be read and displayed in either micro Tesla or milli-Gauss units and the sensitivity for hot and cold fluctuations I found were better than most other units I had tested in the past with the exception of the TIF7000 Pyrometer. This is a Single-axis device indicating that only fields directly in front of the unit will be detected. There is a tri-pod screw for a tri-pod on the back of the unit plus a fold-out flap for standing the the unit upright. This is one of the better EMF units on the market today next to the Tri-Field Natural EM Meter and runs around $119.  It can be found at:









Full Spectrum Camera


Originally ordered from Moditronics for $194.95 including shipping. They also had produced a deep Infrared camera as well. The Full Spectrum Camera has been used by Robb Demarest and his team from "Ghost Hunters International".


IR Illuminator

This Infrared illuminator is the perfect companion to the Full Spectrum Camera listed above. It runs off a single 9v battery for almost 10 hours and can illuminate around 30 feet away. It can also be mounted to a variety of other cameras and camcorders as it does have a boot adaptable to most units.  This unit has been used on "Ghost Hunters International".  It can be purchased from:








Bionic Ear

The Bionic Ear is a versatile device for which a variety of paranormal applications can be applied to. The sound detection system is powerful enough to pick up a human conversation at a distance of 300 feet or more away. You can apply this device to listen for faint disembodied voices or sounds in real time during an investigation or detect noises at a distance. With simple adaptation you can actually record these sounds with a digital tape recorder for later analysis and at the same time listen to them in real time.  Various sites on Ebay sell these devices from $23 up to over $175 for almost exactly the same device. Beware when ordering them through Ebay as even the cheapest priced device is essentially the same as the higher priced units.








A Geophone is much like a seismograph in that it picks up vibrations given off by movements. This device, when activated, can detect the slightest vibrations in floorboards, tabletops or any media that can transfer energy waves through. It's sensitivity can be adjusted for very faint or louder vibrations.  This is especially useful in the paranormal field where researchers or clients have reportedly heard the sounds of footsteps, movements of objects or other physical noises. While the sounds have been heard and sometimes recorded, what was never known in the past is if those same sounds were being caused by the physical movement and creaking of floorboards or if it was a residual effect. This device will answer that question once and for all. I originally purchased my Geophone from Ghost Widgets and was built by Michael Hottle. It runs on a single 9v battery and comes in your choice of red or blue LEDs. Cost was only $95.00 which included shipping and was in my hands in only a few days.

 Various companies make similar devices.




Ovilus Puck 

The PX as Bill Chappell from calls it, is the latest in a string of professionally designed and state-of-the-art ghost-hunting devices for communication especially for those conducting EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions.  This device combines the best of the now defunct Paranormal Puck and the original Ovilus into one unit. This unit has seven different mode settings including: dictionary mode which includes 2048 internal words, phonetic mode which will use phonemes to speak, reverse phonetic mode that will reverse the phonetic output and in effect talk backwards, touch mode which can be used to detect if the device is being touched, voice change mode which is the same as the dictionary mode except that the voice can be altered detected inputs, repeat mode which will say the last 400 words said and energy mode which allows the user to set the sensitivity of the device with one of three preset levels. It is equipped with an internal speaker but also has an external 1/8 inch stereo jack for a non-amplified speaker from 8-32 ohms. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and has a RS-232 jack allowing the unit to be connected via a USB port to your laptop or desktop with software which can be downloaded from the website for free. You can add additional words to the vocabulary plus a number of other neat features to adapt the unit for what you plan to use it for.  Current price is $149.00 plus shipping.






