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The Ghost Research Society was conceived in 1977 by Martin V. Riccardo and was originally called The Ghost Trackers Club. At that time, Dale D. Kaczmarek was it's Research Director. It's members were from all walks of life but mostly those who just shared an interest in ghost research, hauntings and poltergeist phenomena. In 1982, Dale D. Kaczmarek was given full ownership of the GRS and became it's President.

Mr. Kaczmarek began producing the Ghost Trackers Newsletter which, at that time, was the official quarterly publication of the GRS. The newsletter told about the various sites around the Chicagoland area and the suburbs which the GRS had investigated and were allegedly haunted. The newsletter was then expanded to include reports from around the world but has dropped down to three issues a year; February, June and October. The newsletter was discontinued on October 2001 after almost 19 continuous years.

The newsletter had regular writers who produce their own columns namely: Richard Senate--ghost hunter and author from Ventura, California, and articles from State Coordinators to members and non-members alike. Ghost Trackers Newsletter devotes each and every issue strictly to the reporting of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists and life and death articles and will never deviate from that.

After the demise of Ghost Trackers Newsletter, Dale put together another newsletter called The Journal. That newsletter was also eventually discontinued. For several years Dale worked on an online newsletter called The Ghostly Whisper which included book reviews, articles and interesting tidbits from the world of the paranormal. Decreased submissions to that newsletter also contributed to its recent demise.

Currently the GRS has State Coordinators from various states including:

Area Research Directors currently are:

Special Correspondents:

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