The GRS in Action

       GRS Members starting a Bachelor's Grove Investigation.               Chris and Mark Wallbruch watching monitors at a private haunted house.


Dale & Jim Graczyk monitoring GEIST at private home.        Stan Suho & Jim Graczyk intently gazing at television monitors watching for orbs.


GRS team arriving at a haunted house in Markham, Illinois.                        Jim indicating a movement on a TV monitor at Rico D's Restaurant.


Jim Graczyk & Dale interviewing eyewitnesses at Ethyl's Party in Chicago.            Jim Graczyk & Dale looking over notes at northside cemetery.


GRS team setting up at the Woodstock Opera House (6-27-98)                        Dale demonstrating equipment during a library lecture in 2005.


GRS members touring Rosehill Mausoleum 8-13-94.                       Jim Graczyk taking notes while monitoring GEIST at private haunted house.


       Dave Guss on a tour of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.                                  Nancy Guss taking video at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.


Cachel, Dale, Suho, Boonstra & Graczyk during investigation.            Dale testing equipment prior to Bachelor's Grove investigation.


         Dale speaking at 2005 Baltimore Conference.                               Dale speaking with Rosemary Ellen Guiley during a break.


        Dale checking guests on Halloween tour in 2004.                              Dale at Sach's Bridge near Gettysburg in 2006.

Jim at the 2006 Battlefield Ghost Hunters Society conference.     Dale giving a talk at the 2006 Battlefield Ghost Hunters Society Conference.


      Dale, Stan and Jim looking for the Joplin Spooklight.                            Jim at Spangler's Spring in Gettysburg in 2006.