Belfry Bat Detector

This detector was designed to pick up the sounds emitted by bats which is beyond the range of human hearing. The detector works by translating ultrasonic sounds in 25 kilohertz to 100 kilohertz range, which are normally too high for us to hear. It is most sensitive around 40 kilohertz. Many everyday occurrences create ultrasonic sounds, such as keys jingling together, walking on grass, trees blowing in the wind, a television that is on and some other electrical appliances. It will also pick up the interference given off by electrical lights plugged in and turned on. This device could be applied to the paranormal field in that you might wish to know what kind of invisible sounds and noises are around you in the ultrasonic frequency when you are conducting an EVP experiment. Powered by a single 9v battery, the base unit is $64.95 however several add-ons are available bringing my cost to $84.95 which included shipping. You can purchase this device from Convergence Technology, Inc at:




Laser Pointer Grid System

The ultimate in laser technology. This very simple and inexpensive laser pointer utilizes a kaleidoscope effect and splits the normally single laser beam into hundreds of tiny little dots which illuminate a wall up to a 140 degree pattern. Instead of shining a single laser beam down a darkened corridor and waiting for something to break it, now you have hundreds of dots that will instantly fill an entire room thereby making it much easier for one to determine if something paranormal has broke one of the many dots. The front of the laser pen has a silver ring that when turned can change the pattern of the lights from a few to hundreds. This device is available on numerous websites but be wary as many charge much more if it is used for ghosthunting purposes. I only paid about $12 including shipping. 






The Talker

The Talker is yet another device built by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing This device uses phonetics, the basics of speech and was devised to allow spirits to form their own words in responses to questions asked in EVP sessions. Different from the Puck and PX that have a built-in vocabulary base of words, this device creates words from the basic sounds, phonemes and bits of the English language. We've had a great deal of success with this device so far especially recently in an abandoned hospital where suddenly it said the words, "Help me" over and over again. We were on the surgical ward at the time. This device comes without a case and it was modified with an off/on switch by Stan Suho, electronics expert. Cost of the unit is: $69.00 plus shipping. 




EVP Field Processor 

This unique device designed and tested by the American Paranormal Research Association is another attempt at two-way communication with the dead. The whole flaw with most EVP is that it isn't two-way communication. You simply listen to your taped responses days later. This device has a white noise baseline adjustor and when it's set, you simply plug the EVP Field Processor into the earphone jack of your digital tape recorder and, if you wish, a set of headphones into the device's built-in earphone jack. You just continue an ordinary EVP session at that point. However if an EVP is captured, you not only will hear it in "real time" but it will register on the display by a climbing green bar. This way you can actually videotape when an EVP is captured as well! I greatly recommend that you try this device. The price is very reasonable at $145 plus shipping.








Sony Digital IR Camera

While this may be an older and somewhat outdated 5.0 Mp digital camera, it truly has its uses today in the paranormal field. Fellow researcher Rene Kruse first demonstrated the versatility of this camera to me at Nemacolin Castle and I was instantly sold on it. Not only does it take great digital pictures, it takes pictures in total darkness using a Nightshot capability feature. To the right of the lens the camera has its own built-in infrared illuminator. If that isn't enough, it does have a boot on top where you can attach any supplemental infrared illuminator like the ones Creepy Hollow sells. They compliment the built-in IR very nicely. The camera also has what is called Nightshot framing and allows you to take video in total darkness. With a 4gb memory stick I was able to capture over 1800 pictures in high resolution. The model number of this camera is Sony DSC-V1 Cyber-Shot 5.0mp and you can find some still on Ebay for sale. It originally sold in 2004 for $445 but I got mine in an Ebay auction for $58 including shipping. If you can find one, they are well worth the money and take terrific infrared shots.




Olympus Digital DM-420

I know, this is only a digital recorder however I was totally amazed by the features and sound quality of this particular brand and model. The Olympus DM-420 comes with 2gb of memory allowing the user to record up to 533 hours of either MP3 or WMA-formatted recordings in LP mode. It also has noise cancellation, voice filter and a USB port that allows you to download recordings to your PC instantly and trouble free. It uses Variable Control Voice Actuator technology to detect a pre-determined volume level, eliminating silent pauses and has a low cut filter that minimizes low-frequency sounds, recording voices with obscuring Ps, Bs and Ss up to 50' away. The stereo condenser microphone gives excellent quality sound but there are jacks for external microphones as well. Prices vary across the internet and catalogs however this digital recorder is one that should be given a serious look for your EVP sessions.





