The Night Before Xmas OR "I gotta get a life"

by Stan Suho

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house it was Dale that was stirring in his hand was Dr. Gauss

The house it was haunted the folks there would say filled up with ghosts by night and by day

We checked out some hotspots hand-held's started beeping the folks kept a distance curious and peeping

While Howard ran coax and Jim set tripods Stash set up G.E.I.S.T. and figured the odds

That a ghost would appear sooner or later and send back a signal from his modulator

John grabbed the Relevator and found a good spot then cleared off the table ready or not

Jim unpacked Sony's the cameras were loaded and found that the batteries were badly corroded

The lights they were lowered Night shots were turned on in hopes that the ghosts were not hiding or gone

Christine took a reading with the ION detector the meter went up, we plotted a vector

Donna took a picture where the reading was high the flash didn't go off, she uttered a sigh

Kimmy was searching with Dale's infrared for entities and orbs living or dead

John tracked an orb into some green mist when a moth then flew out, man was he pissed!

Christine she was roaming Magnetometer in hand, she'd had a rough day teaching her band

Mark watched the screens with intense observation when he then saw a shadow he had no explanation

Donna took photos numerous and fast searching for evidence of a life that was passed

Ruth made some cookies that Howard consumed when she ordered the pizza the investigation was doomed!

Everybody was hungry would we survive when the pizza arrived, everybody revived

Dale had but two Howard had four Stash had but one then wrapped up three more

Howard was nodding and starting to snore his Doggie was home and messing the floor

Kim held a cell phone next to her ear then walked to the hall the better to hear

Then she called home we all knew that she would to see if her cats were all well and good

The night it grew long people were slouching Howard was grumbling, then he was grouching

His wife whispered softly so Stash would not hear "Let's get on our coats, and go home now dear"

When Stash spoke up loudly and said with delight "Let's stay here till morning" they all had a fright

Well Dale was the boss and had the last say then he said let's pack up and call it a day

Howard rolled coax in a ball small and tight it was knotted and twisted he just can't get it right

As Dale packed the TVs into his duffel bag the knobs they fell off the antennas, they sagged

While Stash packed his lunch boxes full to the brim they all grew impatient waiting for him

On the way home we all did some talking about next year's conference in Alton and Joplin

The CBs were crackling Channel 14 was clear let's all go to 19 and see what we hear

The truckers were cussing we knew not about who the roads were backed up so what else is new?

We all made it home at mornings first light we unpacked our gear then we all said Good Night!

Submitted by: Stan Suho

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