Long Exposures










Whenever the camera's lens is opened for an excessive amount of time such as for a timed exposure or low-light level shot, the chance for the subject of the picture for movement incrementally increases. When people move even ever so slightly when the camera's shutter is opened and before it is closed, they will appear to be semi-transparent especially where long exposures or slower films are used. When using very fast shutter speeds, fast films and quicker exposures these motions are often "frozen" and no transparency is seen. However as indicated by these pictures, the subject moved dramatically to, in the first case, appear to have a double of himself, while the other can be seen through. A similar effect happens when people accidentally walk through or into the frame of the subject matter being photographed and when photographed, they also will appear to be semi-transparent. I have seen many examples of so-called "mystery people" that have appeared in ordinary photographs. These mystery people are really nothing more than "real" people that did not know a photograph was being taken at the time and walked into the picture. They are not ghosts!

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