Paracorder 667

The Paracorder 667 senses paranormal entities by way of ION and Electrostatic presence. This unit also provides a communications platform in a way that an entity in instructed to "touch the wire" thus activating a light and sound device when the wire is touched. The light stays on until the wire is touched again. Since this is not an EMF meter, the Paracorder can simultaneously provide a source for energizing paranormal entities by way of localized EMF field without initiating any false alarms. The EMF field pulsates at the Schumann resonance utilizing Telsa Coil technology. 

It is a known fact that ghosts absorb EMF energy. Devices containing batteries rapidly drain during investigations. The Paracorder 667 provides an alternative energy source for the entity to absorb in order to boost its energy, thus making it easier for it to interact with the meter itself. 

This device was originally purchased from Moditronics for $89.95 with free shipping and tracking. That company went out of business. 




EM Vortex

The EM Vortex is another great device designed and built by Bill Chappell and Digital Dowsing. This device creates a rotating electromagnetic field using multiple coils and micro processor controls. Controls on the device allow the user to increase the intensity of the EM field and switch the field from rotating clockwise or counter clockwise. 

A very sturdy and well built device, it produces a stronger EM field than the EM Pumps in my opinion and is well worth the investment. 

You can order the device from: for $179.00 plus $10 shipping.








The Thermasound device is the latest in tool built, designed and tested by Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing. This device is probably the most unique and interesting device yet designed by Mr. Chappell. The small front upright piece is actually a unit that scans and sweeps the environment with a sonic sensor which allows the user to determine if an "invisible being" has been detected and it confirms the actual distance. This device has software which when downloaded to your laptop allows the user to actually see when a disruption of the sonic waves has happened in a histogram display. It can log and save this data to the laptop in the form of a CSV file for use with most popular spread sheet applications. If that wasn't enough, it also sweeps and scans at the same time with a built-in Thermal Sensor. 

There are a lot of different ways to use the Thermasound. It can used to monitor doors or hallways openings, looking for cold spots. It can also be used in static mode where it doesn't sweep and scan but you would simply point it in the direction or area you wish to monitor and watch for temperature and sonic fluctuations. 

You can order the device from: for $499.00 plus $10 shipping.







Rem E-Pod

The Rem E-Pod utilizes a mini telescopic antenna to radiate an independent EM field around the device. It is believed that spirit energy can manipulate, distort, and influence such an EM field. To activate the REM feature, one must simply extend the antenna and press the white power button located on the bottom next to the 9v battery. The four LEDs will blink twice as they go through their diagnostic routine which verifies the system is working correctly. When another energy source or spirit comes into close proximity of this unit and its emanating power, an audible sound and LED lights will illuminate indicating that a generated field of energy has been detected. Each LED has a distinct sound when illuminated. 

This unit can be purchased from Ghost Equipment Store at: Pro Measure from between $160.00 to $270.00 plus shipping, depending on the model ordered and features included.







Ovilus X

The Ovilus X is the latest of the Ovilus devices designed by Bill Chappell of . This device has a lot of new features and will be constantly expanded and upgraded through software. The device has the dictionary mode, phonetic mode, reverse phonetic mode, touch mode, say last word mode and sync mode but it has added two new modes including an Energy Mode which when activated produces a small EMF output similar to an EM Pump and a White Noise Mode which produces a background white noise for EVP sessions. Additional new design features include a switch for off/on which doesn't allow for accidental turn on of the device as per previous designs and an output plug for later ITC communication.

Purchase this device at: for $159.00 plus $10.00 shipping.





Ghost Box P-SB7

The Ghost Box or what is commonly known as a Frank's Box or Radio Shack Hack is a device that quickly scans the AM and FM frequencies either forward or reverse. The idea behind these devices is that in between the radio stations spirits can speak in the "white noise" and communicate with the living. This particular unit, the P-SB7 has a backlit LCD display and can sweep the various bands from very fast to very slow. There are multiple speed scans from 100 ms to 350 ms on the FM band and 200 ms to 500 ms on the AM band. I would recommend using the fastest scan rate when using this unit so the chance of picking up words from radio stations, let alone an entire sentence is nearly impossible. An external amplified speaker is highly recommended with this unit as the built-in speakers don't produce sufficient volume. 

