Light Lag



Light lag is often caused by today's newer point and shoot cameras that do all the work for us. They focus, set the shutter speed, aperture and tell us whether or not to use a flash. However there are sometimes shortcomings with these cameras. As they usually send out a small beam of light to illuminate or focus a flash unit on, the shutter can stay open a bit longer than normal and any subtle movement of the camera especially if there is a bright light source nearby or reflection can cause a lagging effect as evidenced by the above two pictures. This was very similar to the older VHS camcorder that used Vidacom tubes. When these units were aimed at a bright light source and then panned away, a temporary image would be "burned" into the tube that would gradually fade away. This effect is similar in these cameras however the effect isn't noticed until the picture is viewed. There is nothing at all paranormal connected with this strange effect.

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