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Dale Kaczmarek is a noted expert in the field of the supernatural and paranormal. He is President of the Internationally known Ghost Research Society, Author of Windy City Ghosts, Windy City Ghosts II, A Field Guide to Spirit Photography, Illuminating the Darkness: The Mystery of Spooklights, Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques Field Guide to Haunted Roads and Bridges,, creator of GRS Productions and CEO of Ghost Research Society Press. Dale has been professionally investigating ghosts and hauntings since 1975 and is an active member of The Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, International Fortean Organization, The American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena, and The Ghost Club. Dale is also the director of Excursions Into The Unknown, Inc., the only year- round bus tour of haunted Chicagoland locations!


The Misconceptions of Ghost Hunting Equipment is a PowerPoint presentation showing how to properly use ghost hunting tools in the field and often they are wrongly employed.

Ghosts On Video is a PowerPoint presentation of both audio and video documentation of ghosts. Some amazing sounds and visuals are the subject of this presentation!

It Ain't Always a Ghost is a PowerPoint presentation and an interesting look at ghost pictures, some real, some fake and some explainable.

True Chicagoland Ghost Stories, the most popular lecture offered is a look at the many areas throughout Chicagoland which are considered to be haunted!

The Evidence For Ghost Photography Through the visuals displayed, Dale shows the many different and diverse ways that ghosts can appear through photographs.

The Royal Ghosts of England is devoted to the many hauntings, poltergeists and mystical places throughout the United Kingdom.

The World's Most Haunted Houses delves into houses throughout the world where many famous hauntings have occurred.

Ghostbusting Techniques is a unique hands-on lecture which demonstrates actual ghost hunting equipment and procedures.

High Tech and Ghostly Evidence is a PowerPoint presentation on some of the evidence the GRS has collected during actual investigations.

Portal Hauntings is a presentation on areas around the country that tend to have their share of paranormal activity. Many claim it is due to a doorway opening nearby.

The Haunted Midwest takes you on a armchair ride through the many locations in the Midwest that have been investigated by the GRS and what evidence was collected.

Paranormal Evidence shows many intriguing aspects of ghost research and the visual and audio evidence collected as well as paranormal pictures. 

Creepiest Evidence of All Time is a presentation that shows the weirdest and creepiest audio, video and photographs from the GRS collection.

Other lecture are also available such as: The Enigma of Ghost Lights, Poltergeists!, Haunted Hooiserland, The Occult, Southside Ghosts, Northside Ghosts, Ghosts I Have Met!, Civil War Ghosts. Ask for the complete list of all lectures. All lectures are slide presentations and run from one to two hours. Fees start at $300.00 per hour with ample time for questions and answers. Special rates for Senior Citizen groups, non-profit organizations, libraries and civic centers can be arranged. Fees are calculated by distance traveled to and from lecture sites, time involved for roundtrip travel and lecture, expenses, and if permission is given to Mr. Kaczmarek to sell and promote his ghost books.

For further information or to schedule a lecture for your group contact: Dale Kaczmarek, c/o Ghost Research Society, PO Box 205, Oak Lawn, IL. 60454-0205, or call (708)425-5163. Advanced booking and reservations required during the months of September, October and November!! VISA, MasterCard and Discover accepted. Excellent references provided upon request.

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