Purchase this device at Pro Measure for $69.90 shipping included.






Mini DVR Camera DVR-01

This mini DVR camera is designed for the deficiency of common DVR and surveillance cameras. it integrated surveillance, recording and alarm. The surveillance reliability can be greatly improved by combining the PIR detection and motion detection. The built-in color CCD camera takes clear pictures or video in total darkness through the use of infrared illuminators. The unit can support up to a 4 GB SD card and it's built-in rechargeable lithium battery allows it to work for many hours before charging is necessary. There are adjustments for how sensitive the motion detection will pick up movement, how large of an area it will detect and how many pictures it will take at one time when motion is detected.

Purchase this device at Pro Measure for $169.90.




ES (Energy Speaker)

The ES is simple to use. The 1/8 inch 3.5mm stereo jack is designed to plug into the speaker output of most standard electronic devices. To use, simply plug the ES into your audio source. The ES will reproduce the sound output from your audio source as a magnetic field similar to the RS EVP. You can now play trigger music, white noise and more without bleed through into your audio recorded. The device can be tested by placing any EMF meter close to the ES unit. It is recommended that you keep recording devices at least one foot away from the ES. Some audio recorders can pick up the magnetic field close to the device.

Some EVP experiments to try would be the beacon experiment by playing a message repeatedly through the ES; sending white noise through the device and conducting your EVP sessions without interference or trigger music or sounds.

Purchase this device at Digital Dowsing: for $29.95 plus $4.00 shipping.





The Spectercam4 is a high-end paranormal research CCTV full spectrum camera with high resolution of 600 TV lines using the top-notch full digital image processing, 12 Bit A/D serial signal processing and special algorithm technologies. It also comes with motion tracking capability which allows for ease of reviewing evidence later. If motion is detected, the camera boxes the motion on the screen in real time so that you can monitor it through a monitor and later for ease of collecting paranormal evidence. Interchangeable lenses can be purchased for the unit and it runs off a battery pack with is purchased separately. To record with the camera, Spectercam recommends using a JXD990 DVR system which can be purchased on Ebay for around $120.

Originally purchased this device from SpecterCam for $355.00 plus shipping costs. The designer stopped making the device.




The DTD-Device or Digital Text Display is a backlit illuminated device that connects to either an Ovilus PX or Ovilus X via the data plug on the Ovilus and allows the user to read the words the Ovilus says only in the dictionary mode. It does not work in the phonetic mode! Phonemes are not words and they don't follow the alphabet so displaying them is not useful. However using this in the dictionary mode is very useful as many of the words are difficult to understand. When a word is spoken it will show on the DTD, just under the word the PWR: and a number will display. This is the energy level at which the word occurs as being sensed by the Ovilus X. 


Purchase this device at Digital Dowsing at: for $119.00 plus shipping costs.




The X-Cam is an IR/UV sensitive camera module. It features a built in sonic distance sensor and thermal temperature sensor. It displays the distance and temperature at the bottom of the video output. The X-Cam also has built in IR illuminators with brightness and strobe functions. It is powered by six (6) AAA batteries. It has a Video Output port to connect a video cable to either a DVR or a monitor. The device can be adjusted to use or not use the strobing effect and also to increase the brightness as well as a number of other useful features.



Purchase this device at Digital Dowsing at: for $189.00 plus $10 shipping.


Shadow Detector

The Shadow Detector device is a unit that allows one to pick up moving shadows that may cross through the range of the device. All one has to do is position the SDD on a tripod so that the light intensity sensor is aimed in the general direction of the red LED illuminator. It is not imperative that they be perfectly aligned. They can be located up to 75' away. Once in place, test the detection sensitivity by rotating the red LED  illumination beam to the left and right side of the SDD to simulate increase/decrease of light level received. The SDD will produce a descending tone pattern (dark). Then, move the illumination so that the SDD receives more light and you will hear an ascending tone pattern. There is an LED above each of the light sensors. It will change color based on light conditions.




