St. David's Ghost?

From their website: St. David's "Built upon the site of St. David's 6th century monastery, St. David's Cathedral has been a site of pilgrimage and worship for many hundreds of years and remains a church serving a living community. This community is represented not only by the people of the parish of St. David's but by all who find peace in this place of prayer and devotion."

St. David's Cathedral is called the holiest place in Wales. The Cathedral in the city of St. David's (the smallest city in Britain), houses the patron saint of Wales' bones, St. David and the holiday is celebrated on March 1st.

This picture was taken very early afternoon (between noon and 1pm on February 22, 2006) on a Sony DCR-PC120E PAL (video/photo combination Handycam.) It was a cold, cloudy day, and the clouds obscured the sun. The picture before and after did not contain anything strange.

There is a local legend which states that the Devil and St. David were supposedly fighting on the roof of the cathedral, and St. David pushed the Devil off the roof, and the imprint of the Devil's footprints are situated by the door to the cathedral.

This enlargement shows what appears to be a person standing in the center aisle near the front of the church. A face and strange shining shield can be seen in the blow-up.

Picture taken by Simon Eastop.

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