Purchase this device from Pro-Measure at: for $159.00 plus shipping costs.



Negative Ion Detectors

These nifty, easy to use clip-on devices that snapped onto the tops of 9v batteries came in both negative and positive and were extremely sensitive to their designated fields. The lights remained on until they came into contact with a strong electrical field whether it be positive or negatively charged and would go off. They were very inexpensive as you could purchase several of these for just $25 which meant you could place them in an array like along a corridor, hallway or set of stairs and see if a ghost triggered them as they moved through the array. They are no longer being produced but were originally built by same website that gave you the SpecterCam.




The HTO or Haunted Trigger Object device had been in development for over two years before its release by Bob Christopher. The basic operation of the device is that the four LED lights will illuminate when either touched or the EM field is broken. It connects to anything metal and anything that either touches or comes within range will cause the lights to light up. An audible alarm has also been added to the device which will also alert at the same time the lights illuminate. It runs off one 9v battery and comes in five great colors; red, blue, yellow, orange and purple and the LED's match the color of the case. There is a sensitivity switch which is located at the top of the device. Turn clockwise till it stops, hook up your trigger object, turn counterclockwise stop part way and take your hand away from the unit, test your trigger object and adjust till the desired distance to make the HTO light go off is acquired.



Purchase this device from Bob Christopher at:  for $135.00.




EMF ITC Device

One of the newest devices from Digital Dowsing and Bill Chappell. The EMF-ITC uses what is called ECM or Environmental Communications Mode. Some of their devices can create speech and text in this mode. ECM is a method of taking energy levels in the environment and creating speech. It does not use and type of random generator or sweep function and no algorithm is employed to produce text or speech in a specific pattern. This device is multi-function and includes and EMF mode in a tri-axis and points towards the area of the greatest concentration of field energy; Ovilus mode that only displays the word on an illuminated display screen but no vocal capability is employed; Yes, NO function for asking EVP questions; EMF Draw - the device will draw across the screen, based on the amount of EMF present; Dowsing Rods feature with icons, straight, left, right, widespread and crossed. Other features include the opportunity of monitoring both EMF and Ions at the same time, EMF Scope, EMF Bar, EMF XYZ, EMF Hz and there's even a min/max for monitoring an area remotely.

Purchase this device at Digital Dowsing at: for $99.00


Inductive Probe

This is an experimental device based on designs from Andy Coppock's probe. You must obtain a Tempo 220b or 200ep and by making certain internal modifications you might be able to pick up spirit voices through this device. Its relatively the same device that researcher April Slaughter has used in her research and through her website . The hack increases the gain of the unit from 20 to 200, by the addition of a 10uF 16v capacitor soldered to the gain control pins of the LM386 Audio Amplifier. 

I purchased the Inductive Probe device from Greenlee Communications for $64.95.





SB-11 Ghost Box

The SB-11 Ghost or Spirit Box is the next upgrade from the P-SB-7. This new device has the equivalent of two P-SB-7s within that allow the user to scan AM-FM, AM-AM, FM-FM or any combination, forward or reverse scanning. The built-in speakers are much bigger and the volume of sound is much better than the previous P-SB-7 which often needed to have an external speaker attached to hear what was being generated. The device also has a temperature sensor that will alert if increases (red lights) or decreases (blue lights) are detected and an audible sound is also produced. What I really like about the SB-11 however is the capability of disconnecting from the physical telescoping antenna during experiences. This effectively reduces the possibility of radio bleed through of being picked up by the device and perhaps being mistook for a spirit voice.

This device can be purchased from Pro-Measure for $99.99. 





Devil's Toy Box

The Devils Toy Box  has been used in attempts to trap / communicate with entities. Use with your recording device by plugging in the 1/8 inch microphone jack or with a small amplifier for real time EVP experiments 6 Sided Mirror box with piezoelectric microphone. Made from Coated Acrylic which is clear as glass but safer as it will not shatter. Box is 2.25in x 2in x 2in. Comes with a mounted microphone with 2ft cord & 1/8in  microphone jack. Plug this device in your recording equipment as a microphone or a small amplifier for real-time EVP. The Contact Microphone is sensitive to vibration and sound.

This device can be purchased from Digital Dowsing for $59.00.




EVP Receiver

The EVP Receiver will allow one to extract Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) from reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors, and even water!

How is this possible? First a pen laser is pointed at a target object (such as a picture frame) and then the receiver is aligned with the reflected beam from the target object. As the laser beam strikes the target object, small vibrations from the surface of the target cause the laser beam to move slightly, this is known as “modulation”.   This modulation in the laser beam is picked up by the laser microphone receiver and converts it to audio.

To use the EVP Receiver, you’ll need a green or red  laser pointer. Aim the laser pointer at a reflective surface and align the receiver with the reflected beam.

The EVP Receiver has a direct audio output and includes an audio cable. The audio output can be used with an external recording device or a amplifier for real time EVP.

Made popular in the 1960’s, the CIA used a similar method with an infrared light source to perform covert surveillance.  However, using an invisible light source is difficult to align and since the goal here is not covert espionage we make use of a visible light source from a pen laser.  By utilizing visible pen lasers, users may set up multiple targets at multiple angles with minimal effort.  A typical pen laser will have little to no issue bouncing across two to three targets at a distance of 500 feet.   With fine tuning users may be able to achieve more extreme distances of over 2000 ft.

This device can be purchased from Digital Dowsing for $119.00.



HLC Thermal Flashlight

A thermal thermometer with an infrared heat sensor that picks up temperatures in a given room. The two colored LEDs then change color from blue (typically temperatures below 35 degrees, blue/green (temperatures between 36-50 degrees), green (temperatures between 50-70 degrees), green/red (temperatures between 70-80 degrees) and red which picks up temperatures 80 degrees and above. Powered by 3 AAA batteries.

This device can be purchased from Digital Dowsing for $59.00.









This Windguide Anemometer, model number, 48022, measures wind velocity and temperature. When the temperature drops below 32 degrees, the device will also measure wind chill factor. It features a backlit display to record readings in total darkness. The device can be used in paranormal investigations to measure air temperature, but more importantly, wind speed. If cold spots or drafts are felt, it will pick up the direction and speed of those possible anomalies. 

This device can be purchased from Whatever Works for around $60.00.








The Structured Light Sensor X-Cam is a phenomenal piece of equipment from the genius of Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing. The unique device is controlled by a tablet and has a pistol grip attachment; however the device is probably best used when mounted on a tripod as it has a built-in tripod screw attachment at the bottom. All of the data is gathered and displayed in real time. The connected PC based tablet gathers all the data into one central program for simple viewing and recording. One single screen shows all the data including: temperature, imaging, audio range, distance, light levels and visualized object scanning. 

The idea for the device is to detect and register spirits that might otherwise be invisible to the naked eye as it sends out a series of invisible dots, might like a laser grid. When a spirit is detected, it will show up as a "stick figure." The device also displays the distance from an object it is pointed at and the temperature of that object. The is truly one of the most interesting devices ever designed by Chappell and it comes with a hefty price tag for the truly serious researcher. 

This device can be purchased from Digital Dowsing for $1275.00.





The Radio Specter is an AM band sweep device that quickly scans AM radio frequency. The unique thing about this device is that the user no longer hears the annoying sweep noise most common with other ghost boxes. In this case, only the voices come through allowing the user to hear the soft and subtle voices that would have been otherwise drowned out by the scanner sound feature. This device was designed by Andrew Openlander from Chicago Spirit Wave. It is powered by a single 9v battery and can be personally autographed, like mine was, by the designer.

This device can be purchased from Chicago Spirit Wave for around $250.00. Check the website for updated prices however.





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